Plane Deceit at the World Trade Center

Plane Deceit at the World Trade Center

by Morgan Reynolds

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8 Responses to Plane Deceit at the World Trade Center

  1. Dembie says:

    I know a now-retired military doctor who was stationed in Washington at the time of 9/11. She said they were scrambling to get ready for the chaos that was to shortly be upon them, getting the injured ready for treatment with stretchers and IV drips, bandaging, etc. They waited and waited and no one come. “Because they were all killed. There were no survivors.” I didn’t think anything about it at the time, and think she was still swallowing the fake story, too.

    Also, at that time I was living in Pennsylvania. Our company had had a metal office/warehouse building built. The sales rep. that built our building would stop in to visit occasionally, afterwards. That company he worked for was called to do some work in rebuilding the area of the Pentagon where the plane hit. The sales rep. said they were told that that area of the Pentagon had just weeks earlier gone through a strength reinforcement of that section of the building for in the event there was a terrorist attack, with intentions of doing that to the entire Pentagon. They said, if the plane had struck any other part of the building, the destruction and lives lost would have been much greater. (I only recently decided that did not sound right. Why didn’t they contact the same company that had just finished the work? ).

    I have Dr. Judy Wood’s book and have been wanting to tell her about the above, but found no place to write her. Glad I found this site to tell you.

  2. zonsb says:

    Why is the OGCT that flight 93 crashed/disappeared into a mine shaft? Because there should have been over 130 tons of plane debris. Where is the 130 tons of plane debris at the Pentagon? Where is the 260 tons of plane debris at the twin towers?

    • An eminently sound reply, Steve. It wasn’t really a mine shaft either, it was a earth-filled quarry, conveniently located away from potential eye witnesses. Further, land blows up planes anyway, and no one can tell me that that land was “too soft.” Then we have the farce of digging in the ground there and not finding the plane and its contents. Absolutely ridiculous. As one guest of Jack Paar on the Tonight Show said years ago: “Madison Avenue can sell chocolate-covered goat dung to the American public.” And that’s just about what officialdom and the lamestream media have sold to the stupes on 9/11 too.

  3. Morgan Reyndope says:

    Morgan – you’re a fucking idiot.

  4. zonsb says:

    Now that we know what happened and didn’t happen on 9/11, without knowing who “done it”, for certain there has been a cover up of what really happened. Saying “9/11 was an inside job” is a tagline of the controlled opposition. For sure the cover up is an inside job and includes the lame-stream media. Remember, it was the cover up scandal that brought down Richard Nixon, not the burglary.

  5. Greg Bacon says:

    Mr. Reynolds, this is my first visit to your site and I must say, it’s interesting.

    It takes real cahones to come out and say the TRUTH about 9/11, as that tends to ruin careers and some might of even paid the ultimate price.

    I’m a retired career Fire Lieutenant/Medic with over 20+ years at a Fire Department in the Midwest and I’ve fought my share of fires and then some.

    Early in my career, I realized that in order to keep my skills honed, I needed to stay on the busiest engine companies and that I did, except for a 18 month break when I transferred to an outlying station to get back a little of my sanity.

    I’ve fought fires in homes: businesses, industrial settings and even hi-rises and I’m here to tell you that the ‘pancake’ style of collapse isn’t that common.

    For THREE of those to happen on the same day, within hours of each other, well, the odds against that must be astronomical.

    I’ve read some of the NYFD radio traffic transcripts and in one of the Towers, the officer in charge on the fire floor had radioed command and told them the fires were mostly out, they had a few ‘hot spots’ that were being mopped up and they were going to start in on providing medical care to the survivors.

    That’s a decision an officer has to make upon entering a building on fire that has victims inside. Do you fight the fire or provide medical care? Since on large incidents, there is never enough personnel on the scene, the officer usually makes the decision to fight the fire and ventilate the floor to get out the toxic gases and let in fresh air, because most fire victims die from inhaling the gases, not being burnt to death.

    If that NYFD officer had determined that the structure was sound enough to stay and provide medical care, then I believe that NYFD officer and not all the BS from the Bush-Cheney Junta and the ‘Omission Commission.’

    Thank you for your courageous work.

    Greg Bacon

    Missouri Ozarks

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