New York City on 9/11: Where Did All the Rubble Go?

by Morgan Reynolds
September 11, 2012

Today is the 11th anniversary of 9/11 and every thinking American must realize something is seriously amiss with the government’s account of that murderous day.  Scratch the surface of the official story anywhere, in fact, and it falls apart.

Can we trust, for example, that alleged Arab terrorists took over two Boeing 767 and two 757 cockpits?  We have the government’s word for it yet assertions are not proof.  Better to use common sense and look for evidence.  Men will not give up the TV remote, so how plausible is it that pilots would surrender the controls of an airliner to thugs?  No way. Pilots would have to be killed, which implies a life-and-death struggle with blood all over the controls.  Kind of inconvenient for smooth flying.

And how could guys who could not control a Cessna (read: puddle jumper) navigate and fly large, complex machines into the World Trade Center towers?  At over 500 mph?  And hit each tower (208-foot-wide) on the first pass?  Experienced pilots on flight simulators have tried and failed to thread such a needle at 500+ mph. Airliners cannot fly at such speeds near sea level either because air resistance is three times that at cruising altitudes.

And how could 100-ton aluminum planes leave cartoonish, airplane-shaped silhouettes of passage by smoothly passing through powerful steel and concrete towers weighing a half million tons apiece?  And disappearing inside?  Aluminum planes?  C’mon.  Violent collisions between planes and towers would have left mass quantities of broken airplanes and their contents visible in each gash and below each gash.  Two 44-foot-tall tail sections would have been found somewhere in downtown New York.  The four cleanest crash sites in aviation history occurred on 9/11?  Yeah, right.

The biggest whopper is that airliner crashes and subsequent jet fuel fires caused massive twin towers to collapse.  For one thing, if that had happened, there would have been one million tons of debris to clean up.  Yet observers marveled at how little debris was left.
Striking confirmation occurred at 12:44 pm on September 12, 2001, when ABC anchor, Peter Jennings, asked ABC reporter George Stephanopoulos on the street at the WTC: “Jackie Judd and several other people keep asking us, when you look at where the towers used to stand, there is surprisingly so little rubble.  Where did all the rubble go?”

Stephanopoulos: “That’s a very good question Peter…one volunteer, Robert Grelinsky, explained to me the reason there is so little rubble is that all of it simply fell down, into the ground and was pulverized, evaporated.”

Stephanopoulos’ explanation is nonsense, although understandable because it was a mystery yet he needed to come up with something.  Solids from a pulverized building do not somehow change into vapors, a gaseous state.

What happened?  Short answer: each quarter-mile high tower turned to dust in mid-air.  An unprecedented event but a fact nonetheless.  Remember how dust blocked out the sun for 10 minutes?  And dust an inch deep covered downtown?  And fine dust wafted into the upper atmosphere?  Those were the towers!  Videos, eyewitnesses, seismic data, an undamaged “bathtub” (slurry wall) keeping the waters of the Hudson river back, and all other forensic evidence confirm the towers turned to dust rather than crashing to the earth.

What turned so much steel to dust?  Only an exotic, “black” technology could do it.  To learn more, read the scientific study of the century, by my colleague, Judy Wood, Ph.D. engineer and leading 9/11 research scientist.

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65 Responses to New York City on 9/11: Where Did All the Rubble Go?

  1. Dennis Wallace says:

    Tons of 9/11 debris blood and body parts were dumped in Columbiana County Ohio in their C& D D landfills we have documents and witnesses to prove it we have been denied due process and remedy

    • Ron Kansa says:

      I live in Mahoning county. Columbiana county is our southern neighbor. I never knew tons of 9/11 debris was dumped here. Considering the federal government is involved, NOTHING done surreptitiously by them would surprise me.
      The more I read to educate myself about 9/11. The less I truly understand.
      The government is most definitely hiding A LOT!!!!!

      • Joseph P Bell says:

        This has never taken off ? Just like visitors in NY , Oct. , Nov. Xmas . I was there in November , what a smell , and breathing was horrible . thanks . Joe going thru my old e mails

    • Dennis Wallace says:

      Ron To make the matter even more bizarre turns out Ohio State & oepa & odnr are in on permitting the same Columbiana county 911 Dumping landfill, Permitting the destruction of a World History changing Ancient Paleo City and the destruction and defacing of one of the first Undocumented Triangle Mounds in North America and the taking of a 1800’s Ira F Mansfield [Mahoning county fame] Documented Village of Negley drinking water system, in a Ohio Wild & Scenic and National Scenic – Little Beaver Creek river Valley ! So Government entities can fill their pockets with tipping fees [dump fees] destroying a National and World Heritage City & Mound and Village Drinking water System!
      Government Employees benefiting from deceiving and ripping us off is not actually the Government environmental protection I had in mind ! How do I know, I own part of the Ancient City and Streams ,with the States intentional refusal to acknowledge the Artifacts to perpetuate the defrauding of our class 3 Wild & Scenic River area and History. This Ohio Government sides with criminals over its constituent’s

  2. Dan wedle says:

    Silversteen has to be the happiest man on earth. He leased the buildings for a hundred years, knowing they were still half full of asbestos. He even bought the other building that fell in from fire. Then insured all of them 3 months before the supposed disaster. He was laughing all the way to the bank. While everybody breathed the asbestos during the cleanup that he didn’t have to pay for. He probably even got the money from China for the asbestos covered truss’s that the Chinese people had to breath while they processed the steal. Smooth operator.

  3. Are those soldiers marching up and down actually human?

    • i am sorry , i know not what soldiers are marching , but this is my last comment anywhere . My mind and my body can’t take it anymore . I don’t want to end up like Mr. Ruppert , or anyone else i know nothing about . I haven’t found Tom Flocco since the 2002 Jt . Hearings .
      Thank you , one and all , and the best of luck ,

  4. Anonymous says:

    wow.. Morgon….you are just living in another reality altogether… I actually feel sorry for how you… the same way a stranger feels empathy for a sick starving child on TV.. I hope you find peace.

    • A N O N Y M O U S : When yoiu start calling other people sick , or whatever , you should reveal your name & qualifications ;or rebut the statement with something more profound than YOUR childish rant .
      Vietnam fighter pilot , Donald Rumsfeld ( like John McCain ) have had experiences that have changed their real life thoughts and understanding , of how planes fly . He said the plane at the Pentagon came down at a speed of 580 miles an hour ; he did not even see the plane .
      The word “brainwash :” comes rot mind , My 79 yr.old , younger brother would never allow me to show him anything about 911 ; the government wouldn’t do any thing like killing their own . Fourteen years later , he says ,” they might have let it happen “. At least that is an admission that somethings our government does is “barbaric :Bush . Barbara Bush is a violent women , and stimulates her male family members to do anything they want for money . Thank you .

  5. Dean says:

    I was an immediate sceptic (testing 85th percentile). I went online immediately to, I want say wiki, but darn it, can’t say 100% this tidbit came from there, BUT; an architectural website discussing the company that built WT 1-2 caught my eye as one the most important pieces of evidence. (And I thought the amazing Pentaspool and unscratched pentagon was the BEST eyeball evidence, lol.) AND; It was the simple statement that the towers alone were given a 60 or 70 year lifespan. At the time. I said, my that’s fast. I sat and said, well then….If 60 years is all it had, then you add in the first (“failed 9/11”) bombing of the main columns years back. That would mean that they REALLY wanted em to come down this time to get in that 60 year prime insurance window. Then…. A Year later, it was gone from the web. Any and all references to lifespan seemed to double. To this DAY, I am certain it said about 60-70 year lifespan. Having been in on any meetings. Are you aware of the lifespan projection from that time as I believe web was altered possibly I was wrong. All of it is semantics. Points to argue. What’s important here is you ALL are debating science and forgetting your lying eyes perform complex trigonometries as to what a stomped sand castle, a weakened sand castle, a kicked sand castle, sand castles w sticks, or with rocks all looked like falling over as a child. As an adult you know the way controlled demos appear. I don’t need the fancy science tho….Trucked off steel. Right to China. No testing. Dumb people don’t lie well. Thats CRAP! It’s what a shady sob would do trying hide investigations! This was sooooo badly done from top #1 to #7’s “magic”….. Keep pushing but watch it, they’ll kill you and call it suicide. Real popular w them types……..

    • First , Bryandbe : There were no planes ,No where is any there information looking at the NTSB , Statistics for the day of Sept 11; the planes are listed on both days 9-10 and 9-11 ; enough to warrant a new investigation .
      As for the buildings , again no mystery ; GW Bush told a group of phone reporters , how do you tell a phony reporter , he is listening to his i pod pad , whatever , and doesn’t ask ANY question / . 2006 ,
      Bush told people sitting in the Rose Garden , that KSM , told him that bombs ( end of story ) Bush tells you the leader of the MOB , told him Bombs were placed at strategic places in the buildings .
      NO ONE SAYS BOO . Whether you were there or not look it up . He talks like he looks , DUH . DUH

    • bulldogmomanne says:

      Please learn to spell and write coherent sentences, prior to posting. It will lend credence to your argument. I believe I agree with your assessment, but it is embarrassing to read, given you are such a poor speller and grammarian.

      • rathousedaddy says:

        If people like you could have had encountered Ghandhi probably would have ranted the same. It’s all they can rely to.
        Luckily we see beyond bad spelling. Truth even misspelled is still the truth.
        A lie even perfectly spelled is still a lie.


  6. Anonymous says:

    Who is this Howard Lewis III person?

    • I sent Dr. Reynolds a list of Gerard Holmgren’s web site ( blogs ) . You might want to try some . He also wrote for . He mastered 911 and ush at the school he wasn’t when he knew 3 planes had been hijacked .

  7. when i was in New York in November 2001 ,that rubble going past me in trucks smelled rather funny .It was not dead bodies either . I have smelled burned flesh and bones .
    I cannot explain it , except to say the NYFD & NYPD ,and all other rescuers should have gotten a life long salary ; and a vacation in Arruba .

  8. What do you make of Larry “queen’ King on RT ,tv. now . ?

  9. maria says:

    osama is probably still alive like mcveigh

    • I doubt Osama is alive ,but Mcveigh probably is / Like Enron’s Ken Lays an egg ;and Prince bushbandar

    • AJ says:

      Osama was killed back in 2001/2002 in Pakistan. The whole propaganda about Bin Laden was to create a target to appease the mass public

      • Osama obama little goergie kissed the girls and made them cry . The remains of obama that were thrown in a body of water by the seals , was a test .
        People who dive to pick the remains of the loot in ships that have gone down , were being given a chance to recoup Millions with one body . No one went for it . The Seals didn’t want it . Skull and Bones at Yale would take it , if it was decomposed like a skull of Geronimo . Long gone ,osama . May he rest in peace . ????

    • bulldogmomanne says:

      I agree that Timothy McVeigh is probably still alive. I’m almost certain of it.

  10. onebornfree says:

    Oops, sorry my mistake. Browser issues. Something in my Firefox script editor prevented me seeing my prior post so I assumed it had been deleted. Strangely my previous post only appears in my browser when I try to post again. Regards, onebornfree

  11. onebornfree says:

    Well thank you so much, Mr Reynolds, for deleting my previous post [yesterday 04/07/13] 🙂 . How predictable you are!

    You must have wrongly have assumed, from its title : “9/11 Scams: The Junk-Science of Dr. Judy Wood” , that it was some sort of personal attack on Dr. Wood.

    But it is not. It is actually “an attack” on her scientific methodology [or lack thereof] . Part 4 of my report is also an “attack” on _your_ methodology [or lack thereof], seeing as how you appear to have co-authored one particular section of her site ” Why Indeed Did the WTC Buildings Disintegrate?” and are therefor fully complicit in approving the use of unsubstantiated-as-genuine photographs to “prove” your/her case.
    See :

    My point being that using unproven-as -genuine photographs [of top down tower “collapses” or whatever you wish to call them] as “proof” of anything, has got ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH THE SCIENTIFIC METHOD! Regards, onebornfree.

    • i posted on “onebornfree” ‘s blog a moment ago : We are approaching 12 years since 911 ,2001 ; People are still bickering about the method the buildings came down . If the majority of the people cannot see with their own eyes, or the simple logic ,that a plane cannot bring Towers down . The wind velocity at the top of the towers ,far exceed the power of a 757 , 767 , or Flight 11 and fl. 175 . (let us find those responsible and make them show us the films ( videos ) of all the hijackers boarding the plane >. Ze plane, boss ,ze plane .

    • Anonymous says:

      Are you on crack? – . .Un-proven- as-genuine photographs [of top-down tower “collapses” or whatever you wish to call them] as “proof” of anything.. (blah, blah..) ..ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH THE ‘SCIENTIFIC METHOD’ (blah..)
      There’s “scientific method” missing from your acceptance of such an event as having transpired? (GOD, you’re an arse-hole; I’ve SEEN scientific proof that you are, too – with a smattering of fuckwit, to boot..)

  12. onebornfree says:

    Sunday, April 7, 2013
    “9/11 Scams: The Junk-Science of Dr. Judy Wood-”
    [Or, the almost complete lack of adherence to regular scientific methodology displayed by Dr. Judy Wood and all other accredited “scientists” currently involved in “serious” 9/11 research.]


    Regards, obf

  13. What baffles me the most is ,that people ,engineers especially , refuse to look at these buildings come down .All the while they are saying ,the planes disintegrated ,pulverised ? 4 planes just disappeared in thin air ,unless ,there never were/ was any plane planes in plain sight .

  14. Seek my numerous comments here and elsewhere going back eight years and more on what sublimated and denatured the resin cement used throughout the WTCs I and II. WTC7 was also preset in 1969-1975 and other WTCs much later. WTCs I and II were retriggered with nanothermate just before their destruction. High radiation/low explosive nukes + thermitic material = dustified, sublimated WTCs. A sacrifice to Molloch, coincidently, Bush41’s name at the Skull and Bones Society. As ambassador to the UN, Bush41 oversaw the contracts regarding and the actual USSR/US installation of these very nukes back in 1969.Homework time.

    • I always believed the # 41 , was in charge of this disaster ; Reading his background with Prince Bandar , and the Sorry Saudis . is just too clear to dismiss has “gossip “.

    • You must read the book by Tom Kean and Lea Hamilton : Kean and # 41 ,have been holding hands since 1984 . Kean insured the WTC ,with Port Authority (and he placed quite a few people in those positions ) Aramark , given to Kean by #41 in 1994 ;had restaurants in WTC (top Floor ) and the Pentagon on 911 . Kean and DE BUSH , is / are worse than Kissinger and anyone else in this game . (Without Precedent ,is a confession by Kean , subconsciously , because the man is so stupid .
      The book tells you that John Farmer .Legal Counsel for Team 8 (hired by Kean ) went to Rome ,NY , NEADS head(less ) quarters , They left in disgust . They found the most incompetent military unit , or they were all lying . Now ,if the Chair and Vice Chair knew this ,there goes the proof and the Commission ,floating in space , with the proof that 911 was an inside job .
      Farmer says the same thing in his book ,The Ground Truth “, and more .
      June 17, 2004 ,The 12th Public meeting of the 911 Commission . The FAA TESTIFYING . , ALL four lied through their eye teeth . Watch the video of this Mel Brooks comedy .
      absolutely fascinating .

    • Anonymous says:

      Nixon, too; He’d been briefed on (and itched to sick on some commie – or at least a peace activist), the then recently added military toy, the knapsack nuke..

  15. Howard T. Lewis III says:

    Time is on my side. I was in the room for several discussions among the Skilling Engineers who ACTUALLY BUILT the WTCs I and II. I am sorry, and the victims’ families are sorry my recitation of history does not fit in your narcissistic approach to solving this crime and getting on with putting down the pigs that did it. Shame on you. Skilling and Associates had two NYC/Seattle meetings at our home in 1969 only a few months after construction began when the decision was made at the TOP that a demolition system to guarantee vertical collapse needed to be installed. Dad and a few others bailed out after I DOCUMENTED the preset, including nukes from periodicals and three newspapers, and a thermite application training film shot AT the WTCs. A lobbying effort ended this practice on 50+ story buildings AFTER the Sears & Roebuck Tower was rigged(and is still rigged with thermite and more). So stop looking in the mirror getting all pretty for fame and fortune. You don’t know even 10%. Nanothermate was added much later, after 1998. The heat from the high radiation nukes and thermite vaporized most of the steel and denatured the resin based concrete(not water/silica). Concrete explodes in instant extremely high heat as the water turns to steam. This stuff turned straight to dust. Now you know something about what brought down the WTCs. I have NEVER been wrong on this. I am just not sexy enough to get top billing. Not my problem. Truth is eternal.

    • Henry cross says:

      Thank you for your informed insight

    • Tony says:

      Would love to talk to you to understand your hypothesis. Didn’t the building material turn to dust in a rather progressive top/down manner? With a mini-nuke hypothesis, would this then require that there were mini-nukes located throughout the building along its vertical access with nuclear detonation synchronized? Come to think of it, what then would the purpose of the thermite be?

      • My explanation is not hypothesis. Any statements concerning the exact specifications and materials used in the demolitions would be hypothetical. See Jeff Prager’s research and analysis, along with Dr. Ed Ward MD’s. Both have done better than I could have in details to provide evidence and bases for hypothesis concerning motivations, materials and strategies used.

        • Tony says:

          It is a hypothesis, among other things.

          Curious if either directly addressed Dr Wood?



  16. cleareye1 says:

    I was hoping to find some rational comments here. Disappearing remains? It’s ll in the dust clouds.

    • please look up American Chronicle :911 Living in the Matrix ,by Peter Zaza 6/19/2007 . I am not a technical person ,and not intellectually endowed as to comprehend the article ,but it sounds good on the surface ,

    • Read mine and ask questions. This was a family project until they put the demolition system in. HTLIII

      • Midori says:

        Spartan,I used to think that way. That our pollies are as dumb as cashtit. And it’s true. They are.But it’s that under-government, that layer just a millimetre away from power. Those that direct, those that orchestrate. It’s those bastards that are clever and devious. They pulled Browns strings just as surely as they pulled Bliars. The same mob pull Camerons strings too.Trouble is, we can’t point a finger at them. They are grey men. They don’t exist where we can see them.Fuck me. I’m rolling out another conspiracy!CR.

        • let us skip the rubble for now ,and ask ? where did Rudy Giuliani go? He disappeared with all the top Law and Fire Chiefs ,his Communication Director ,and not one of them had any means of communicating with the world . The 911 Commission proceeded to lavish praise on his honor . Courageous , fearless , Leadership ;Saint hood was bestowed on Him . Except for John Lehman ,using a metaphor of “the Captain on the bridge “. “Who is in charge ? If you can name one person on 911 that took charge of NYPD ,NYFD, MEDICS , AMBULANCES ,etc,. The OEM Manager was with Rudy . They ran to the police academy .

  17. Raoul says:

    Whilst I’m convinced new technology was used in the 9/11 destruction, and that certain key parts of the State’s defence/intelligence apparatus were involved, is the seismological data beyond corruption any less than the NASA heat mapping?

  18. not being an engineer ,nor having any skills relating to photographs , i am at a lost to understand Ab Irato ; i just viewed the URL he sent . ;I have seen just about every TV station telecast . my belief is they were all faked , except for Peter Jennings . That’s why he was “snuffed out”> .He knew right away it was impossible for the buildings to come down the way they did . WABC-7 cut out the WTC 7 ,out of the archives . A 41 minute segment is missing from that timeline .

    • Dan Rather saw it was a commercial demolition job within a few seconds.

      • Howard ,you hit the nail right on the head ;drove it deeply into the Skull and Bones ,Org.
        The AWACS flying around D.C. was/ is another example that the Commissioners failed to address . They also failed to address 911 . They reach a conclusion ,from the first meeting ,to the last ,that Al- and his brother Quaeda did it .
        See the witness list of the 3 rd Hearings (meeting ) . All the meetings begin with ,The 911 Commission on Terrorism “,etc . etc .

  19. While I enjoyed the (fake) photography in Judy’s book, I’d like Morgan to address the extensive study of complete video fakery found at September Clues. Empty towers, total video fakery make far more sense than secret weapons that can disappear buildings in seconds.

    • Abandon TV says:

      Was the seismographic data faked as well? 😉

      Were the 14 people who survived inside the core (stairwell B) of WTC1 fake? If a 500,000 ton building (empty or not) had really collapsed on top of them they would have been crushed and buried (unless they were terminator style robots!).

      If thermite, thermate, nano thermite or mini nukes had been used to melt the structural steel they would have all been incinerated. But none of them were burned (they were just covered in fine dust).

      In fact after the initial dust cleared these people saw sunlight streaming in from a hole above their heads, and most of them crawled up and out by themselves!

      All the main video and photographic evidence is consistent and all of it shows the towers turning to dust in mid air as well as creating a massive dust cloud in the air and very little debris on the ground. Being so consistent, if one is fake then they all must be fake…. in which case you need to explain how it was possible on 9/11 to block the cell phones, video cameras of everyone on Manhattan Island (and surrounding districts) while inserting fake footage into the news AND faking the hundreds of private videos and photographs from people in the towers, next to the towers, uptown, down ton, across the river etc. Were ALL these amateur filmmakers working for your conspiracy, and how exactly does this conspiracy work?

      And what about all the people watching (and filming) the WTC complex from their apartments and hotel rooms while also watching it on TV – how come none of them noticed any discrepancy between real world events happening outside and your alleged fake videos of those events?

      Dr Wood shows photographic / video evidence taken on 9/11 and in the weeks/ months afterwards which shows (for example) that the majority of WTC4 went missing. The mass of the building is not lying on the ground where WTC4 once stood, nor is it underneath in the mall and loading floors. If, as you suggest, these videos and photographs are all fake then presumably you have seen some of the genuine videos and photographs showing where WTC went? Or did the fakery last for weeks/ months/ years? When did it stop?

      What about Bankers Trust? Dr Wood shows weirdly distorted steel beams in that building which can’t be explained by fire or mechanical loading (there was no fire in Bankers Trust anyway). Are those photos fake too? Bankers Trust was repaired and then the whole building was mysteriously dismantled piece by pice over a period of several years. During the dismantling process the building’s steel near the old damaged area appeared to be suffering from severe and rapid ‘rusting’. Was that all video fakery too? Is Bankers Trust still standing in reality?

      As for “secret weapons that can disappear buildings in seconds.”….. well the buildings WERE made to disappear in seconds weren’t they – or do you deny this? This 10 second ‘dustification’ of the two towers (and much of the rest of theWTC complex) is so remarkable because we know of no mechanism in the public arena that can do this … therefore secret weapons would have to be a prime candidate, wouldn’t you say?

      Directed energy technology is not even THAT secret though.

      Even Rumsfeld has talked about the US DEW development program in a white house press briefing (search youtube for that interesting conversation!). Some kind of directed energy weaponry was almost certainly used in the Iraq war (there’s a good documentary on that on youtube too). Two of NIST’s contractors used in the 9/11 investigation are known to be involved in directed energy technology (ARA and SAIC). ARA co-founded the ‘Directed Energy Professionals Society’.

      All technology of this nature usually starts out secret. In the WW2 RADAR was secret technology, but now it is used by all civilian aircraft. Stealth technology was top secret once. Are you suggesting there is no longer any secret technology – or that the idea of secret technology has suddenly become far fetched? Why? How come? If so then this would be the first time in human history.

      Anyway, the technology discussed in Dr Wood’s book is NOT secret!

      It has all been demonstrated numerous times in a lab. Not on the scale of 9/11 of course but the essential concepts and mechanism have all been demonstrated. For example this warping of an iron bar.

    • The combination of high radiation/low explosive power in the three or more small nukes complimented the heat output from the thermite to sublimate most of the steel and turn the resin based cement throughout the WTCs I and II to dust instantly. Nanothermate found throughout the dust samples was from thermate added much later, after the 1998 patent date. Thermite was first patented as a n iron cutter in Germany in 1895.

    • Judy Woods uses her education to float logic corrupt enough to make a drunken sailor blush. Many had moved out, and the WTCs I and II were slated for demolition by 2007. They were falling apart, which was expected by the engineers from day 1. I was in the same room as discussions throughout construction and I do not want to die yet. The American male has been conditioned to be a fucking pansyass and except the return of dominance by The City of London. That is the Bush cabal and the Rockefellers’ boss. Throw in freemasonry and the Skull and Bones Society and all of a sudden my paranoia becomes bravery.
      Silverstein was paid double to allow himself to be ducttaped to the front of this pirate ship. “Blame the jew!” He is guilty of conspiiracy to commit murder, 3,000 counts, but he is not the top dog.

  20. RENAISSANCE MAN : If you were there ,as i was , 2 months later ,and the air is not ?breathable
    you have to know somethings up ? all the trucks going by were only carrying ashes ,like you see from a fireplace .

  21. Even with all those people walking around ground zero COVERED in that very same WTC dust–STILL, the thermite/plane huggers don’t/won’t get it.

  22. bryandbe says:

    Hey Morgan: another anniversary and the propaganda is flying all over the corporate media

    you do great work, you are a great spirit and i appreciate your personality as evidenced in your pieces

    as for the planes – there is a simple explanation of how the planes fit into 9/11 and that is this: they don’t – no planes

    the folks who pulled off this job – whoever they were/are – rely on the inability of the dumbed down masses to reason, they rely on a profound lack of scientific understanding

    “Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former”
    Albert Einstein

    if the question is this: how much and what type of energy is required to turn a complex of 7 steel framed buildings (the smallest i believe was 15 stories) into nano-dust? then the answer is for sure not 2 planes, especially 2 phantom planes

    nor is it explosives, thermite, thermate, mini-nukes nor was it the big bad wolf huffing and puffing

    9/11 was the causus belli for the war on terrorism – but everything that has transpired – coupla wars, financial armegeddon etc – were planned before that day – its almost as if they knew…

    never mind the war on terror – the war against humanity is well underway and as we can all see – and it aint going well for the everyday folks, not well at all

    • Dump the fantasy and read my lips. Nukes and thermitic material of various grades and specs. Planes impacted walls of 1/4 to 7/16 inch thick convoluted and welded steel panels. Read the bloody spec sheets and stop trying to invent history. You annoy me like a dog humping my leg. You are not hurt, so fight.

  23. ABANDON TV: Don’t abandon us .. ,you are so right on . Thank you for that observation . double DOH DOH

  24. I was there in November ,to see the Rockettes ;we saw all the trucks rolling .The dust in the air was unbelievable . When we read about the “the rubble “, and see the scenes , you know that it is an impossibility . Peter Jennings was “offed “because of his reporting as you hear now. He also reported on the E-4B ,large Military communications plane . If you read “Touching History :Pages 179,188-192, 264 . You will find a Marine {, Trey Murphy “, calling TINKER AIR FORCE BASE ,OK. 52nd Air Control Wing “. He tells them to come back to Washington .D.C. ,where they had been all morning on 911 ;they needed their help to control the large number of Military Planes ( F-16’s ,etc, ) This plane or these planes were seen by John King and other reporters near /over D,C,

  25. Abandon TV says:

    “…What happened? Short answer: each quarter-mile high tower turned to dust in mid-air. An unprecedented event but a fact nonetheless……”

    It is absolutely inconceivable that the combined intellectual capacity of 6 billion people, including *thousands* of highly trained scientists and other experts, could have somehow *not noticed* the Twin Towers turning to dust in mid air, if that’s really what they did!

    Inconceivable ….. but true.

    Without a doubt the failure to spot the dustification of the WTC complex on 9/11 is destined to go down as the biggest “Doh!” in human history, surpassing even the Trojan Horse by a mile.

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