The 9/11 Plane Hoax Crumples


Morgan Reynolds

Here we are again, another anniversary for 9/11.  How sweet it isn’t.  Or, as Motor Trend editor-in-chief Edward Loh recently wrote upon MT’s 70th anniversary (p. 8, September 2019), “I hate anniversaries.”  I kind of agree but the “never forget” mantra can be useful for 9/11 inquiry, just not in acquiescence with the official narrative, a big fat LIE  meant to promote hatred and hurrah invasions, occupations, destruction and mass murder against the Muslim world.

Instead of simply mourning the loss of 3,000 lives 18 years ago, how about doubling down on the no 9/11 planes finding richly supported by independent investigations of the evidence?  It all comes down to numerous violations of laws of physics and the four cleanest airliner crash sites in aviation history.  Beyond my blog you might find this article a useful compilation as well as somewhat more technical work by Mark Conlon sorting out the tracking data on the alleged 9/11 flights and challenging some of the work by pilots for 911 truth.

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8 Responses to The 9/11 Plane Hoax Crumples

  1. Elliot Sen says:

    Thanks for standing up for the truth. I knew when I saw it ( The ‘Plane’ hitting the Tower..) that there was just something not quite right about how an aluminum plane could slice through a steel tower so easily without any part of the plane breaking off!

  2. Virginia says:

    Funny how a plane that hit the tower 20 yrs ago is still flying today with the same tail number… plane owner is unknown.
    I took screenshots in case they remove it

    • S Briskey says:

      ….al jebr..
      The patriots haven’t sussed it yet
      But émbusqués’ smirk on their TV Sets
      Was the missing piece of the jigsaw jets:

      Howdy Morgan. 3,000 odd ghosts are still watching us all.
      …Rumsfeld is now among them.
      Stay safe.

  3. Robert E. Salt says:

    9/11 was being planned as far back as 1979. Have you ever gone to a Spielberg movie? You get a good story well done, but at the end he’ll present you with something ridiculous. A good example would be the E.T. movie. At the end the neighborhood kids ride their bicycles through the sky. This is done deliberately in these movies to condition the public to accept the ridiculous, like aluminum planes flying through steel buildings.

  4. Mark Conlon says:

    Hi David,

    Yes Gerard Holmgren did good work, however time moves on when investigating and research information/evidence, and new findings are discovered which update old information or hypothesis.

    The “unknown” statistic logged in relation to ‘Flight 11’ on 9/11 in the BTS data-base is often used as proof it never took-off on 9/11, yet there are other instances showing the same statistic of “unknown” during the year of 2001 involving Flight 11.

    The BTS system returns “UNKNOWN” along with the usual 00:00 data for September 4 and July 10, 2001. Also, there are no data at all available for August 7, 2001. In all other instances AA-11 appears to have flown on all Tuesdays before 9/11.

    AA 07/10/2001 11 UNKNOWN LAX 07:45 00:00 366 0 0 00:00 0 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
    AA 08/07/2001 11 N/A LAX N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
    AA 09/04/2001 11 UNKNOWN LAX 07:45 00:00 366 0 0 00:00 0 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A

    AA 09/10/2001 198 N334AA SFO 06:24 06:03 334 314 -21 05:52 11 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A

    Flight 198 was the flight number of plane tail number N334AA which is a pendulum flight with Flight 11. Flight 198 arrived at Gate 32 in Boston, Logan Airport early in the morning on September 11, 2001. Although the reported date is 9/10/2001, the plane took-off from SFO on the west coast at 21:49 on 9/10 and actually landed at BOS on the east coast at 6:03 the next day on 9/11.

    Apparently this detail created lot of confusion among 9/11 researchers, however this is the last tracked Flight for the plane – tail number N334AA before becoming the infamous AA11 on September 11, 2001.

    Did the late Gerard Holmgren check-out these other flights, or mention them as being “unknown” with Flight 11 on different dates before 9/11? If anyone has further information to help me about this, please let me know or contact me.

    Thanks in advance!

  5. David West says:

    Dear Morgan, I still have on file the work of Gerard Holmgren, the brilliant researcher who discovered as you quite rightly said, that there were no planes involved.


    *According to the Bureau of Transport Statistics, two of the planes involved did not take off. * *There is no entry in the take-off records for the relevant airfields.* ***None of the reported passengers were Arabic, **even though no official passenger lists were ever produced.”* * * *More information is available at:* *_ * *Kind regards* *David * * *

  6. Robert E. Salt says:

    Too many memorials and not enough trials!

  7. stephen briskey says:

    Keep plodding on Morgan..your work is appreciated. Just yesterday I was surprised by the number of the most unlikely demographic, speaking to me about their new found knowledge of 911 and other diabolical staged events that they previously believed the official MSM story on. The truch virus is spreading.

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