Turkish Plane Crash vs. the Fake Crashes on 9/11


Morgan Reynolds

Here we go again, comparing real Boeing plane crashes to expose–as simply as possible– the plane fakery of 9/11.

On Wednesday, February 5, 2020, a Boeing 737-86J, reportedly 11 years old, landing on runway 06 in rainy weather at Istanbul’s Sabiha Gokcen airport, “…overran the runway, went down an embankment and impacted the airport perimeter wall breaking in three. The aircraft came to rest about 20 m[eters] below the runway elevation. The last recorded ground speed was 74 mph as the aircraft crossed the perimeter stop way.”  Remarkably, only three were killed of 183 aboard.

True, a 737-900, in production since 2000, is about 25 percent smaller than a wide-body Boeing 767, a pair of which supposedly disappeared into World Trade Center towers 1 and 2 with nary any Boeing debris in evidence nor any violent collisions on 9/11.  The 737 has a 113′ wing span vs. 156′ for the 767, and a maximum takeoff weight of 174,000 lbs. vs. 220,000 for the 767.  So?  On the issue of comparative crash “worthiness” it’s a difference without a material difference.

The 74 mph “git off” caused this 737 Pegasus airliner to break the fuselage into three major pieces, including the inverted torn-off front section.  Planes, to put it bluntly, are flying tin cans–well, aluminum cans–and when they crash, they break into pieces.  There is no way in hell they can disappear into steel/concrete towers, sturdy stone structures like the Pentagon, or deep into the earth.  They are fragile in violent collisions up against most any substantial agglomerations of matter!

Or an agglomeration of liquid for that matter!  Look at this hijacked 767 crash off Cormoros Island in the Indian Ocean near the east coast of Africa in 1996:

Yet we’re supposed to believe Boeing airliners disappeared into the two strongest skyscrapers in the world?  Disappeared!  What rubbish!  The four cleanest plane crashes in aviation history.  Defying Sir Isaac Newton’s laws of motion.  Impossible physics.  His third law–equal and opposite–guarantees that in a violent collision the stronger object imposes far more destruction on the weaker object than vice versa.  Always.  No exceptions.  And regardless of speed, impossible though the purported speeds would be–WTC tower 2 videos show 550+ mph near sea level–for real Boeing airliners to achieve on 9/11 or any day.

The U.S. government and its lackey media minions continue to insist planes were hijacked by Muslim fanatics, without an iota of proof, and thereby have freed the U.S. government and its attack dogs to invade and make war on Muslim countries galore.  Likely killing something some 2 million people subsequent to the 3,000 lives lost on the 9/11!  And all this blood is on the hands of Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld, who staged 9/11, plus their henchmen and successors in the military-industrial-intelligence-Congressional complex to this day.  Crime pays!  Big time for the crimes on 9/11: benefits for its perpetrators, expanded powers for the federal government, some of its governmental allies, its vendors and with that said, benefits fall off a cliff since it is all cost for the rest of us.  Tragic costs.


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1 Response to Turkish Plane Crash vs. the Fake Crashes on 9/11

  1. steve briskey says:

    Another exhibit attempting to make sense to a public that still lives in fear, ignorance and denial Morgan. Hope you gain a few more converts.

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