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Drone versus Airplane Wing

by Morgan Reynolds My friend Gari Jones posted this video at Facebook site 9/11 Fake Planes–Real Evidence and Truth and it deserves wider distribution.  Once again, planes turn out to be surprisingly fragile in violent collisions, in this case a two-pound … Continue reading

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Economics of War

by Morgan O. Reynolds I was asked by the Hot Springs Village Skeptics to give a seminar talk on the economics of war on November 8, 2018.  Here are my notes for that presentation. A more accurate title?  Political Economy … Continue reading

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A Real Astronaut at Texas A&M University

by Morgan Reynolds On October 11, 2018, as a member of the Texas A&M University Community of Faculty Retirees I attended a talk on the College Station campus by former NASA Astronaut and current Professor of Engineering Practice Nancy J. … Continue reading

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Conclusive Evidence 9-11 Planes Were Fake

by Morgan Reynolds Thanks to Gari Jones on Facebook I just discovered this 9/11 ‘no planes’ video by Nexus22.  Both Gari and s/he deserve my thanks and have it!  

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Government and Media Spill Crocodile Tears Over 9/11 Again

by Morgan Reynolds Another excruciating 9/11 anniversary is upon us.  Another occasion for liars to “mourn” the thousands of innocents they killed on that fateful day–likely for a good “national security” cause in their minds.  And millions of incurious others … Continue reading

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Econ 101 According to Reynolds

by Morgan Reynolds By invitation I gave a talk before the ‘Free Thinkers’ of Hot Springs last April on the assigned topic, ‘The Economy and Inequality,’ rather a large undertaking to do right and admittedly I never got very far … Continue reading

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Dr. Judy Wood Destroys the 9/11 Plane Fraud

by Morgan Reynolds Our most brilliant 9/11 researcher, Dr. Judy Wood, works harder than anyone searching for 9/11 evidence and here is her latest gift, which obliterates the lies about plane crashes on 9/11. Help yourself to comments below.  Let’s … Continue reading

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New 9/11 Alchemy Video Rocks!

My friend Chris Hampton has just produced the best 3-hour video on the treason we all call 9/11.  Why best?  Because it follows the evidence, not the bullshit put out by the government and its presstitutes.  And it names names, fearlessly. … Continue reading

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The Emperor Exposed: Buzz Aldrin Concedes We Never Went to the Moon

by Morgan Reynolds My friend Nelson Thall alerted me to a video in which Buzz Aldrin responded to an 8-year-old girl who asked him, “Why has nobody been to the moon in such a long time?” His answer?  Oops!  Big … Continue reading

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On 9/11 Lawsuits Against Iran and Saudi Arabia

by Morgan Reynolds On Tuesday May 1, U.S. District Judge George Daniels ordered Iran to pay billions of dollars in damages to the families of victims of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, allegedly for its part in the mass-murder of … Continue reading

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Did the Apollo Lunar Module Have a ‘Throttlable’ Engine?

Sent: Tuesday, April 24, 2018 To: John Lear From: Morgan Reynolds Car and Driver magazine (May/2018, p.116) interviewed Craig Breedlove, 81, holder of landspeed records during the 1960s, including 600+ mph.  Breedlove claimed Gerard Elverum “did the Apollo lunar descent … Continue reading

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Robert M. Gates: My Fierce Critic and Award Presenter

by Morgan Reynolds A week ago I’m rearranging my office, hanging pictures and tapestries and the like and what do I discover?  Ha!  Upon my retirement Robert M. Gates as President of Texas A&M University had signed a commendation in … Continue reading

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NASA Astronaut Admits It Is Not Possible to Land on The Moon

by Morgan Reynolds Isn’t this an amazing admission?  Chemical engineer and NASA’s oldest active astronaut at age 62, Don Petitt says, “I’d go to the moon in a nanosecond. The problem is we don’t have the technology to do that anymore. We … Continue reading

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William Tecumseh Sherman

by Morgan Reynolds December 6, 2017 I am a member of my local Hot Springs Village Civil War Roundtable. Why bother? Because the so-called Civil War is one of the most important events in the history of the United States, plus … Continue reading

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Another Catastrophic Plane Crash Proves 9/11 Plane Fakery

by Morgan Reynolds On the morning of September 11, 2001, the Bush-Cheney government and the mainstream media claimed that 19 Muslim hijackers seized control of four Boeing airliners and crashed them into the twin towers of the World Trade Center, … Continue reading

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The Federal Fiscal Condition: Kick the Can ’til You No Longer Can

Originally published as The Federal Fiscal Condition: Kick the Can ’til You No Longer Can at on April 26, 2017 By Morgan Reynolds April 30, 2017 Donald Trump wants to cut the tax/confiscation rate.  Ok, but maybe it would be a … Continue reading

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Musk’s Moon Trip Rescued by Jarrah White?

by Morgan Reynolds February 28 I posted an article scoffing at Elon Musk’s announced plan to send two high-paying passengers on a trip beyond the moon and back, the deadly radiation problem being the main obstacle, compounded by a series … Continue reading

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9/11 Triggered $6 Trillion in U.S. War Spending

by Morgan Reynolds Start with this: adding up all U.S. government expenditures on its military invasions abroad since 9/11 is an arguable task.  In October presidential candidate Donald Trump used the number $6 trillion and I’m comfortable with this number, though … Continue reading

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Musk Moons Earth: Two Paying Passengers Get Taken on Ride

by Morgan Reynolds This just in from As SpaceX Unveils Space Tourist Moon Flight, NASA Reacts.  According to the account: “Under the SpaceX plan, passengers would take a trip on Dragon and loop around the moon, ‘skimming’ above the lunar … Continue reading

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9/11, Texas A&M University, and Heresy

by Morgan Reynolds Source:  David Ray Griffin and Peter Dale Scott, eds. 9/11 and American Empire:  Intellectuals Speak Out, Northampton, MA: Olive Branch, 2007. Click below for full article (Adobe Reader Required): Click to access reynoldschapter7.pdf

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