The Risk of Winning: What Happens Once the 9/11 Sewer Opens Wide?

I have begun receiving a handful of emails and questions from callers to radio interview shows that worry about our forthcoming victory in the 9/11 information war! What will happen once the 9/11 traitors are exposed, goes the lament, and an outraged public demands a pound of flesh from each conspirator? Scary huh?
First, will we have this delicious problem to deal with? Yes, we are going to win and so we will face this “problem” for a variety of sturdy reasons. The most important is that the establishment’s preposterous conspiracy theory of 9/11—ONYA (Osama and Nineteen Young Arabs)—lies in total ruins, completely and thoroughly shredded by hundreds of websites on the internet and a handful of books like David Ray Griffin’s The New Pearl Harbor and Webster G. Tarpley’s 9/11 Synthetic Terror. The perpetrators, filled with hubris and contempt for the American people, seriously underestimated what a few hundred internet researchers could do. The public flight from ONYA has been accelerated by exposure of the government’s lies on Iraq, its failed invasion and the consequent unpopularity of the Bush-Cheney regime. The public relations outfall has not been contained and has spilled over to eat away at the lies of 9/11. Charlie Sheen’s brave testimony has put us on a new level of public awareness.
Second, what really is the worry? Isn’t this what we are working for, the prospect of justice obtained by exposure of the truth, the prospect of stopping the killers in their tracks? Yes, it is. Anyone fretting over the triumph of truth should ask this question: what do you do with a family dog who kills a family member? The dog was acquired to protect the family and instead it kills someone it was supposed to protect. The services of such a dog would no longer be required, to put it as gently as possible. That’s the situation we have with the DoD, NSA, CIA, FBI and a murderous array of government agencies, including the 9/11 Commission. The 9/11 Commission members and staff director Philip D. Zelikow are accessories after the fact, a felony crime. Selected elements of many organizations lied and murdered thousands of innocent Americans. Every member of the military swears an oath to defend and protect the Constitution, against enemies “both foreign and domestic.” Pretending that nothing happened after the family pet murdered a family member would be madness, intolerable, a “head-in-the-sand” absurdity, not to mention a constant menace for everybody in the dog’s ambit. That’s our predicament today: the overt and covert types hired to protect us turned and killed family members and remain on the loose and in power. They must be taken down. Or is this too hard to understand?
Third, insiders are on the verge of going public. 9/11 was so “over the top,” so murderous, and the next event will be even bigger, that patriotism and conscience are working overtime among insiders to restore a semblance of sanity to our nation. In a hub-and-spoke conspiracy this large, most participants did not know in advance the scope of the planned “terrorist” event. On hindsight, some of the participants are appalled at what they participated in. They are going to spill the beans. Furthermore, virtually everyone across the world inside intelligence services, the military, airline pilots and other technical experts know full well that the U.S. government and selected outsiders did 9/11, not nineteen incompetent Arabs at the behest of a couple of cave dwellers in Afghanistan. Upshot? The dam is going to break, and probably sooner rather than later.
There will be casualties on our side before the whole traitorous truth is broken wide open. Michael Zebuhr, a Clemson engineering graduate student and student member of Scholars for 9/11 Truth was murdered under highly suspicious circumstances in Minneapolis on March 18 and was almost certainly a 9/11 casualty. We are playing for the highest stakes imaginable. The sooner the truth breaks out in the open, the fewer innocent lives lost.
So will justice be done? I strongly believe it will. Sure, some of the perpetrators will get away with their crimes, but we are going to win. The American commitment to an impersonal legal process is deep and wide, so I am not concerned about any kind of vigilantism or mob “justice.” Yes, we will have a “constitutional crisis” of sorts, but it is going to be orderly and peaceful. We need to think through what we are going to do with that victory. My initial thought is that we must safeguard the 9/11 convictions by removing one privilege from the presidency, namely, the presidential pardon of convicted criminals like those in the Iran-Contra scandal. The fact that presidents traditionally issue pardons on Christmas eve when almost no one is watching says all we need to know about their social value.

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1 Response to The Risk of Winning: What Happens Once the 9/11 Sewer Opens Wide?

  1. tuscanforest says:

    Unwarranted optimism. Of course we want justice. But just think of the magnitude of the conspiracy and the monumentally advanced science involved to pull it off, and even the best minds in the world really have no concrete idea how it was done. This rogue group – military/intelligence? – just has to wait until we’re just a bit closer to uncovering the game, and they’ll strike again, and get away with it. But maybe incrementally worse. There are billions of us, few of them – but they rule just the same. Martin Luther King almost took the government down. Even a trial bringing out evidence of the FBI and Memphis police department conspiracy in his killing caused not a ripple. I’m just stating the reality of it as I see it. Is it possible humanity has come to a crossroads where justice is no longer attainable?

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