From the Humor Department

A Look at the “Official 9/11 Story”
as Told by the Lamestream Media
(and their commercial sponsors)

American Airlines Flight 11 did not fly on 9/11 according to official BTS/ACARS data but then allegedly crashed into the North Tower that day (!), leaving an absurd airplane cut-out behind, too small to swallow a 767 whole, with no plane wreckage visible in the hole or on the ground below the hole and virtually no engines, tail section, wing box or anything remaining after the so-called collapses, which could not possibly destroy 767 evidence.   Schreibner is an actor and filmmaker and “devout Christian,” see if he is convincing to you.  Love the violins, don’t you?  The devout Christian pilot who supposedly replaced him, had the interesting name of Tom McGuinness (dark draught, perps having a little fun with us?) allegedly leaving behind a widow who profits from her book, “Beauty after the Ashes,” and her church goes from failing to over 2,000 members.  It’s all so George W. Bush, isn’t it?  Thanks to John Lear for the tip.

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3 Responses to Docu-ganda

  1. John Chapman says:


  2. John Chapman says:

    I´m troubled,not being able to get throught Docu-Ganda especially the chapter that states of trillions,and if they´re gone,they might´ve been robbed. The question hee is……Who robbed them?

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