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Reynolds Reveal Interview I with Dr. Judy Wood

Clip (0m25s) from episode #19 of the Reynolds Reveal clip – matrixcutter transcript – Christoph Jung 25 June 2013 Dr. Morgan Reynolds: Dr. Wood, we’ve a-, you’ve addressed a number of things on 9/11 and I know, as I said … Continue reading

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Reynolds Reveal Interview II with Dr. Judy Wood

Clip from the Reynolds Reveal episode #27 HYPERLINK “ v=NaFTszIYpPw” clip – 1stageofawareness transcript – Christoph Jung 18 September 2013 Dr. Judy Wood: You know, my book is just evidence, so why do people have such a problem with … Continue reading

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Pearl Harbor: Key Facts about the ‘Surprise’ Attack

by Morgan Reynolds Here are some facts you are not likely to see today from the corporate media on the 77th anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor: it was no surprise to FDR and his top advisors. They … Continue reading

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Drone versus Airplane Wing

by Morgan Reynolds My friend Gari Jones posted this video at Facebook site 9/11 Fake Planes–Real Evidence and Truth and it deserves wider distribution.  Once again, planes turn out to be surprisingly fragile in violent collisions, in this case a two-pound … Continue reading

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Economics of War

by Morgan O. Reynolds I was asked by the Hot Springs Village Skeptics to give a seminar talk on the economics of war on November 8, 2018.  Here are my notes for that presentation. A more accurate title?  Political Economy … Continue reading

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A Real Astronaut at Texas A&M University

by Morgan Reynolds On October 11, 2018, as a member of the Texas A&M University Community of Faculty Retirees I attended a talk on the College Station campus by former NASA Astronaut and current Professor of Engineering Practice Nancy J. … Continue reading

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Conclusive Evidence 9-11 Planes Were Fake

by Morgan Reynolds Thanks to Gari Jones on Facebook I just discovered this 9/11 ‘no planes’ video by Nexus22.  Both Gari and s/he deserve my thanks and have it!  

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