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Armed Staff

Concerned about the safety of children at school? How about this policy advertised via signs all over the Center Point Texas ISD school.

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The Banking Crisis: A Short Explanation

By Morgan Reynolds I have two grandsons for whom I conduct a quarterly seminar, and one of them is a recent recruit into the banking industry. Since I believe I can enlighten the lad about the fragility of the system … Continue reading

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The 9/11 Airplane Magic Show

by Morgan Reynolds Thanks to JH for all his help. [If a video below does not play properly, refresh the page and that should correct the problem. When playing videos, use the controls in the lower right corner to enlarge, … Continue reading

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The Dubious Corona-19 “Vaccines”: An Addendum

On the question of the existence of the virus, consider this article by Rappaport, one of many by him: Rappaport continues: “The use of the term ‘quantified’ in that phrase means: the CDC has no measurable amount of the virus, … Continue reading

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The Dubious Corona-19 “Vaccines”

The alleged virus has never been isolated in a lab, contrary claims notwithstanding. So it likely does not exist. Jon Rappaport, investigative health reporter, has been most insistent on this question, read what you choose listed here or more recently. … Continue reading

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The Failure of Fix-It by Force

A Review of James L. Payne, The Big Government We Love to Hate: Exploring the Roots of Political Malaise, Sandpoint, Idaho: Lytton Publishing, 2021 by Morgan Reynolds Jim Payne is a Ph.D. political scientist who has taught at Yale, Wesleyan, … Continue reading

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Socialist Economy Is Impossible

by Morgan Reynolds After the Soviet Union collapsed in December 1991 it was widely and plausibly proclaimed that full-blown socialism was dead and buried.  Capitalism had triumphed.  No more aggressive, big and popular socialist experiments.  Ha!  Wrong.  Even in the … Continue reading

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A Virus Blows Up Fiscal and Monetary Sorcery

by Morgan Reynolds So is everything alright with the economy?  The Fed’s in control, right?  Ok, then Trump is?  Hardy, har, har.  We’re experiencing a Warren Buffet moment: “Only when the tide goes out do you discover who’s been swimming … Continue reading

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The Crash of American Airlines Flight 587

by Morgan Reynolds Remember the crash of American Airlines Flight 587 on November 12, 2001, in the Belle Harbor neighborhood of Queens, New York City, only two months after 9/11?  Yes, I’d forgotten about it too.  But now we have … Continue reading

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New 9/11 Video Documents Where the Towers Went

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Failed Demolition in Dallas Exposes WTC 9/11 Fraud

by Morgan Reynolds On Sunday morning, February 16, 2020, an 11-story tower in Dallas laced with 300 pounds of dynamite was supposed to neatly implode in a controlled demolition.  It didn’t quite go as planned.  Steve Pettigrew, president of Pettigrew … Continue reading

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Turkish Plane Crash vs. the Fake Crashes on 9/11

by Morgan Reynolds Here we go again, comparing real Boeing plane crashes to expose–as simply as possible– the plane fakery of 9/11. On Wednesday, February 5, 2020, a Boeing 737-86J, reportedly 11 years old, landing on runway 06 in rainy … Continue reading

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Public Policy Insights

January 23, 2020 by Morgan Reynolds, Ph.D. Economics Professor Emeritus While I have been around public policy debates for decades, only recently did I become involved in a full-blown political campaign here in Arkansas.  I did some research on tax … Continue reading

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10 Minute Reynolds Reveal Interview with Dr. Judy Wood

RR Episode #19 25 June 2013 clip – 1stageofawareness Transcript – Christoph Jung of Berlin Germany (Thanks Christoph) Time: 10m 14s Dr. Judy Wood: The biggest issue is: why don’t more people see it?  That is the biggest puzzle. … Continue reading

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New Interview with Richard Syrett

by Morgan Reynolds I posted a new interview with my favorite “interrogator” Richard Syrett which concentrated on the Ron Paul anti-war conference I attended August 24, 2019, but the discussion also touched on recent legal challenges to the 9/11 narrative. … Continue reading

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Ron Paul Conference on Washington’s Addiction to War

by Morgan Reynolds On August 24, 2019, I attended the fourth annual “Peace and Prosperity Conference” sponsored by the Ron Paul Institute near Washington D.C. titled “Breaking Washington’s Addiction to War.”  It was my second year in a row at … Continue reading

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The 9/11 Plane Hoax Crumples

by Morgan Reynolds Here we are again, another anniversary for 9/11.  How sweet it isn’t.  Or, as Motor Trend editor-in-chief Edward Loh recently wrote upon MT’s 70th anniversary (p. 8, September 2019), “I hate anniversaries.”  I kind of agree but … Continue reading

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Proving No Plane Crashes on 9/11 Via Video

by Morgan Reynolds Watch this if you can.  I did not make the video nor help in any direct way but I’m glad it was made!  Watch it if you can.  It makes me groan in a grim way since … Continue reading

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Bart Sibrel’s 3.5 Minute Proof the Moon Landings Were a Hoax

by Morgan Reynolds Bart Sibrel must be the most influential researcher/educator on the moon landing fraud.  How about this 3-minute video he published July 20, 2019 for Bingo!  He lucidly and quickly exposes the Nazi/NASA project for the fake it … Continue reading

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The Fake Apollo 11 Moon Landing on Its Golden Anniversary

by Morgan Reynolds Well, here we are July 20, 2019 celebrating “one of the most defining moments in human history,” man’s greatest adventure, the dawning of a centuries-old dream…blah, blah, etc.  And “NASA has gone all-out for the occasion.”  What rubbish … Continue reading

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