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Musk’s Moon Trip Rescued by Jarrah White?

by Morgan Reynolds February 28 I posted an article scoffing at Elon Musk’s announced plan to send two high-paying passengers on a trip beyond the moon and back, the deadly radiation problem being the main obstacle, compounded by a series … Continue reading

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9/11 Triggered $6 Trillion in U.S. War Spending

by Morgan Reynolds Start with this: adding up all U.S. government expenditures on its military invasions abroad since 9/11 is an arguable task.  In October presidential candidate Donald Trump used the number $6 trillion and I’m comfortable with this number, though … Continue reading

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Musk Moons Earth: Two Paying Passengers Get Taken on Ride

by Morgan Reynolds This just in from As SpaceX Unveils Space Tourist Moon Flight, NASA Reacts.  According to the account: “Under the SpaceX plan, passengers would take a trip on Dragon and loop around the moon, ‘skimming’ above the lunar … Continue reading

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9/11, Texas A&M University, and Heresy

by Morgan Reynolds Source:  David Ray Griffin and Peter Dale Scott, eds. 9/11 and American Empire:  Intellectuals Speak Out, Northampton, MA: Olive Branch, 2007. Click below for full article (Adobe Reader Required):

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Tehran Debris Dwarfs 9/11 NYC Debris

by Morgan Reynolds (Special thanks to a booster) On January 19 a fire broke out in a 17-story high rise in Tehran and the building collapsed, killing over 20 firefighters.  Photos and videos show that the building was no … Continue reading

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Why Corporate Media Are Dying: A Humble Example

by Morgan Reynolds “But I suppose the most revolutionary act one can engage in is… to tell the truth.” ― Howard Zinn A few days after the 75th anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attack I sent the following letter to … Continue reading

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How the Pearl Harbor Fairy Tale Endures

by Morgan Reynolds December 7, 2016 My local newspaper, the state-wide Arkansas Democrat Gazette, featured three Pearl Harbor op/eds this morning.  All three support the government’s story about an unprovoked,  “surprise” Japanese attack.  No surprise, the newspaper gave official fable apologists space and critics none. Paul Greenberg, … Continue reading

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