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The Dubious Corona-19 “Vaccines”: An Addendum

On the question of the existence of the virus, consider this article by Rappaport, one of many by him: Rappaport continues: “The use of the term ‘quantified’ in that phrase means: the CDC has no measurable amount of the virus, … Continue reading

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The Crash of American Airlines Flight 587

by Morgan Reynolds Remember the crash of American Airlines Flight 587 on November 12, 2001, in the Belle Harbor neighborhood of Queens, New York City, only two months after 9/11?  Yes, I’d forgotten about it too.  But now we have … Continue reading

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New 9/11 Video Documents Where the Towers Went

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Failed Demolition in Dallas Exposes WTC 9/11 Fraud

by Morgan Reynolds On Sunday morning, February 16, 2020, an 11-story tower in Dallas laced with 300 pounds of dynamite was supposed to neatly implode in a controlled demolition.  It didn’t quite go as planned.  Steve Pettigrew, president of Pettigrew … Continue reading

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Turkish Plane Crash vs. the Fake Crashes on 9/11

by Morgan Reynolds Here we go again, comparing real Boeing plane crashes to expose–as simply as possible– the plane fakery of 9/11. On Wednesday, February 5, 2020, a Boeing 737-86J, reportedly 11 years old, landing on runway 06 in rainy … Continue reading

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10 Minute Reynolds Reveal Interview with Dr. Judy Wood

RR Episode #19 25 June 2013 clip – 1stageofawareness Transcript – Christoph Jung of Berlin Germany (Thanks Christoph) Time: 10m 14s Dr. Judy Wood: The biggest issue is: why don’t more people see it?  That is the biggest puzzle. … Continue reading

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New Interview with Richard Syrett

by Morgan Reynolds I posted a new interview with my favorite “interrogator” Richard Syrett which concentrated on the Ron Paul anti-war conference I attended August 24, 2019, but the discussion also touched on recent legal challenges to the 9/11 narrative. … Continue reading

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Ron Paul Conference on Washington’s Addiction to War

by Morgan Reynolds On August 24, 2019, I attended the fourth annual “Peace and Prosperity Conference” sponsored by the Ron Paul Institute near Washington D.C. titled “Breaking Washington’s Addiction to War.”  It was my second year in a row at … Continue reading

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The 9/11 Plane Hoax Crumples

by Morgan Reynolds Here we are again, another anniversary for 9/11.  How sweet it isn’t.  Or, as Motor Trend editor-in-chief Edward Loh recently wrote upon MT’s 70th anniversary (p. 8, September 2019), “I hate anniversaries.”  I kind of agree but … Continue reading

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Proving No Plane Crashes on 9/11 Via Video

by Morgan Reynolds Watch this if you can.  I did not make the video nor help in any direct way but I’m glad it was made!  Watch it if you can.  It makes me groan in a grim way since … Continue reading

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Reynolds Reveal 2013 Interview with Dr. Judy Wood

Consider these excerpts from clips of the Reynolds Reveal radio talk show, Episode #27 18 September 2013 clip – matrixcutter The transcript has been produced and lightly edited by Christoph Jung.  Well, a little light editing by Morgan too, I … Continue reading

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The Fiscal Condition of the Federal Government

by Morgan Reynolds On December 1, 2018 I gave a talk to the Libertarian Party of Garland County, Arkansas.  Here are my notes: Trump has promised to pay off the national debt  Quote: “I’m the king of debt…cut agency waste, eliminate … Continue reading

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Reynolds Reveal Interview I with Dr. Judy Wood

Clip (0m25s) from episode #19 of the Reynolds Reveal clip – matrixcutter transcript – Christoph Jung 25 June 2013 Dr. Morgan Reynolds: Dr. Wood, we’ve a-, you’ve addressed a number of things on 9/11 and I know, as I said … Continue reading

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Reynolds Reveal Interview II with Dr. Judy Wood

Clip from the Reynolds Reveal episode #27 HYPERLINK “ v=NaFTszIYpPw” clip – 1stageofawareness transcript – Christoph Jung 18 September 2013 Dr. Judy Wood: You know, my book is just evidence, so why do people have such a problem with … Continue reading

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Drone versus Airplane Wing

by Morgan Reynolds My friend Gari Jones posted this video at Facebook site 9/11 Fake Planes–Real Evidence and Truth and it deserves wider distribution.  Once again, planes turn out to be surprisingly fragile in violent collisions, in this case a two-pound … Continue reading

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Conclusive Evidence 9-11 Planes Were Fake

by Morgan Reynolds Thanks to Gari Jones on Facebook I just discovered this 9/11 ‘no planes’ video by Nexus22.  Both Gari and s/he deserve my thanks and have it!  

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Government and Media Spill Crocodile Tears Over 9/11 Again

by Morgan Reynolds Another excruciating 9/11 anniversary is upon us.  Another occasion for liars to “mourn” the thousands of innocents they killed on that fateful day–likely for a good “national security” cause in their minds.  And millions of incurious others … Continue reading

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Dr. Judy Wood Destroys the 9/11 Plane Fraud

by Morgan Reynolds Our most brilliant 9/11 researcher, Dr. Judy Wood, works harder than anyone searching for 9/11 evidence and here is her latest gift, which obliterates the lies about plane crashes on 9/11. Help yourself to comments below.  Let’s … Continue reading

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New 9/11 Alchemy Video Rocks!

My friend Chris Hampton has just produced the best 3-hour video on the treason we all call 9/11.  Why best?  Because it follows the evidence, not the bullshit put out by the government and its presstitutes.  And it names names, fearlessly. … Continue reading

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On 9/11 Lawsuits Against Iran and Saudi Arabia

by Morgan Reynolds On Tuesday May 1, U.S. District Judge George Daniels ordered Iran to pay billions of dollars in damages to the families of victims of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, allegedly for its part in the mass-murder of … Continue reading

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