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FOX News Interview

What Planes? Madison Presentation 2007

2006 Seattle Talk

2005 Dallas Talk

Newton’s Laws of Motion

Obtained via Bitchute

9/11 “Planes” Footage

50 Views of 9/11 “Planes”
(obtained via YouTube)
Jules Naudet (obtained via YouTube)

Kevin Westley (obtained via YouTube)

How Strong are Airplanes, Anyway?

767 demolition (obtained via YouTube)

Fairchild AFB B-52 crash, June 1994 (obtained via YouTube)

Ethiopian Airlines Flight 961: What a real Boeing 767 crash looks like when it hits water, not steel and concrete.
(obtained via

Building the World Trade Center

12 Responses to Videos

  1. karen says:

    God bless you for honoring all the lives lost in this disgraceful lie. The free-fall timing and “dustification” of these enormous buildings require only common sense to reason that the office story is not true.

    • Make no mistake people YES very brave people are hard at work everyday working with the best minds in the world to expose this sinister so called terror attack..Its taking active & retired military and engineers second to none with many other experts TIME ONLY TIME but within six months some SHOCKING TRUTH IS COMING TO FRUITION>>Thanks for your hard work also with this site!

  2. Woop says:

    When future historians look back on this sorry epoch in USA and world history, perhaps the efforts of Dr. Judy Wood and Dr. Morgan Reynolds will be re-discovered, and readers in some far off place and time, will begin to comprehend there were some people brave enough to stand for truth and justice, and for principles enshrined in a country they so loved, admired, and fought for.

    • ceaser says:

      excellently discerned and spoken- yeah.

    • Barabas Mckenzie says:

      Right. I’ve thought that myself. This is a crazy world, crazier than I could have ever imagined. It’s going to take time for the general populace to wake up to this but but I would like to believe in the end good will always conquer evil.

      • Lyubov says:

        dont you get it, this is Witch Craft! Talmud, Torah and Zohar! 9/11missinglinks, Bohemian Grove, Jewish Magic, Jewish Witch Craft, Dual Citizenships, Banker owners, Controlling Dept of Treasury, Browns Bank Herhiman, Salsoon, Hitler, Rothschild, JFK, Princess Diana, Secret Service, Media, Morgans, Rockefellers, Free Hydrogen Energy from Water, heat your home free and free etcelric and free to run your car on HYDROGEN! Symbolysim, False Flag Operations! GREEK MYTHOLOGY, NUMBEROLOGY, ASTROLOGY

  3. Just discovered all these wonderful videos today. So far have only watched three of them. I am a happy camper. Much video to imbibe here.

    I particularly likeed when you said much of the 9-11 script was taken straight from the War of the Worlds script, showing Mineta testifying “it’s fifty miles out…” etc. compared to a news announcer using almost the exact phrasing narrating the War of the Worlds. I have always thought that that testimony of Norman Minetta was totally bogus, knowing that there really was no plane approaching the Pentagon. Also, ostensibly Minetta’s testimony was devastating to Dick Cheney’s testimony to the 9-11 Commission, and yet Minetta retires from his years of stellar service to Americans and is rewarded with the Mineta Transportation Institute in San Jose, CA. This for the guy whose testimony called Dick Cheney a liar. Something does not compute!

    Also liked the two quick takes of Dr. Steven Jones saying something like…

    “Of course we know that planes hit the World Trade Center Towers.”

    Like how Dr. Reynolds laughed at this and said “What planes?” People need to keep in mind that the whole Steven Jones / Richard Gage / Keven Ryan et al. gang have the underlying solid assumption that there were planes that crashed into buildings and that there were Islamic hijackers and that even though of late they are selling the “controlled demolition” idea, they solidly assume that 9-11 was NOT an inside job


    “We have SOLID evidence of thermite.” (His emphasis was on the word “solid” as if to convey his impeccable scientific study and findings. Hogwash.)

    • Anony Mouse says:

      @ Jeannon, exactly: that gang you mentioned consisting of Jones, Gage, Ryan, et al (including Kevin Barrett), are at best insincere, and more likely, intentionally deflecting with *thermate* nonsense, and the non-existent hijacker-airplane hoax.

      They still have yet to address Judy Wood’s brilliant series of evidentiary disclosures, namely, what happened to the Towers? Where did these Big Boys go?

      I was in NYC circa 1989 after attending a union training program and visiting my sister who lived in midtown. My then brother-in-law took me down to the WTC and we rode up to the top of the north tower. Just massively huge, enormous, robust, steel monsters.
      There is absolutely no doubt whatsoever these turned to dust in a few seconds.

      Judy Woods continues to be abused and vilified, as is Morgan, because secret technological applications were revealed, implicating powerful interests, and not some rag-tag, cave-dwelling, incompetent operatives.

      • When I think of that widely publicized “it’s fifty miles out, it’s thirty miles out…” scenario, I see that it was something quietly tolerated by Dick Cheney. And no one found Mineta’s off-the-record testimony that contradicted Dick Cheney in two or three crucial ways offensive. The scenario was just placed out there for us all to discuss and draw conclusions from. I see now that this was one of the little sub-psyops scripts in the overall plot, this one to reinforce the existence of planes, specifically a big passenger jet zooming toward the Pentagon.

        Reinforcing the idea of actual planes and terrorist hijackers is done in these subtle subversive, what I term, “fake fights.” I suppose there is a small chance that some of these players are really unknowing dupes who think they courageously speaking truth.

        Reinforcing a basic element of the official story, the “hijackers”, is also found here…
        “In his upcoming book “The Black Banners: The Inside Story of 9/11 and the War Against Al Qaeda,” Ali H. Soufan wants to write that the Central Intelligence Agency could have had a chance at keeping the September 11 terror attacks from happening. Soufan says that the CIA knew about two of the hijackers involved in the al-Qaeda plot, and while that information might have been of great interest to the FBI, the Central Intelligence Agency withheld the crucial information.”

        Something similar happened recently regarding Richard A. Clarke and something he said about the “hijackers who were on Flight 77 ” on national TV interview. Clarke appears to be “telling it like it is” and bucking Tenet and the CIA establishment but in reality what Clarke is doing is reinforcing the hijackers and the official story.

        I have to just keep reminding myself there were no planes to keep from being sucked in by these little fake fight scripts still playing out today.

    • Anony Mouse says:

      @ Stephen, of course, it was a massive PSYCHOLOGICAL OPERATION, by some people adept in the field of social psychology. The icing on the cake was CONTROLLED CORPORATE MEDIA acting in collusion with the hoax, and providing bogus imagery via digital compositing.

      As Morgan exclaimed, “WHAT PLANES???!!!”

  4. yellow matter custard says:

    morgan you are so funny and brave thank you for all your work

    no planes is not the “how” free press guy

    it is the “what” and the “who” free press guy

    i’m wary of the hat indoors guy too slick

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