A Real Astronaut at Texas A&M University

Richard Syrett Interviews Morgan Reynolds:
Media and War

Dr. Judy Wood Destroys the 9/11 Plane Fraud

The Emperor Exposed:  Buzz Aldrin Concedes
We Never Went to the Moon


 9/11 Lawsuits Against Iran and Saudi Arabia


Did the Apollo Lunar Module Have a ‘Throttlable’ Engine?

John Lear

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Robert M. Gates:  My Fierce Critic and Award Presenter

Richard Syrett Interviews Morgan Reynolds about the Apollo Moon HoaxImage result for apollo moon

Another Catastrophic Plane Crash
Proves 9/11 Plane Fakery

Tehran Debris Dwarfs 9/11 NYC Debris

 The Strange, Empty Void of 9/11 Victim Remains

WTC1 turns to dust on 9/11

WTC1 turns to dust on 9/11


How Strong are Boeing 767s?

Bird strikes can bring down planes but two alleged Boeing 767s cleanly penetrated and disappeared into two massive World Trade Center Towers with nary a trace?  Within 17 minutes of each other on the morning of 9/11?  You believe that?  C’mon!

Airplane Wing Versus Bridge Railing

A man walks past next to the wreckage of a TransAsia Airways plane which hit a motorway before crash landing in a river, in New Taipei City

No 9/11 Arab hijacker magic available.

A quick cartoon about lying liars…

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