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  1. I don’t speak good english , so listen carefully : FBI DIRECTOR MUELLER said “he saw the first plane crash into the tower “; so did Bush Pimp Tom Kean , said the same thing . But Tom says in his book , Without Precedent “, ” we all saw the 2 planes crash .
    Why weren’t they investigated by the FBI , CIA , JUSTICE DEPARTMENT . OIG . ?

  2. NO, lots of people have talked about this ;aerodynamics do not allow planes to drop @ 580MPH , as the chief pilot said. Rumsfeld was a navy pilot in Vietnam ( with his crazy friend in the senate , Johny McCain ) .That was his statement about the pentagon, Fl. 77 . You would not question his theory , would you .
    More to the point , NY, WTC. , after the first plane crashed , NYPD chief Kerik said , “police helicopters were all over the place ; no one saw the second plane come in .
    Tracon N-90 , low altitude radar in the City said ,” the “planes ” came in so fast after they were told of the hijack , they never saw anything . Goes to both Flights . This is the same radar that said , “a helicopter crashed into WTC “. Ben Sliney ,the NOM at Command Center said , he did not hear that or was not told about . He is the one who executed 911 , with the top FAA Officers .

  3. Jason says:

    All died that day instantly. Some to evtsiarelng peace, and some to evtsiarelng shame and torment. Mathew 7 22″: Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works? And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.

  4. QUESTION ? if Flight 11 ,was NORDO at 8:14 ,and Betty Ong ,called AA Trouble shooter ,Nydia Gonzales , ;she told Gonzales @ 8:19 , we are hijacked , Mace , People hurt ? etc . for 26 minutes ; Otis Jets do not get airborne until 8:53 . SOME ones time clock wasn’t ticking ? How do you figure that . Prior to this ,Zalewski,ATC , is asked by his supervisor ,After NORDO , “do ypu think it is hijacked ?” “Absolutely not; Training Manual only as 4 pages on Hijackings . no specifics “? Hijacking is thing of the past ;

  5. Robert E. Salt says:

    When my niece was in high school, I would attend her softball games many of which were in Brooklyn and Queens close to airports. During some of these games jetliners would take off or land over the ball fields. The engines on these planes were unbelievably loud.

    On 9/11/2001 I was working on the 27th floor of the North Tower (WTC-1). At 8:45AM only about a third of the employees were in. I was working at my desk about twenty feet from the windows on the north side of the building roughly 500 feet below where the hole would appear. It was very quiet. There were only three of us working in the area at the time. If a jetliner was about to hit the building, I would have expected to feel vibrations or at least heard the roar of engines. Out of the blue there were simultaneous explosions above us and below us. The building felt like it was about to topple to the south which I attribute to an explosion in the basement.

  6. Robert E. Salt says:

    When I was in grade school, I had a teacher, Mrs. McGowan, who worked in the Empire State Building when it was hit by a B-29. The building sustained minor damage; the aircraft and crew didn’t make out as well. The ESB may look like the rock of Gibralta and the Towers may have looked like a giant box with windows, but both were steel structures. If a commercial aircraft heads nose first into the sea, the result is pretty much the same as if it goes nose first into the ground. Two Russian youths described what they saw when an aircraft that was alleged to have carried the Polish government crashed in a wooded area. They said the left wing was ripped off by treetops. The jet continued on, and the right wing was ripped off by telephone wires. Strange that the wings of the planes that hit the WTC had no problem cutting through the steel columns. The PBS series Nova did a show many years back to demonstrate how investigators go about figuring what went wrong in a plane crash. The crash they had chosen was a jetliner that had taken off from Panama and went down in the Colombian jungle. Because of an instrument malfunction, the jetliner wound up flying downward vertically at full speed. Not built to take such air pressure, the plane broke apart in midair tossing the passengers toward the ground at such a speed that every stitch of clothing was ripped from their bodies. Body parts were hanging from the jungle vegetation. Commercial jetliners are much more fragile than they look. It’s time to reconsider 9/11 event. The jets which allegedly hit the Towers would barely fit into two stories of either building. With the slight angle of descent each plane would go against 8 inches of concrete (4 inches for each floor) 206 feet deep (width of the building) not to mention the the vertical steel columns. That’s quite a bit of penetration for such a fragile machine. Come on! Who are they kidding? Get real!

    • Nice post, very nice. Thank you. Yes, who are they kidding? Most of the so-called 911truth movement, for openers, plus most of the American public. Evidence doesn’t matter. No planers are obvious kooks by declaration.

  7. Steven Berry says:

    I am new here.I find the dialogue fascinating. One of the comments from above especially is of interest. The reply was and I’m paraphrasing ; “American citizens just have not wrapped their minds around the fact that someone made the decision to murder “X” of citizens to accomplish goals..” There is the problem..For years I have been studying and commenting on nefarious groups of fellow human beings , I think, that have created a massive fraud on us..with the full cooperation of our Congress and White House. If I still have a few people staying with me here I believe that this group of people either participated in the execution Of John and Robert Kennedy.
    Now for the one or two here, there is a massive amount of evidence that certainly has become available in the last few years that will back my accusations..It is not for lack of proof ladies and gentleman..it is for lack of people with enough sense and guts to look at the evidence. You’re a theorist folks and what used to be a honorable accusation is now some wild eyed ,loser who needs to get a life..according to those who once were but now aren’t..

  8. Robert E. Salt says:

    Each of the Towers were built in three sections. To get to the upper or middle section, you needed to take two elevators. People who heard two booms may have heard elevators hitting bottom around the 40th or 75th floors. I was working about 25 feet from the northern face of WTC-1. I was on the 27th floor well away from elevator shafts. We only heard one stereo boom from the basement and from above.

    Back in the 90‘s a large aircraft was flown from southern California to Australia. The significance of this flight was that it was piloted from the ground. This can be done with commercial airliners by installing the right equipment, overriding the pilot. My theory is the four jets were to be dumped in the ocean within hurricane Erin. Something went wrong with Flight 93 and it had to be disposed so the pilot couldn’t talk..

    Do you think the DEW used on the Towers could have been used to turn the Japanese reactors to non-radioactive dust?

  9. Robert E. Salt says:

    I’ve converted to the “no planes” theory of 9/11. With a good view of events that were about to happen, WTC-7 would have made an ideal command center for the operation. When set they would signal the French photographers at the firehouse. They would in turn set up their camera with the Towers in the background and return a signal. A sizable explosion would be set off in the basement under the north side of WTC-1 giving the building its sway. At the same time explosions would be set off giving the northern face its cutout appearance, along with major fires and damage to the floors involved. An incoming plane would be added to the video tape and released later that day. Plants would be on the street to give eyewitness accounts of a plane that never was. The WTC-2 hit which was shown over and over and over was well done but just as fake. Hooray for Hollywood! The events of 9/11 are so firmly etched in people’s minds that this theory won’t sell to the general public; they’re not going to buy it. What do you think?

    • Conrad says:

      Ace Baker covered the no plane concept quite thoroughly. However, there were many clips of planes hitting the towers – from New Jersey and many others. Do we know who posted these clips? I’m convinced aluminum airplanes couldn’t do what they claim they did, but there are a lot of loose ends. How many people claimed to see the planes hit? Were they interviewed thoroughly? One of my friends claims to have seen both planes hit. I would like to prove him to be delusional but can’t at this point.

  10. Robert E. Salt says:

    An explosion under the northern part of WTC-1 could account for the sway of the building. There was plenty of evidence for an explosion down below. I can’t think of any other purpose for this. Andrew Johnson presents a large photo of the hole in WTC-1 and asks “Do you see a plane in there?” Assuming a plane penetrated the building’s exterior it would strike the inner core. A plane could not be seen in AJ’s photo nor damage to the inner core. No plane means the French photographers at the firehouse was staged. I told JW that it was odd that the two were taping outside the firehouse before 9AM and just happened to have their camera focused on the Towers. With all the eyes and cameras focused on the Towers, it would have been difficult to fake a plane strike on WTC-2 without special technology. Plenty of advanced technology was exposed that day. Have any of the survivors reported seeing parts of a plane inside either building?

  11. Robert E. Salt says:

    Yes, I meant Loose Change. Small Change is what I have in my bank account. The official story said Flight 93 was driven into the ground by four passengers. Rumpsfeld said the plane had to be shot down. Either way I haven’t heard of any body parts being found in PA. The version of Loose Change that I saw said the plane actually landed at the Cleveland airport. Hard as it is to believe, I think the crew and passengers were executed, as well as what I think may have happened to the Polish government when we were told their plane crashed in Russia.

  12. Robert E. Salt says:

    I was working in WTC 1 (NT) on the 27th floor with two other people nearby. Sophie was to my right, and Ernie was directly behind her. We worked for Empire Blue Cross – Blue Shield which occupied ten floors of WTC-1. We had our backs to the northern windows. We didn’t see or hear a thing until everything went boom. It sounded very metallic to me like two railroad cars coupling very hard amplified a hundred times over. The building swayed to the south for about five seconds, and it felt like the building might topple until it righted itself. Our floor was only a quarter way up; it must have been much scarier on the upper floors. The three of us looked at each other. Ernie said he thought a plane might have hit the building. Sophie looked at me and asked if I thought it was an earthquake. This was the only loud sound I heard that day. There were no alarms or announcements, and there was no interruption in lighting or computer connections. We went back to work. The only thing out of the ordinary from this point on was that it was snowing 8 x 11 sheets of papers out the windows as far as we could see. One person on every floor is designated a fire marshal. The one on our floor told me that we had better evacuate the building about 9:05. I made sure I got my team together before I left. Everyone began leaving at that time except for a quadriplegic man who worked his wheel chair with his chair and someone who stayed behind with him. I heard people offered to carry him down in his chair but he refused. We lost these two and two others from our floor. I don’t know what happened to the other two. They may have been in elevators. WTC-2 had a cafeteria on the 41st floor which served breakfast, lunch and dinner for the entire WTC complex. They could have been there. We exited the floor at the nearest stairwell. We went down three floors where we came to a locked door. We went up a floor and found another stairwell which went all the way down to the lobby. The descent took about thirty minutes. It was single file, quiet and orderly. None of us knew our lives were in danger. There was a single file of young fire fighters
    going up carrying their equipment. The center was kept clear, and every so often a fireman would be escorting an injured woman from the upper floors. When we got to the lower floors the stairwell was wet which I assume came from sprinklers. The lobby was badly damaged. We were routed eastward though the mall because of the jumpers. I didn’t know about the jumpers until I got home. The ceiling in the mall was down, and it had emergency lighting. When I reached street level, I was about fifty yards from the Towers. I turned around and focused on the buildings. I knew WTC-1 had a problem but I was surprised WTC-2 had one also. It looked like both buildings had four floors badly damaged. I was looking at the east side of both Towers. I could see flames flicker on two floors of both buildings. It was not an inferno; it looked to me like both fires under control. There was black smoke coming from both buildings. I knew we weren’t getting back in the building that day and didn’t think they would let us back in the rest of the week. I decided to get out of the way, head home and let my eighth grade daughter know I was all right. I walked a half mile south to take the ferry home to Staten Island. I got to the terminal around 9:50 and waited for the 10:00 boat which was a few minutes late and turned out to be the last boat of the day. Around 10:00 a man showed up and announced the South Tower had collapsed. I found that hard to believe. When a 110 story building collapses a half mile, I would expect to hear a thunderous roar but we heard nothing. The WTC complex was never visible from the ferry terminal, so we didn’t see anything either until we got on the boat. A thick black cloud engulfed the boat. Visibility was only a few feet. The ferry sails close by Governors Island for about a mile. I couldn’t see the island until we reached the southern tip.
    I watched the TV reports the rest of the afternoon. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw WTC-7 go down and the lack of debris when the dust had settled. The Flight 93 story never made sense to me either. For two and a half years I tried to make sense of that day. The spring of 2004 my coworker Ernie e-mailed me a link to Small Change. At last it made sense except for what exactly destroyed the buildings and why would my government ambush and massacre 3,000 hard working Americans trapped in a high-rise.

    • Robert, thank you so much for your testimony, so beautifully written. You must feel fortunate to be with us today. I want to call attention to two subtle things you mention: 1) “It was single file, quiet and orderly. None of us knew our lives were in danger.” Isn’t that amazing? And 2) your failure to hear the screaming sound of speeding airliners (or missiles), although I know you were in the NT at the time of both impacts, is consistent with no planes. Further, the lack of “a thunderous roar” from the destruction of the ST at 9:59a involving all that steel and other materials composing a half-million ton building implies destruction via black technology, not thermite or conventional explosives. The twin towers were mostly turned to fine dust. Again, I am grateful for your contribution. Final note: you probably mean Loose Change rather than Small Change.

    • This just in: I was re-reading Where Did the Towers Go?, p. 64, and the seismic disturbance due to the 8:46:26a “hit” on WTC1 had earthquake equivalent magnitude 0.9, too small to be felt as an earthquake (anything under 2.0), while the vibration lasted for approximately 18 seconds. These official data may be consistent with your recollection. By contrast, the WTC2 was hit at 9:02:54 and had a smaller magnitude of 0.7 and lasted only 8 seconds. The WTC2 hole was also smaller than the WTC1 hole, consistent with the earthquake equivalents, although both were too undersized to swallow a 767. The seismic data do not confirm the Willie Rodriguez story of pre-explosions in the sub-basements of WTC1 timed to go off immediately before the hit in the upper floors. Willie is a planehugger too yet apparently never had any doubts about how such timing was achieved. Phil Jayhan has taken Willie’s story apart.

  13. Robert E. Salt says:

    I can understand that a commercial jetliner could not have penetrated those Towers. However I was working on the north side on the 27th floor of the North Tower that day. For five seconds it felt like the building was about to topple to the south before it settled back in place.

    • Tell us more!
      1. Were you working in your office in WTC 1 (NT) with a good view to the north? See anything before everything went boom? Is it alright with you to name your company then or organization for us?
      2. Did you hear or feel preliminary explosions that reportedly occurred in the sub-basements just before whatever it was that hit around floors 94-98?
      2. Did you see or hear an airliner or another type of flying machine come screaming in at kamikaze speed (officially 442 mph) just seconds before the hit?
      3. Did it sound like a violent collision to you followed by an explosion or simply an explosion high up in the building? Any opinion on ‘bombs in building’?
      4. There is plentiful eyewitness testimony about the building swaying, for example:
      Teresa Veliz, the facilities manager for a software development company, was on the 47th floor of the North Tower when Flight 11 hit. First, like many witnesses, she describes the building shaking twice:
      “I got off [the elevator], turned the corner and opened the door to the ladies’ room. I said good morning to a lady sitting at a mirror when the whole building shook. I thought it was an earthquake. Then I heard those banging noises on the other side of the wall. It sounded like someone had cut the elevator cables. It just fell and fell and fell.
      I began to cry. “Oh, my God, I just got off that elevator!” I said. “That could have been me.” I prayed those other people had gotten off on the 48th floor before the elevator dropped. But I didn’t have much time to be upset because the building shook again, this time even more violently. The lady at the mirror grabbed onto me and held on for dear life.”

      Veliz went down a staircase with a coworker to the concourse level. In the mall, they got onto an up-escalator as the South Tower collapsed, causing a rush of wind which knocked them down. In the pitch black, Veliz and her coworker followed someone carrying a flashlight:
      “The flashlight led us into Borders bookstore, up an escalator and out to Church Street. There were explosions going off everywhere. I was convinced that there were bombs planted all over the place and someone was sitting at a control panel pushing detonator buttons. I was afraid to go down Church Street toward Broadway, but I had to do it. I ended up on Vesey Street. There was another explosion. And another. I didn’t know where to run.”

      – September 11: An Oral History, pp 9-15 [Reprinted: The Memory Hole]

      Kim White (2). 32, an administrative assistant at Thebeast, a financial tech company on the 80th floor of 1 World Trade Center, was talking with an office temp when the first plane struck.

      “All of a sudden the building shook, then it started to sway. We didn’t know what was going on. I ran towards the reception area. It was completely collapsed, but the receptionist was able to crawl out from under it. People started to panic. We got all our people on the floor into the stairwell, and then people began to calm down. At that time we all thought it was a fire. Someone was joking, “I hope it wasn’t another bomb.” Everyone was trying to keep things up-tempo. We got down as far as the 74th floor, and someone there pulled us into their office. They had a TV on, and we saw that a plane had crashed into the building. Then there was another explosion, so we left again by the stairwell.” – People (09/12/01). Also, “The impact rocked the tower, causing a horizontal deflection of perhaps 10 feet on the upper floors, according to reports of some occupants.” Source.

      5. Seismic data from Lamont-Doherty, Columbia University, showed a magnitude (equivalent seismic) of 0.9 at WTC 1 with duration of 12 seconds at 8:46:26. A 0.9 is equivalent to a construction blast of less than 0.01 tons (= 20 pounds) of TNT, a blast basically too small to be felt on the ground.

  14. Chean Martinez says:

    There is one thing I don’t understand… If there were no planes, what about the persons who were supposed to be travelling in those aircrafts? Are there no “passenger lists” of those flights?
    Regards from Spain

    • Author Jim Marrs perhaps gives the best short answer: “I did not plan 9/11 so I do not know.” We will never know everything about a complex crime like 9/11. But there is more we know now: the two American flights (11 and 77) never were scheduled or flew that day according to the government’s official Bureau of Transportation Statistics data. The two airlines–American and United–never could settle on final official “passenger manifests” for the (allegedly) lightly loaded four flights, a routine procedure, so they referred all inquiries to the FBI who then refused to issue final manifests. There never were any Arab names on any of the changing manifests despite the government’s claim that 19 Arab passengers hijacked four flights and committed the crimes of 9/11. There are no authentic videos of the accused hijackers boarding that morning. Searches of public records by 9/11 researchers suggest that many names on the (variable, unofficial) passenger manifests were fake. Ellen Mariani, widow of Louis Neil Mariani who allegedly was aboard United Flight 175 (claimed to have crashed into WTC 2) apparently has never found any other family survivors of victims allegedly aboard Flight 175 http://onlinejournal.com/artman/publish/article_1654.shtml. Also see Sammartino’s article on the odd absence of 9/11 passenger names in the Social Security Death Index and survivors collecting from the 9/11 Victim Compensation (hush $) Fund. Also click on my Plane Deceit pdf here https://nomoregames.net/2010/09/01/plane-deceit-at-the-world-trade-center/ and search “manifests” in the article.

      Finally, note that the query, “What about the passengers?,” serves as a rhetorical device to establish the presupposition that jetliner crashes occurred. The premise is: since so many innocent people died, it is offensive to challenge the very occurrence of crashes as officially claimed. In legal proceedings, the question “what about the passengers?” would be stricken as being misleading because it presupposes a state of facts not in evidence.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Funny how most of your supporters are not US citizens! You’re an idiot and a disgrace to our country!

    • zonsb says:

      Setting aside the fact that you discredit yourself by making personal attacks, there are no U.S. citizens. From the supreme court: a citizen owes a duty of allegiance in return for a duty of protection. It’s a reciprocal agreement. All the state supreme courts and USSC have ruled the government has no duty to protect anyone. Without the duty to protect there is no duty of allegiance. There are no citizens thus there is no body politic, thus there are no states. Factually, what is a state. An act of congress. It’s a piece of paper with some ink on it. Factually, the constitution is four pieces of paper and some ink.

    • anthony c says:

      i’m American and a US citizen. I agree with Morgan 100%.
      it’d be too easy for me to call you an idiot, so i’ll let you live in ignorance.

      • Nosilia says:

        Someone told me that when the plans for the World Trade Center were underway, the owner of the Empire State Building took out a seires of newspaper advertisements with a picture of a plane flying into the towers. From what I understand, since they earned quite a bit of revenue from broadcast towers atop the Empire State Building, and since they stood to lose that business if someone built a taller building nearby, they wanted to scare people out of building one.I’ve never seen the ad, though, and can’t verify that it actually existed.

    • jonathan radford says:

      Isn’t that curious, the entire world has paused to consider the facts and support those sifting through the evidence but many U.S citizens just haven’t got their heads around this shocking crime yet!

    • Ichal says:

      NO FRICKIN’ WAY! You are crazy! I couldn’t do it, but I’m glad you exereiencpd the thrill of a lifetime. Reading your blog does NOT even make me want to live vicariously through you. Way to go!

      • Your ignorance comes thru loud and clear . Why would you even consider living “vicariously ” through the Good Doctor . Live your own fantasy ? or ideas about 911 . Ypu haven’t given it any thought have you .? See Jonathan above , “the entire world has paused” ( I DON’T THINK SO ) .The only ones we hear from are those that want to hear ,kaching ,kaching , and sympathy . Look at the real people involbved , look at the 911 Report and the 911 Commission Hearings . Wake up to realty .

    • Lissakrhumanelife says:

      I too am an American citizen born in the USA and I completely agree with Morgon… there needs to be an investigation because there were no planes.

  16. Barryb says:

    This is a terrific poll. Somehow, I don’t see CNN being willing to share the results with the American people.

  17. kla says:

    There are many divided opinions on whether planes were involved in the 9/11 event. This is the best proof of the fact that there were none. Such would be indisputable with 100,000 witnesses, and plane parts on the street below. And this proof spares the brain from strain, like deciding if such a comical claim as the OV could be orchestrated.

    • anthony c says:

      it’s a big pill to swallow … but yes, we were all deceived. There were no planes, other than the plane shot down over Shanksville. It’s taken some time to realize this truth, but it’s in front of us now. The lack of physical evidence is overwhelming at the Pentagon and the WTC, the various flight details go against physics (e.g. speed at sea level). It was explosives that went off at the top floors of WTC 1 and 2, and it was a missile that hit the Pentagon. 9/11 was a massive fraud on all levels.

  18. dachsielady says:

    Your refurbished site is really nice. Dr. Reynolds. Your camping / biking excursions sure sound fun. Hope you take your pets along for the fun.

    I hope there will be a facility on your site whereby we can receive an email when new content is added.

    Have a great summer and God bless you.

  19. Joan Frances says:

    I consider Dr. Judy Wood’s book (which I’m happy to possess) to be the Bible of what really happened at GZ on 9/11.
    With some type of directed energy technology destroying the entire WTC complex, I can’t help wondering if the same “directed weaponry” destroyed “whatever” item “disappeared” in Shanksville, leaving paper all over the place, and if maybe longitudinal waves created the damage at the Pentagon. If Dr. Wood ever puts her mind to the other “sites” of 9/11, wonder what she would find. Obviously ALL sites are hoaxes, whether created in identical ways or not.

  20. metalfist616 says:

    hi dr reynolds!

    im not sure if i sent you this one already. its in german anyways, BUT your english is better than mine, so you could do the same and put it in a video:

    a comparrisson of the chemestrial properties of jet fuel!

    just to explain it in simple english:
    jet fuel does NOT explode.
    an explosion is a fast burning with more than 2000 meters in a second, (sound waves speed)
    actually jet fuel burns SLOW, therefore on 9/11 the BURNING jetfuel should have dropped out of the towers into the streets keep on burning for hours!

    keep in mind a planecrash might burn 8 to 24 hours, the 30 to 65 tonns of fuel are spread everywhere, the fire burns red to orange with lots and lots of smoke! in 9/11 it “burnt” in aproximately 5 to 8 seconds, in a light jellow flame! the fire rises upwards ! thts WRONG, it should fall down. jet fuel is almost like oil, its heavy, it floods slower than water (sorry for my bad english, you can guess what im saying?) and the heavy black smoke indicates there is a lot of watercarbonates burnung! like on a burning oilfield or similar events!

    for everyone, who will compare 9/11 with such points i just made, it should be absolutely clear and NO DOUBT that there where NO F***ING PLANES!

    therefore, on my channel you’ll find videos with the tag NO PLANE TRUTH, NOT theory!!!

    thanks for posting some of my videos on your site again, i really apprechiate it! feel free to download and reupload them on your channels, since mine has been flaged twice already, from some fake MOSSAD and BND claimers…

    aprechiate Your work!

    from germany
    (your biggest fan – lol)

  21. Stephen Vick says:

    Most 9/11 truthers don’t want to talk about the no-plane issue.

    • Morgan Reynolds says:

      Self-proclaimed Truthers don’t want to talk about the truth? Ha! Evidence proves no planes crashed at any of the four events on 9/11. And they don’t want to talk about it…that’s strange, isn’t it?

      • Bill Cain says:

        They don’t want to talk about the no-plane issue because it conflicts with what most people think they “know” about that day, and would damage their credibility.
        It’s OK to say that we’ve been lied to about 9-11. It’s even OK to say that it was an inside job. But it’s not OK to suggest that the “known” laws of science were broken that day, or that what everyone saw on TV was somehow contrived. This is why the crime is it’s own best cover – it transcends most people’s basic worldviews of what is possible and what is impossible.

  22. daniel young says:

    also in todays sad economy this energy could be used for good not what is going on like this orgy of destruction in this 21st century i expected a better class of human beings like no wars, don’t use wars for population control mother nature will more than take care of that. in mean time that sdi toy dew must be taken away from this person who is inflicting crimes against humanity and the earth itself it is no joke this is like hitler having the A BOMB time for humanities to take over…..right dr. judy….eh…

    • And that is why 9/11 is of more than historical interest. The perps must be arrested, prosecuted and convicted or else they move on to bigger and “better” (more destructive and horrifying) frauds to keep their power and boost their billions of bucks.

  23. daniel young says:

    my worry is that someone out there has an sdi instrument and using it like a toy same way general wesley groves did 66 years ago commanding officer of a bomb research at new mexico los alomos thus we as the concerned public must take away this ‘toy’ from this individual before any more damage is done. obviously these major events like minnesota bridge collapse. oklahoma,etc are way above the heads of average minds if the agencies would do there jobs we would be in a safer world eh doc reynolds……eh…..

  24. gusteman says:

    Quite interesting, this poll. Nevertheless I found it confusing to answer the question about airliners being used: in the case of Shanksville there might have been used an airliner, so I had to answer “disagree”. However, relating to WTC1/2 and the Pentagon I am convinced that no airliners ever hit these buildings.
    Keep up the good work,
    many regards,

    • metalfist616 says:

      how come? did you see any wreckage in shanksville? any suitecases? any corpses? why would the cia crash a plane in nowhere but NOT use planes in 3 other events, that “happen” in cities?

      eighter your thougt doesnt make sence or i missunderstand you?
      greetings, mart-kos

      • As retired serviceman from the Air Force I worked within the Air Safety Directorate where we investigated airplane crashes. The situation in Shankesville has all of the signs of a mid-air explosion, with a small impact zone, which might be created by one of the engines, and debris scattered over miles around.
        It is quite possible that the plane in Shankesville was shot down in flight instead of being deliberately crashed.
        If this is the case, there are very few people who are aware of that fact, and they surely will be forbidden to talk about it.
        Im my honest opinion the real truth about Shankesville will not appear unless the other aspects of the 9/11 disaster have been disclosed.
        As I see it here are 6 cases to investigate: WTC1 – WTC2 – WTC7- Pentagon – Shankesville – WTC4 (because of the substantial amount of gold bars in the basement, that were strangely very easily evacuated following the destruction of the Twin Towers / this might be considered as somewhat of a side-kick but it may not (yet) be ruled out that it might have some signification)
        Yours sincerely, Gusteman

        • metalfist616 says:

          hi there, thanks for your answer, BUT the “plane-shaped impact hole” was seen on a russian spy satellite photo in the 80ies already. in black and white , you can guess… and therefore i am convinced there was no plane as well.

          also the question is, why would they 3 times NOT use a plane but shoot down one in nowhere ?!

          well, the hole wtc complex was destroyed, so there are even more things that should be explained.

          yes, the gold story is weird, i remember a vitness saing “they” took the gold about 6 weeks before 911. but when i looked up his story later i found he “disappeared”…

          latest news is, one of the controlled demolition experts from europe, mislayed his name in my mind, he was the first who sayed wtc7 was a c.d., just died a week ago in a car crash….

          eighter or shanksville, we are on the right path and shouldnt bother about such details , ey 😉

          good luck

          from germany

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