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  1. Robert E. Salt says:

    I listened to “Morgan Reynolds debates Jim Fetzer on Atheism vs. Agnosticism December 24, 2012“. The only thing here I disagree with strongly is the power of prayer. We are all connected to a pool of consciousness. All possibilities imaginable are available for this pool to create its reality. Possibilities are selected by members of the pool according to their beliefs. Some of these are continually being discarded and replaced with new ones according to intention, giving the illusion of time. Our physical reality is a projection of our consciousness. “I think; therefore I am.” Since there is no time, if you exist now, you exist always. You are assigned to the life changing image you see in the mirror for its duration at which time you pass on to a new experience. The universe we perceive as well as our bodies are a projection of our consciousness. Knowing this makes it easier to understand quantum entanglement, the double slit experiment, clairvoyance, dowsing, the placebo effect, etc. We are all processing and interacting with variations of the same information which has some hard and fast rules. What we consider impossible, may be achieved by learning how to modify this information. This makes phenomena such as time travel, teleportation, jump rooms, free energy, etc. possible. Most of what we believe, has been inherited from those before us. Our reality is determined by our beliefs, and the future is determined by our intentions. Prayer is a form of intention. The great science fiction writers have not predicted the future; they created it by their millions of followers. Our leaders seem to know this, and they are very concerned with what these writers produce. We exist in a subjective reality. Some of our most intelligent people are physicists who are objective to an extreme. Many of these scientists are looking for TOE (the Theory of Everything). Their efforts are like trying to reverse engineer motion picture technology strictly by an examination of the movie screen. To make things interesting, there are other pools of consciousness (realities, universes, dimensions) beside ours. These realities may intersect with ours by invitation or intention, providing phenomena such as ET’s, alien spacecraft, bigfoot, ghosts, channeling etc. Our leaders have a history of discouraging the belief in UFO’s. They don’t need outsiders challenging their authority.

    I can’t prove any of this, but it is what I have come to believe. Shortly after 9/11 I had another traumatic experience which forced me to reevaluate my view of consciousness and reality.When we dream our consciousness processes information. When we’re awake it processes the information we collect with our eyes, ears, nose, mouth and skin, but these five organs are information themselves. If we were to have an out of body experience, we would still process the expected information without these organs. Some of our dreams are more realistic than others. People can awaken from a dream in terror with the heart pounding. Our day to day lives may be the most realistic dreams of all. Death may actually be the great awakening.

    The angry, insecure God in the Old Testament is really a technologically advanced being. Ancient Greek gods, Roman gods, Japanese gods, etc. existed and were given different names by each of these societies. My concept of God would be an all knowing, all powerful force such as total consciousness. My concept of Satan would be an individual who attempts to assume the role of God by controlling everyone else. This process is a bubble that eventually has to burst. The process also empowers Satan to control the information to individual consciousness which enables the development of advanced technology. Groups such as the Amish may not understand why they shun technology, but this is the reason. I like my new car, my HD TV, my computer, Ipod and smart phone. Am I evil or just misguided?

    • Robert E. Salt says:

      Books like Orwell’s “1984“ and “Revelation” in the New Testament helped steer us into the predicament we’re in today. The concept of time exists within our narrow distorted sense of reality. A second is more precise than an hour which in turn is more precise than a year. When we consider 10,000 or 100,000 years time gets fuzzy and doesn’t have much meaning.

    • Robert E. Salt says:

      You have an enormous amount of information on your computer. Right? Wrong! All the information you attribute to your computer is actually in your mind or in someone else’s mind. Your computer interprets a binary code and acts as an index to prompt your consciousness to retrieve the information or to transmit it to others. If your computer is destroyed, the information still exists but you are no longer able to access it. The information attributed to a book by a deceased author exists within our collective consciousness. Anyone gifted in the language represented by the code on the pages of the book is able to retrieve this information. Gathering as much information as possible on every individual does more than control each individual; it determines our reality by creating our future. We are consciousness processing information created by us collectively. That information cannot be allowed to be created by one individual alone. Gathering all this data is useless unless it can be managed. A super computer must exist somewhere with appropriate mass storage capabilities. Those working for the NWO do so because they feel they are being protected. If the NWO succeeds they will become victims like everyone else.

    • Robert E. Salt says:

      Andrew Basiago and friends claim to have belonged to the Pegasus Project back in the ‘70‘s. They tell about entering a “jump room” on the west coast and making trips to Mars with Ed Dames and Barack Obama. Ed Dames denies this as does Obama through a spokesman. But Major Ed Dames has military connections, and Obama is no champion of truthfulness. I believe Basiago’s account is true. This would be a type of group astral projection. Our perception of reality is not what it appears. You should not think of yourself as a physical being at a specific location. You should think of yourself as a speck of consciousness within a hologram, or as having an ever changing shell wrapped around you created by our collective consciousness, to which we are all connected. Teleportation and time travel has been a reality for more than forty years. You need to ask yourself why is it the U.S. government abandoned human space travel after the fake moon landings. Private enterprises investing in this endeavor are wasting their money. We have all been brainwashed by being fed propaganda since the day we were born. It’s time we all wake up, search for the truth, and take control of our reality.

  2. Alessandro Panzone says:

    Hello Dr.Reynolds MORGAN,
    About the problem understanding how the planes could have penetrated the WTC buildings…If any plane ever did.
    Well ,I was wondering if the alleged planes could indeed have penetrated the towers due to the possible caracteristics
    of these DEW.It could be possible via the peculiar behaving of straw planted into trees or wood observed during hurricans…I guess that switching on this DEW-device(s) could allow this to happen:the towers or/and the planes could have been altered in this peculiar state discribed in some of Huntchinson experiences which show aluminum inbeded into iron or wood into iron…??!!
    Panzone Alessandro

    • Two problems immediately render your scenario improbable in the extreme, impossible really: timing and accuracy must be perfect. The garage door opening or softening from a DEW or other device must occur just before plane entry, and the weight above the opening/softening must still be supported without tilt or “slump.” Moreover, each airliner must hit its respective opening/softening precisely in order to enter each building without a violent collision displacing wings, tail, or any other parts, as seen in the (fake) videos. Experienced pilots could not hit a 208′ wide building on simulators, despite repeated attempts, at the (impossible for airliners) speeds alleged, much less a precise space on such a wall. Another thing is that the holes were undersized: they are not large enough to swallow a Boeing 767, same as the Pentagon and Shanksville holes. That’s why amid its 10,000 pages the NIST report on the twin towers never gave the dimensions of the tower holes.
      An interesting corollary to your query however is what the heck were the “flashes” seen at each tower immediately before the plane image hits? That’s a topic for another day.

      • The speed at which the planes descended is a “physical ” impossibility . They would have broken up before they reach any target ; For instance , listening to a pilot begin his descent . ” dropping x amount of level : You can feel the plane vibrate . Each level goes through the same sequence . Begins the descent very slowly , and does it with the same precision every time .
        Read the transcripts of 911 Hearings , or the NORAD tapes . The ATC in NY will say . ” i see it now coming down X amount of space at 500 to 600 mi. Like a dive bomber . Then he says , Hey guys , heads up , another one coming in . . wow .maybe my explanation isn’t perfect , its the content that counts

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