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Reynolds Reveal Episode #020

Special guest Dr. Randall G. Holcombe, professor of economics at Florida State University.  In segment one Reynolds commented on Edward Snowden’s entrapment in the Moscow airport, our sad year in which to celebrate July 4th, the ongoing effort of a majority of state governments to slow if not stop Obamacare, and the Fraser Institute’s Economic Freedom Index.  Professor Holcombe ranged widely in his discussion of economic progress, noting we tend to take it for granted but it is pretty new in human history.  And even though U.S. economic progress may have slowed in recent decades, less visible gains confirm it continues with improvements like cheaper airfares, higher mileage autos and higher crop yields driving down food expenditure as a share of disposable incomes.  Holcombe contrasted the Robert Solow ‘production function’ approach to economic progress which focuses on changes in output as a function of changes in inputs with the new approach that focuses on the quality of economic institutions as key determinants of economic progress, in particular, the size of government (negative = inverse association with growth), regulation (negative), monetary stability (positive), protection of property rights and rule of law (positive) and freedom of international trade (positive).  The statistical data confirm the importance of the quality of these market institutions (= economic freedom index) in improving economic growth in accord with common sense and simple observation of history over the last two centuries plus.  The recent growth in China and India are powerful examples of the impact of national economic institutions in suppressing v. fostering growth while political freedom appears to matter far less in encouraging economic progress.  Holcombe also discussed the past contrast between West and East Berlin, North v. South Korea and West Virginia (of all things!) as an economic laggard in the U.S. because it ranks low among the states in economic freedom.  the presence of Right-to-Work laws which tend to limit unionization is an important difference in institutions among the states in raising economic growth rates, although the range of differences in economic institutions among the states is necessarily smaller than across nations.

Reynolds Reveal Episode #019

Reynolds interviewed special guest Dr. Judy Wood about her book ‘Where Did The Towers Go?’ available at as well as touching on some of her more recent work.  The WTC towers did not burn up, nor did the towers collapse (bump, bump, bump, splat, splat, splat, down, down, down, floor by floor).  Three main pieces of evidence are entirely sufficient to prove what really happened to the World Trade Center: 1) destruction of each tower left far too little debris (for example, an ambulance looks fine in front of what little was left of WTC 1), 2) the protective WTC bathtub keeping out the Hudson River remained intact, and 3) seismic stations did not record a signal that travelled through the earth, only a terribly weak surface signal.  Conclusion: neither 500,000 ton tower smashed to the ground, given such irrefutable evidence, but instead mostly turned to fine dust in mid air, just as your eyes told you they did.  Therefore, an energy technology necessarily exists that accomplished this form of ‘weird’ destruction.  The cover up continues to work because too many people 1) have poor problem-solving skills, 2) choose ‘group think’ (herd behavior), or 3) are terrified of the implications of recognizing what really happened (too difficult to accept).  Trauma-based mind control occurred on 9/11 and too many Americans have split off that disturbing aspect of reality to isolate themselves from it.  This partially explains the widespread willingness to surrender our rights.  Dr. Wood said there was something magical about ground level at the WTC, likely involving grounding.  She analyzed tornadoes in terms of charged effects, more and more wireless signals, including smart meters (remote signals to report electrical consumption), filling the air with signals that can interfere with static fields potentially causing dangerous consequences.

Reynolds Reveal Episode #018

Reynolds interviewed special guest Eric Larsen, emeritus professor of English at City University of New York (CUNY), John Jay College of Criminal Justice, author of two novels, three non-fiction books and countless articles plus he is founder and publisher of The Oliver Arts & Open Press.  He wrote the foreword to ‘Where Did The Towers Go?’ by Dr. Judy Wood.  Eric is an eloquent and elegant writer, with passionate and deep insight into 9/11, the 9/11 cover-up and its dire consequences for the mind and soul of America, as well as the uniform evil of the twisted propaganda put out by the ‘left gatekeeper’ writers and editors.  The interview touched on matters like the psychopathy of our rulers, the real author of ‘Shakespeare’s’ works (Earl of Oxford), political correctness and corruption in our universities, the exposure of state secrets by Edward Snowden and Bradley Manning, and the decline if not total disappearance of serious American writing because of lying everywhere.  See some of his work at and .

Reynolds Reveal Episode #17

Special Guest Veronica Chapman.  Reynolds discussed the firestorm created by Edward Snowden, the fired Booz Allen/CIA/NSA whistleblower and the top criminals’ reaction to these (undenied/confirmed) revelations from the executive branch.  Snowden established virtually universal spying by the government in direct contravention to the fourth amendment’s prohibition on unreasonable search and seizure.  Special guest Veronica Chapman, a retired software engineer from the U.K., discussed her intellectual journey on 9/11 and portions of her 2010 book, ‘Freedom Is More Than Just a Seven-Letter Word,’ especially the difference between common law (common-sense, right, just, honourable, fair, consensus, bottom-up, custom and tradition, case-driven, precedent-guided, judge-discovered law) versus unlawful legalese largely originating in legislation/statute/special interest-driven impositions and outrages, including voluminous regulations from the state exterminating freedom.  Her book and other of her provocative writings are available at

Reynolds Reveal Episode #16

Special Guest Andrew Johnson.  Reynolds mentioned the continued posting of foreclosure notices in Arkansas; extended his critique of Pope Francis’ attack on money and capitalism as hopelessly ignorant because socialism is ‘blind,’ it cannot economize given that there are no market prices for inputs in such a world, hence no one can figure out what is the cheapest way to accomplish the production of anything; praised (mostly) the May/June issue of the Cato Policy Report for several articles, including Jim Gwartney’s on public choice economics and John Allison’s on the disastrous policies of the Federal Reserve.  Special guest Andrew Johnson from the U.K. was Reynolds’ first repeat guest and Andrew discussed recent developments in the 9/11 cover up; facts that expose the Apollo moon landings as a gigantic hoax, especially the technical inability to cope with enormous temperature swings on the moon’s surface; and photographic anomalies that imply NASA is covering up evidence from the rover ‘Curiosity’ which seem to imply intelligent life left artificial structures on Mars.

Reynolds Reveal Episode #15 

Special Guests: Dr. Jerome Arnett Jr. and Dr. Brenda Arnett.  Reynolds discussed Pope Francis’ ignorant attack on money and capitalism.  The heart is an inferior mechanism for straight thinking  compared to a bright, hard-working brain.  The Pope’s collectivist ‘sympathy’ for the impoverished of the earth and hostility toward ‘the rich’ does not imply for one second that his recommendations that ‘countries’ should ‘impose more control over their economies…to provide for the common good’ will lead to anything but impoverishment for their subjects.  A rare experiment in pure communism which abolished money, private property and trade in favor of ‘collective’ (= central) control of the means of production was the murderous Pol Pot regime in Cambodia in the 1970s.  He who controls the means of production controls the means to life.  Dr. Jerome Arnett Jr., pulmonologist in West Virginia, and his daughter Dr. Brenda Arnett, internal medicine in Winchester, Virginia, discussed private practice medicine in America.  At the center of the deterioration of American medicine is erosion of the ethical canon putting the patient’s best interest first as determined by the healing physician in favor of following the regimentation of third party payers from Medicare to private insurers.  The discussion covered Maintenance of Certification (MOC), the lawsuit against MOC brought by the American Association of Physicians and Surgeons, electronic medical records (EMR), malpractice insurance, physician relationships with hospitals, the impending train wreck of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (‘Obamacare’), and overseas alternatives in India and Costa Rica.

Reynolds Reveal Episode #14 

Special Guest: Historian Hunt Tooley.  Reynolds discussed mortgage foreclosures in Arkansas occurring alongside rising home prices; NYT columnist Paul Krugman’s claims that there is no bubble in either bond or common stock prices and that Ben Bernanke should just continue doing ‘his job’ (printing $!); and the rise of ‘emerging market’ investors and companies acquiring majority stakes in famous Western brand names and companies.  Professor Hunt Tooley of Austin College in north Texas analyzed World War I during our interview in accord with his 2003 book, ‘The Western Front.’  Most of us know too little about these 4+ years of catastrophic slaughters which catapulted us into communism, Nazism, Fascism and the lesser forms of liberty-extinguishing welfare/warfare governments of the 20th century, eclipsing the individualism, private property, free markets, relative peace and hard money that mostly prevailed in the century prior to WWI.

Reynolds Reveal Episode #13 

Special Guest: Robert Morrow.  Reynolds discussed the phony airplane parts allegedly discovered three blocks north of the World Trade Center nearly 12 years after 9/11; and the myth-busting video “Unstoppable Solar Cycles,” which shows that earth’s climate has not been constant but has alternated between cold and warm eras due to solar change  Warming occurs first due to solar changes and carbon dioxide subsequently rises because vegetation increases and the oceans warm, thereby releasing CO2. Guest Robert Morrow of Austin Texas exposed the evidence, heavily documented by insiders who went public, that the Bush family, notably likely future presidential candidate Jeb Bush, and the Clintons were up to their eyeballs in the drug trade and murder, including victims like drug runner Barry Seal, head of the Swedish state Olaf Palme and many others because they knew too much and might go public.  See Morrow’s stunning article

Reynolds Reveal Episode #12

Special guest: Brian Arnett.  Reynolds discussed the Arkansas legislature’s legalization of the sale of whole milk (unpasteurized, yeah!), the (bad) authorization of a $125 bond issue for a ‘Big River Steel’ plant, a ‘super project’ of so–called free enterprise of $1.1 billion near Osceola in northeast Arkansas, and touched on climate alarmism.  Guest Brian Arnett is Reynolds’ step son and a young entrepreneur/businessman/co-founder of Mountain State Brewing, a start-up craft brewer and restaurant enterprise currently with three sites, two in West Virginia and one in western Maryland.  We discussed his background, the ambitions that led him into establishing an independent business, including his love of beer (Arnett emphasized that pursuit of something you love is a prerequisite for your hard work to succeed in business), how he has handled 1,001 business decisions, those who have helped him along the way, the government issues that threaten termination of the business off-and-on, continuing innovation like growing his own hops because of dubious future availability, bottling, and myriad adjustments to new conditions.  Obamacare now intrudes between employer and employee and he has begun cutting hours below 30/week for many employees to avoid a $10,000 increase in annual worker cost, which would require higher pizza and beer prices and put him out of business.

Reynolds Reveal Episode #11

Special guest: Economist George Reisman.  Reynolds discussed the large number of foreclosure notices in Arkansas, the alleged tight supply of used homes, the decline in Caterpillar profits, concealed carry applications sharply up, limits on ammo sales and consequent increase in reloading, and the raw deal for raw milk.  In recognition of Earth Day on Monday, economist George Reisman of Pepperdine University in Malibu California set the record straight on the shocking beliefs of environmentalists like St. Francis of Assissi, founder of the Sierra Club John Muir, David M. Grabber of the National Park Service, founder of Earth First! David Foreman, and Prince Philip of Great Britain.  All value wilderness and all nature for “its own sake,” for its “intrinsic value.”  All hope for the right deadly virus to come along to kill billions of people to solve an alleged overpopulation problem and end man’s depredations against earth.  Reisman unabashedly judged the Greens worse than the Reds, though both are extreme collectivists who aim to end individual liberty and pursuit of happiness.  Their real object is to inflict human misery and death.  This is sport for perverse people.  Only the exercise of man’s reason can lead to proper adjustments to new circumstances, especially adverse acts of nature.  Reisman analyzed the hysteria about exhausting natural resources despite virtually unlimited matter and energy, alleged global warming, and many other fears.  Contrary to the evil environmentalists, economic progress is not only possible through freedom and planning at the individual level, coordinated through the price system, but benign.

Reynolds Reveal Episode #10 

Reynolds commented on the Boston Marathon bombing, the Pew Research Survey Center report that only 20-25 percent of the American public trusts the federal government, the looming failure of the Obama ‘gun control’ bill, cuts in hours to less than 30 per week and consequent pay cuts caused by Obamacare requiring employers to pay for health care insurance for ‘full-time’ employees defined as 30+ hours/week, the price of gold, and Peter Schiff’s forecast of a looming crash and a Great Depression greater than that in the 1930’s.  Guest Gene Epstein of Barron’s Weekly gave listeners an inside look into Barron’s, argued that a real capitalist economy instead of the ‘crapitalism’ we have today—a conjunction of ‘crony’ and ‘capitalism’—could grow at 7 percent annually given the energy and entrepreneurial strength in the U.S., the median return of inflation-adjusted 6.6 percent annually in 140+ years of the stock market that supports his surprising optimism, the non-recovery of small business in the current economy, government’s disastrous intervention in the housing and mortgage markets, the necessary restoration of the profit-and-loss system with special emphasis on loss (no bailouts!) to encourage prudent investing of limited real savings, abolishing the Federal Reserve and Federal Deposit Insurance (even FDR opposed FDIC in 1932!) because taxpayers do not have to protect rich depositers, and finally fiscal reform, especially entitlement reform by affluence-testing receipt of any and all government benefits.

Reynolds Reveal Episode #09

Reynolds discussed the industrial accident at Nuclear One near his home in Arkansas; the March employment/unemployment report released the previous Friday; and another Paul Krugman column in the NYT opposing ‘liquidation’ via recession and pushing more and more federal spending and money printing to gin up economic growth.  Talk about repeated failure!  Guest economist John Cochran of Metropolitan State University in Denver Colorado patiently discussed the many problems of the massive interventions which harm economic expansion.  In particular, recent economic statistical studies show government spending consistently impairs economic growth when government’s share of GDP exceeds 18 percent.  During the Clinton era federal spending was about 18 percent of GDP but currently is in the range of 23-24 percent.  Cochran pointed out that the key problem is not so much deficit spending as total spending far in excess of optimal, although he believes optimal is even lower, probably in the range of ‘tithing,’ or about 10 percent of GDP.

Reynolds Reveal Episode #08

Reynolds discussed a 6:33 minute Fox News interview with David A. Stockman who predicted the current stock market bubble, inflated by Bernanke counterfeiting, will burst, leading to devastating consequences; applauded popular resistance to police and military drones; clarified the industrial accident that shut down Arkansas Nuclear One power plant owned by Entergy, which posed no reactor or radiation threat; and booed the Arkansas legislature’s move toward funding a $125 million bond to help finance a new ‘private’ mill, Big River Steel, another Arkansas boondoggle.  The first guest, Joe Bell of Massachusetts, brought his extensive knowledge of the 9/11 Commission, the FAA players on 9/11, and the Secret Service complicity in 9/11 to the show.  The second guest, retired engineer Joe Keith of southern California, characterized the air frames of airliners as “flying egg shells” that could not possibly have burst into steel/concrete towers as shown in 9/11 videos regardless of speed.  He continues to offer a $5,000 reward to anyone who can prove a plane crashed into the towers on 9/11.  He has had responders but all failed the frame-by-frame video test.

Reynolds Reveal Episode #07

Special Guest: Bill Anderson   Reynolds described his experience in a concealed carry class, decried Almeda County in California paying its administrator $423,000 for life, cheered student Ryan Rotella of Florida Atlantic University for refusing to write Jesus in large letters and stomp on it when instructed to do so by his classroom instructor, and chided Justin Raimondo for mocking those who find the official account of 9/11 false and impossible at every turn.  Reynolds’ guest was economist Bill Anderson of Frostburg State University in western Maryland.  Anderson  discussed the fallacies of Keynesian analysis, especially at the hands of NYT columnist Paul Krugman, the corrupt U.S. legal system, the disastrous federal drug war, the financial tumult in Cyprus and its portents for Europe and the U.S. down the road.

Reynolds Reveal Episode #06

Andrew Johnson and Richard Hall.   Reynolds banged on the costs of the Iraq war on its 10th anniversary, Obama’s visit to Israel and Israeli pressure to make war on Syria and Iran, a raw milk bill in the Arkansas lege and Cal Coolidge’s economy in government (quite in contrast to today’s ideology).  Special guests Richard D. Hall ( and Andrew Johnson (, both from the U.K., discussed the 7/7 terror event in London in 2005 and the abundant evidence that it was a false flag event similar if smaller scale than 9/11.   We also focused on Richard’s breakthrough work 3-D modeling the flight path of the airplane image that went into the South Tower at 9:03 am on 9/11.  His surprising conclusion is that all the videos, despite the different aircraft images and apparent differences in paths, were videos capturing the same if somewhat unstable (projected) airplane image speeding along at 583 mph.  Caller and 9/11 eyewitness Tommy Trainwreck disputed the analysis.

Reynolds Reveal Episode #05

Special Guest Retired Pilot John Lear discussed top U.S. arms merchants raking in $billions, the hub bub over the TSA’s impending permission to allow passengers aboard schedule airliners to carry mini knives (less than 2.36” long and 0.5” wide!), and John R. Lott’s lecture Saturday in Little Rock, AR, on likely counterproductive federal gun control measures.  Invited guest John Lear, the famous retired pilot, brought his expertise on airplanes to bear on 9/11.  He finds that the government’s story about what happened on 9/11 is impossible at virtually every turn, from 5’6” guys possibly taking over Boeing 767 and 757 cockpits, hitting impossible air speeds near sea level, disappearing them into undersized holes without leaving giant tail sections, engines, luggage, bodies and blood behind, and numerous other absurdities sold to the world.

Reynolds Reveal Episode #04

Briefly discussed 1) the sequestration farce, 2) the toxic poison fluoride because since 2011 his state of Arkansas has required water systems serving 5,000+ to inject it into their water systems, and 3) the origins of money which is a market phenomenon, not the psyop that it is an invention of the state.  Reynolds’ guest was Dr. Mark Thornton Ph.D., senior fellow and economist at the Ludwig von Mises.  He discussed key aspects of the U.S. political economy, the continuing recession and worldwide debt crisis.  Thornton explained that entirely wrong fiscal and monetary ‘therapies’ have been administered and prevent self-sustaining, healthy economic growth.  Sadly, if the government had done nothing in 2008 crisis the recession would have been short and deep and would be in the rear view mirror today.  Similar problems due to run-amuck interventionism vex the industrial world. Thornton analyzed the ‘end game’ and how alert individuals can protect themselves.

Reynolds Reveal Episode #03

Discussed ‘sequestration,’ the impending March 1 modest cuts in federal spending.  It included a reply to Paul Krugman’s column pleading for resumption of bigger and ‘better’ spending.  Reynolds also criticized that morning’s testimony by the chief counterfeiter—Ben Bernanke—before the Senate Banking Committee.  After four years, Bernanke’s trillions in new money still have not stimulated a self-sustaining recover.  How come?  The first guest was Rob Salt, a native New Yorker, who was working in the North Tower on the morning of 9/11.  Salt said the evacuation was orderly but the event was puzzling.  He doubts real planes hit the towers and concludes secret technology turned the towers to fine dust that morning.  He attributes reports of seeing and hearing planes crash into the twin towers to secret technology, just as a secret energy weapon was used to destroy the towers.  A second highly credible 9/11 witness had a contrary view.  Tommy Trainwreck, a pit trader, had no doubt he saw and heard a plane go right over his head into the South Tower.  It was a twin engine but contrary to the official story seemed smaller than a Boeing 767, something like a DC-3, and also it did not have a dark blue underside like the livery of a United Airlines’ aircraft .

Reynolds Reveal Episode #02

The opener dug into Barack Obama’s racist proposal to boost the minimum wage to $9.00/hour, then addressed overall wage and income disparities and pointed to the necessary sources of long term wage increases: 1) no price inflation, 2) savings and capital formation, and 3) technological advance.  Artificial overpricing of labor helps none of these.  The heart of the show busted the Abraham Lincoln myth courtesy of the world’s leading scholar on the lyin’ murderin’ rail splitter, Professor Thomas DiLorenzo of Loyola College, Baltimore MD, who wielded his sledge hammer of facts and deep learning to deprogram anyone listening.  This just in: today’s statist lies are hardly different from Lincoln’s Lies 150 years ago.  The show closed with a dollop of Tommy Trainwreck driving home his experiences trading on Wall Street and the crucial importance of discipline to survive and thrive.

Reynolds Reveal Episode #01

Discussed who host Morgan Reynolds is; what the Reynolds Reveal will cover in future shows; two big topics will be the political economy and 9/11; conspiracies like JFK assassination, Pearl Harbor, the moon hoax will get attention plus current events; surprise guest Dr. Judy Wood discussed resistance to her book, ‘Where Did The Towers Go?’; Reynolds and Wood discussed their joint effort to research 9/11 in the early years; the new Awakening to 9/11 and the no-confidence economy.