Affidavit by Morgan Reynolds

Click here to download (Adobe Reader required)

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5 Responses to Affidavit by Morgan Reynolds

  1. Robert E. Salt says:

    Reading your case, I see a landing gear was found on West St. from the WTC-1 hit. That’s the first time I heard of this. It actually went through the north side of the inner core, the south side of the inner core, as well as the south exterior side of the tower. That’s quite a trick! I’d love to hear the explanation for that one. Perhaps we should be investigating David Blaine or one of our other top magicians.

  2. Dear Mr.Salt [ the fear or ignorance of the citizens of the usa ,is the reason we can’t get anywhere . Especially the Media and Politicians .
    Colin Scoggins ,FAA , Boston Center ,needs to taken to trial ; His story everywhere is prepotsterous ? Can anyone get his testimony to the 911 Commission ? i can’t find anywhere that he has ever testified . He goes on touring shows with SLINEY , Spencer , and Creedon . all coveruppers being protected by somebody ; I don’t know how to get a FOIA on him ? Anyone ?
    thank you . Pass the Salt , please .

  3. Robert E. Salt says:

    It’s quite evident how ridiculous the official 911 story is, when reading yours and John Lears’ cases. I have to ask myself if Americans can be fooled this easily, or are they going along with the crime out of fear. I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt by telling myself that people just refuse to look at the evidence because it’s so painful.

  4. i have a picture of a cockpit from an airliner ,and there is no way in hell ,these guys got into the pilots seats ,and maneuvered that plane ; Never having flown ,these men could have gone through all the simulators they wanted ? sorry , 911 report and all 12 Public Meetings , net ZERO
    WE should try to convince a judge to subpoena at least half of the COMMISSIONERS for interrogation

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