Stay Angry, Make ’em Walk the Plank

Stay Angry,
Make ’em Walk the Plank
Morgan Reynolds – September 29, 2008
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Disastrous as the Wall Street bailout is, there are two good things about it:
• The American people “get it” and
• The elections are only six weeks away
The American people know that the however-many-trillions-it-will-end-up is a naked rip-off of abused and long-suffering taxpayers by the anointed a**holes. The message that people get it is being sent in a flood to Congress with 20:1 opposition from constituents.
But we have got to follow through: throw the traitors out of office. After these frontmen for the Powers-That-Be pass their bailout, the next step is to follow through by sustaining the anger and sweeping them all from office. I know we have to hold our noses and vote for their equally-bad D or R opponent to accomplish this rout, but it will be worth it to definitively punish the “Aye-voting” Congressmen. That will end their “careers,” such as they are, for these traitors who vote billions and billions for Wall Street. The message will be received by politicians everywhere, loud and clear
Let the revolution (more properly, restoration of the Republic) begin!
PS I cheered like hell, watching the U.S. House vote “no� on the bailout travesty today. Now let’s take names and vote everyone of the traitors that voted for the Wall Street bailout out of office.

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