747 Fly Over Panics Lower Manhattan

747 Fly Over Panics Lower Manhattan

Morgan Reynolds – April 28, 2009

Panic in lower Manhattan: few missed hearing and many saw this 747 jetliner fly over/near event yesterday (April 27) in lower Manhattan, despite the Air Force One Boeing backup flying at far lower speeds than the alleged kamikaze 767 wide-body jetliners on 9/11.

Makes a man wonder why so few witnesses claimed that they saw or heard jetliners in lower Manhattan the morning of 9/11 despite far higher speeds claimed, at lower altitudes with ear-splitting, window-rattling noise from full-throttle engines? Don’t the data from this event put the defenders of 9/11 airplane orthodoxy in a new bind? The NIST/media 9/11 airplane crash fraud is once again exposed as a naked lie.

Air Force One Low Flyover Causes Panic In Lower Manhattan
Posted by JacobSloan 16 hours ago

The New York Times reports:

An Air Force One lookalike flew low over parts of [lower Manhattan] on Monday morning, accompanied by two F-16 fighters, so Air Force photographers could take pictures.

But the exercise — conducted without any notification to the public — caused momentary panic in some quarters and led to the evacuation of several buildings in Lower Manhattan and Jersey City. By the afternoon, the situation had turned into a political fuse box, with Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg saying that he was “furious” that he had not been told in advance about the flyover. When President Obama learned of the episode on Monday afternoon, aides said, he, too, was furious.

[At 1 Liberty Plaza] Johnny Villafane, 42, said, “The plane did a 360. There was a vibration. The glass in the skyscrapers was shivering.” He added, “It sounded like the building were cracking, everything started shaking. I thought the plane was coming down.”



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