Archie Criticizes Toronto Hearings on 9/11

(Submitted to the editor of the American Free Press)

Written by Jeannon Kralj

I was listening to the Republic Broadcasting show of Mark Anderson, one of your writers, last night.  Now Mark is a great person and enjoy his writings.  However, he mentioned the “Important” event, the “international”  “Toronto Hearings” .  He said your publication is planning a big spread regarding 9-11.

I have been seeking 9-11 truth since 9-11-01.  I have read about ten books on the subject and have read countless articles and watched many videos.  I demonstrated for 9-11 truth at the Texas State capitol for the one full year of 2007.

I am certainly hoping that your coverage of 9-11 does not revolve around the “thermite gang”  (Steven Jones, Richard Gage, Keven Ryan et al.) because if it does, I will have to scratch American Free Press off my list as truth seekers and truth writers.

People need to keep in mind that the whole Steven Jones / Richard Gage / Keven Ryan et al.  (also known as the “Plan B” perps) gang have the underlying solid assumption that there were planes that crashed into buildings and that there were Islamic hijackers and that even though of late they are selling the “controlled demolition” idea, they solidly assume that 9-11 was NOT an inside job.  You can watch these guys till the cows come home and they will NEVER EVER say 9-11 was an inside job.

Yes, 9-11 was an inside job.  No, we do not what know what destroyed the towers.  Yes, Building 7 was probably a conventional “controlled demolition” but same cannot be said of the towers.  Yes, we need a real and new investigation, but we have known that since the JOKE 9-11 Commission report came out in 2004 so nothing new there.  Now for the “international” new hearings, I happen to think the only chance is if a real investigation takes place in the USA.  These international things are directly related to new world order globalist death and slavery for all system and would not have anything to do with truth.

Dr. Jones and company have done nothing but run out the clock.  Their peer reviewed research studies about thermite, a cutter charge, not an explosive, are pretty much a joke to real scientiests.  Dr. Jones is working for the U.S. government.  His job, as well as Richard Gage’s job, has been to channel the 9-11 truth movement into their narrow nonsense games.  So sad that most real architects and engineers have kept silent so as to hold on to their careers.  But the architects and engineers that have signed up with A&E for 9-11 Truth feel unthreatened and indeed they are because that organization is totally government approved and issued.

I suggest Mark Anderson have Dr. James Fetzer as a show guest.  Also suggest the AFP writers/editors watch
the excellent short videos displayed by Dr. Morgan Reynolds at

and read the outstanding book by Dean Hartwell, Facts Talk but the Guilty Walk – The 9/11 No Hijacker Theory and Its Indictment of our Leaders.

In Part II of this book, Hartwell gives a compelling hypothesis, backed by fact and circumstantial evidence, that the plotters used planes and passengers as props to simulate hijackings and to misdirect the investigation.

Also suggest looking into the work of Mr. Mark Hightower, a master degree engineer who has some science based solid criticisms of “explosive nanothermite”.

I do not hold to any theory of what destroyed the towers but I have known in my innermost being from the very beginning that Dr. Steven Jones and gang are completely “government issue” and are not about truth.  No one can say the twin towers were victims of a conventional “controlled demolition” as the buildings were destroyed from the top down and were 95 percent turned into dust – not a gravity collapse.

Will close with something Dr. Morgan Reynolds said…

“”I am widely accused of discrediting the 9/11 truth movement but it is Gage/Jones/and the rest of their gang that does so. There is no substantive case for thermite or its variants playing a significant role in turning the WTC (mostly) to fine dust. Theirs is a distraction, a limited hangout, a fall back story for the perps who, once the 9/11official version I fairy tale lies in ruins, trot out version II: muslim terrorists used internally-placed explosives to bring down the WTC—ridiculous version II. “”

So please, AFPm try very hard to do some real balanced and truthful coverage of 9-11 truth, and do not give the Steven Jones gang the center stage because that would not be the truth.

Ms. Jeannon Kralj

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1 Response to Archie Criticizes Toronto Hearings on 9/11

  1. Anita says:

    NIce post.

    I guess the discussion whether 9/11 was an inside job or not will continue as long as people don’t ask questions.

    “Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.” George Carlin


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