Lessons from the Treachery of the Original Pearl Harbor


Morgan Reynolds

Indisputable facts establish that Franklin Delano Roosevelt and his fellow traitors set up the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor 70 years ago on December 7, 1941.  For proof read this article by Alan Stang who died two years ago at age 77, plus my follow-up.  Stang exposes the powerful bond between the original PH attack and the new PH of 9/11 as follows:

“One of the official elements of Nine Eleven says federal collusion in that enemy attack is unthinkable, because to think it would logically enmesh many of the highest officials in our government. Well paid Washington mouthpieces have used that fact to ridicule any hint of collusion. Treason on such a scale is inconceivable, we are told.
But at Pearl Harbor we have the incontrovertible, undeniable fact, even applauded by their supporters, that top government officials — from the President of the United States on down — conspired to attack the United States. When you know that, it becomes perfectly thinkable that a future President could have participated in another such attack.”

That is a powerful, fact-based answer to the ridicule heaped upon those of us who have proved through long, arduous effort that 9/11 was another inside job, a false-flag attack arranged by powerful officials inside the U.S. government.

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