Pearl Harbor Reading


Morgan Reynolds

Puking over the propaganda published by the prostitute press on the 70th anniversary of  the so-called sneak attack on Pearl Harbor?  Then read this trio for a bracing dose of reality about FDR’s infamy: Anthony Gregory, John Denson, and Pat Buchanan.

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3 Responses to Pearl Harbor Reading

  1. American anti aircraft gunners on Diamond Head, said there were no enemy aircraft at Pearl Harbor, 6 December 1941 .. Source: MovieTone News, in a clip filmed the same day, that was included in the first cut of 911 hit piece, Loose Change.

  2. Lonnie Starr says:

    After much reading about the Pearl Harbor story, I decide that it probably was allowed.

    If so, I reasoned that it was a forgivable, because of the way communications worked back then, added to the fact that FDR did have a real and growing problem on his hands. He wasn’t making up Germany, and something would have to be done about Japan, even if they weren’t yet ready to come onshore here. The weeks, or more likely months of debate needed to bring the public around, were really not available. Since that time would have been used by the already militarized and conquering enemies, to add to their fortifications as well as grab even more strategic land. Giving us ever fewer choices of bases to stage and launch from. Some of which, the entire war effort could very well have turned on. Politics is always a tricky business, most especially so in times of war.

    So, because there were two advanced “war machines” operating against us, with a public still deeply enamored of the “Monroe Doctrine”, we had the makings of a real messy hill that had to be climbed really fast. It’s extremely doubtful that any other way was really possible.

    • I reject this now-standard rationalization at every level, but at least we agree on Roosevelt’s proven complicity. Your conclusion is of “the-end-justifies-the-means” mold, with supposedly a public-spirited “noble end” pursued by terrible but unavoidable means. Economist Milton Friedman (as I recall) said that the real end is the use of proper means and Roosevelt’s immoral, unconstitutional and illegal perfidy was as far from proper means as you can get. He and his henchmen should have been tried for treason. I have no doubt what the outcome would have been in proper trials. Further, the war had been going over two years by December 7, 1941, so the American people could easily assess the German and Japanese threat to America. They were persuadable but had arrived at the bad “decision” of non-intervention, so FDR campaigned as a phony peace candidate in the 1940 election while plotting war. The whole thing is repellant, just like the bloody 9/11 stunt staged to stir American blood lust and make war on the Muslim world.

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