George B. Daniels’ Decision Finds Iran Liable for 9/11

Judge George B. Daniels’ Decision Finds Iran Liable for 9/11 (Adobe Reader Required)

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3 Responses to George B. Daniels’ Decision Finds Iran Liable for 9/11

  1. Lonnie Starr says:

    The first failure is near the bottom of page 2. “19 hijackers”. Since 8 of the reported 19, have been discovered alive, and their pictures and biography is a match to the stated claims, we have no real clue as to how many actual skyjackers there were. If we don’t know how many, we can’t assert that we know where they were from, or whose “dime” they operated on. Obviously, the information upon which these assertions are based on is anecdotal not fact.

    9-11 was not properly investigated, therefore the truth about it is unknown. We can neither be certain that there were skyjackers or planes. Surely 4, 100 ton jet liners, should have left behind more than a mere 3 to 4 tons of debris to be discovered and analyzed. Critical technical anomalies have been discovered in the 9-11 official commission reports. These cannot be surmounted by a simple wave of the hand. There are so many sites that deal with these issues, I’d best suggest that the reader do a google search and select the sites that best fill their needs.

    • This great article by Elias Davidsson proves that there is no evidence for 9/11 hijackers. (Thanks Lonnie for correcting the link). The claim, therefore, of hijackers is a nullity until the glorious day authentic evidence is offered for the (absurd) claim. That day, of course, will never arrive because there were no hijackers.

      • Lonnie Starr says:

        Your link didn’t work, I had to google for the stories. At this site:
        There is no evidence that Muslims committed the crime of 9/11

        I note that the supposed luggage that did not make flight 11, were things that appear to have been needed in the course of the alleged attack, why would they be left behind when they could easily have been carried in carry on? Not that it matters, Coogan Airlines, had only one flight available to reach Boston, and it did not leave in time, or with Atta on board. So, if Atta was at Portland, he wasn’t on flight 11. See 9-11 Pilots for truth on that matter.

        Back later, these Davidsson articles are good, I’m off to read the rest of them.

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