What 9/11 Should Have Looked Like

Morgan Reynolds

A few days ago retired pilot John Lear sent me a link to a U.K. Daily Mail Online article about a December 16, 1960 mid-air collision of two airliners over Brooklyn, New York.  It was the worst air disaster of the era and led to a reevaluation of Air Traffic Control policies.

The photos fascinate: while grisly they portray the familiar aftermath of real airliner crashes—which excludes the four alleged crashes of 9/11 which produced the cleanest “crash sites” in aviation history.

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The United Airlines plane in the 1960 collision was a DC-8, a four-engine jetliner smaller than a Boeing 767 but larger than the 757.  The TWA plane was a Lockheed Constellation powered by four propeller engines of supercharged radial piston design with each engine developing over 3,000 hp.  The Lockheed  was smaller than the DC-8 or a 757 but could carry as many as 109 passengers.

United flight 826 carried 84 including a crew of seven while TWA flight 266 carried 44 total.  The only crash survivor was an 11-year-old boy who died within 27 hours of his injuries.  The United plane killed six people on the ground in Brooklyn’s Park Slope neighborhood.  No one on the ground was killed when the TWA plane landed ten miles away in a military field on Staten Island.  Wreckage was strewn over four miles.

The Brooklyn crash included a wing careening down a narrow street, raging fires in over 200 homes and a church, and over 2,500 first responders fighting fires. The New York Daily News wrote that the Staten Island wreckage resembled a battlefield, with bodies and Christmas presents strewn across the field.

(Take a closer look by clicking an image below)

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46 Responses to What 9/11 Should Have Looked Like

  1. Matt Pipke says:

    Is there really anyone other than paid trolls of mis information that actually believe that any planes were crashed on 911 2001?
    The buildings were brought down with controlled military grade demolitions like nano thermite, we know this, we have physical evidence, no airplanes were recovered from any of the crash sites, not landing gear made with hardened heat treated steel or engines, not one piece.
    The steel was rushed to China to be melted before experts were allowed to examine it which is standard procedure in structural fires in NYC and this was blatant destruction of evidence for obvious reasons, physics dont lie, the math doesnt add up, it is literally physically impossible for he actual story in the 911 commission report to have happened.
    There are hundreds of supposed coincidences that all have to happen for any of the official tory to work, so many in fact it is laughable, But what difference has it made?
    None, everything that was planned and executed has been done, the PENAC was used as a blueprint for the future of Americas defenses and contains all the written plans of the think tank, 19 of the papers authors were placed in Bushes cabinet and the rest is history.
    The Grand Jury is out investigating right now, we may still have a chance at the truth, maybe.

    • joseph p bell says:

      Donald Trump, on 911 , told reporters in N.Y.( WTC>) planes could not bring the buildings down , it had to be dynamite . . Since he and Rudy G are such good friends ,you could almost hear them discussing 911 with Pataki ;
      There is a video on line , where Bush discusses how KSM , told him where they placed the dyn_o -mire . TRUMP TELLS THE TRUTH ( once ) AND NO ONE BELIEVES HIM WHAT A SHAME.

  2. Jr says:

    Planes, especially large passenger planes, rarely crash in full on nose dives where the full force is directed at the ground from a 90 degree angle – as flight 93 is reported to have done. If planes hit the ground travelling at high speed at a lesser angle, momentum will naturally spread the impact and wreckage over a far larger area. Although far rarer, there is plenty of evidence from various military conflicts of heavy planes being effectively obliterated by an accelerated nose dive at such a steep angle. The small deep crater and vapourization of the passengers and so much of the plane should be expected given eye witness accounts of the crash.

    • can we ever determine if the plane was shot down > Rumsfeld and National Geographic
      said ,it was shot down (not up ) stupid joke

    • George says:

      Nonsense. There is no such thing as a crash that will vaporize the plane, the contents, or the passengers. The only time it has ever happened is during the staged crashes on 911

      • According to some reports , the GOV dug 45 ft to recover a black box ;what no bodies sticking out the windows ? This is so full of , “you know what “./ How come only Betty Ong’s relatives heard the recording from Flight 11 ; ?
        According to Zelikow , at one of the opening statements ( made for the purpose of reinforcing his Historical Novel ; we could not listen to the actual voices , which were prohibited by LAW. Only recordings made by / in the USA were allowed . ‘

        ” Uh , this is ” your ” capitan speaking , stay in your F seats or i will come and kill you . ” My name is Abib Rashashani .

      • Jim Dorcey says:

        You are a Dumb Ass.

        • OKAY , ALL OF YOU PAY ATTENTION ; The 911 Report PAGE 8 ; ; Some guy calls his father in Connect(me to ) cut ( Connecticut ). He says , “DAD , things are getting real bad now , really bad , the plane is Jerky , people are throwing up “. So Dad says , Son , tell them about Flight 93 ; man they are attacking the cockpit . The pilot has waved his wings right to left and left to right , to knock them off their feet , butt still they come screaming and yelling ; So the pilot starts to push the Nose down , and Up . Can’t stop them . No Medics aboard ; so the pilot at the urging of another low jacker says , put it in ( PAGE 14 , 911 REPORT ) PUT IT DOWN , >No wait till they get closer .Now he turns the plane hard right to upside down ; they can still hear the people coming , shouting and glass breaking all over . So now they are putting it down . Upside down at 560 MPH. Allah is great .

          Law s of Gravity do not work on planes . They were all Astronuts . THIS STORY IS RIGHT IN THE 911 REPORT ; I CAN’T BE WRONG CAN I ?

          Betty Ong , Flight 11 ; speaking with Service Center at AA Hqs. in TEXAS with Nydia Gonzales , for 26 minutes . At one point , she says :,” we are descending too fast “. Five minutes before or after , SWEENEY IS telling Woodward at the Boston Office . We are descending too fast . None of these Airline people are acting on the situation like it is an emergency .

          Here is the URL ,that will blow your mind . http://www.c-span.org/video/?182320-1/september-11-commission-hearing The FAA begins 3hrs and 45 min. into the hearing ; The military takes 3 3/4 hrs . four witnesses . The FAA takes one hour four witnesses.
          Why Doth the Commissioners ( ZELIKOW) wait till the last formal meeting to present the most two important agencies . and such a discrepancy between them .

          If you want the answer to that , visit METRON AVIATION , AND the top four Executives from the FAA on 911 . JACK KIES ( hired BEN SLINEY ) JANE GRAVEY , GARVEY AND MONTE BELGER ;
          KIES became President , succeeded by BELGER ; SLINEY AND GERVEY were on Board of Directors . They brought 1.7 Billion in government contracts ; METRON built a new system for the FAA in 1999 < see the History of the FAA 1999; Belger was allowed to go back to his old job by Congressional mandate . 1999 ; AIRBUS acquires Metron , or is it Metron all the way ; Airbus CEO , ALLAN MACARTOR , was FAA admin . for Reagan / Bush ;1987 to 1989. Beginning of NWO /. Dan Quayle , V.P. ‘s Chief of Staff was Billy Kristol , AEI. ( Lynne Cheney , and her Dickey were in AEI .< AEI was a lobbying firm , making it illegal for her and Dick to be making deals . Lobbying for war . Lynne published a book in 1993 ;"The Constitution for Young Readers ". Meaning Beany Babies from Republican Parents .


  3. Professor Ganser gives a wonderful insight into the administrations false premises about 911 and the wars . i did not know Powell had apologized ? I know he told Babab Walters ,”it was a blot on my
    career ? That means absolutely nothing ; A blot is an ink stain , what he did was leave a Bloody field , and certainly his apology has done nothing to right the wrong .. Screw these guys . I felt bad for Ganser promoting Griffin so highly : pages 82/83 of the NPH ,leave some bad marks on his book ; He quotes Canavan , Sliney and Belger ,” not knowing ” the quotes are lies . There were NO military Liaison at Herndon Va. what else can i say ,i know more than he does ,

  4. Anonymous says:


    as evidenced by his inordinate amount of official spin regurgitation, ( a quick google for albury smith 911 will show a history of his commenting on every blog concerning 911, posting the same lies, distortions and obfuscations ad nauseam, 24/7 ) this shows that he is either paid to do this or has severe mental disabilities, as pointed out by most everyone who has the misfortune to have ever crossed paths with the unflushable turd, and is as obvious as is the explosive destruction of the 3 towers that day.

    the only people who would argue against a transparent, unfettered independent investigation into the events of 911 are those with a vested interest in supressing the truth.

    there is irefutable evidence that the events of 911 did not happen as we are being told,

    but despite that, and despite not being asked, albury will continue to offer his unqualified, anonymous opinion, as if he is some sort of final arbiter of truth, in relation to ANYTHING to do with 911. a self proclaimed expert..

    its so pathetic, if it wasnt for the fact that on the backs of the lies of that fateful day, hundreds of thousands of innocent men women and children have been killed, civil and constitutional rights have been shredded, and the world has been subjected to a never ending war of terror, it would be funny.

    This video puts to rest ALL of alburys arguments and shows exactly why 911 needs a proper investigation.
    Professor Daniele Ganser (Switzerland) – 10 Years After 9/11 The Official Account Does Not Add Up

  5. here’s a suggestion ‘ you want to know what an airliner can do to a building : pick up a book called ‘, FIREFIGHT ” by Creedon and another guy .? two lawyers from washington D.C . easy read ,make sure you read under the pictures . Very interesting how two lawyers knew this engineering stuff . But , strange thing happened their Law Firm took over the top spot on the internet when researching the book . ? They may have disappeared as well now .

  6. Robert E. Salt says:

    Last night I watched an hour TV show demonstrating how Boeing manufactures aircraft. They have the world’s largest plant just north of Seattle which covers 98 acres. They produce about twenty planes a month here. They start with the fuselage, a long hollow aluminum tube placed upside down. It’s inverted so riveters can get on top and don’t have to work overhead. The sturdiest part is the center where the wings are attached. One of the models built here is the Boeing 777. Four million parts are imported from around the world and assembled here. It’s quite clear these planes are not designed for, nor capable of penetrating steel framed buildings.

    • Anthony Calagna says:

      Can you please tell me what SCIENCE you have used to come up with your conclusion that —as you claim—-“It’s quite clear these planes are not designed for, nor capable of penetrating steel framed building”

  7. JustinL says:

    Great work Morgan as always, and a thanks to John Lear as well. If only people would read into the facts before trying to fight with you.. Looking at the evidence reduces inadequate hypotheses. I believe its well determined what could not have happened just by looking at the available evidence… I just struggle with the emotional barrier friends and family put up which sometimes seems to escalate to anger towards me…

  8. dear ALBURY : I have looked at all 3 pages of the recommended URL for 93 ; now it is your turn to look at the video of JUNE 17, 2004 ; There is no URL for this ; You have to go to 911 re;port . “Hearings :, at the top ( 12th ) Video and TRanscripts ,, 4th session ?or the last one , click on your choice of video. IT IS VERY SLOW TO COME ON , AND VERY SMALL . TOUGH TO WATCH . BUT WATCH THE FACES AND LISTEN TO THE STUPID QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS . THANK YOU


  10. Raul says:

    Where’s the Casino Royale aircrash video gone? It was great.

  11. you have finally reached your low point ; make up stories ; bush’s best book ,was the “little goat story adios


  13. Dear Mr. albury ? your last comment leaves me confused . Are you now saying they actually brought up some bodies from the hole ? Please go to Kiltown.com or org. and see the videos of Flight 93 .. thank you . can you clarify the last statement ?

    • albury says:

      You were confused long before my last comment. All 33 passengers and 7 crew on UA 93 were ID’d forensically, as were some of the hijackers:
      Both the CVR and FDR from it were recovered and had usable data on them, and some of the CVR was played at the Moussaoui trial. ~96% of United’s ~$80 million 757 was recovered also.
      No-planers are the bottom of the heap, and considering the rest of the 9/11 “truth movement,” that’s really saying something.

      • LETS AL(L)BURY al bury ; he is just pulling our chains ;looking for info. the more we tell him ,the more he ask? Butt he cannot show any evidence to the contrary . so ,he muddles ,and fuddles thru scenarios that are wors ted than the truth ,, He /she cannot handle the truth ? sort of a bill maher , thank you for responding ,and showing us the hundreds of humans excavating the putrid remains . The passengers must have been scared sheetless , their depends fell off from the weight of fecal bush matter , Scientific proof ? is lacking dear professor ALBURY

  14. Dear Mr. Albury ; the proof of the pudding is in your hands ,not mine . Show me where , how , when , what , where ? There would have been thousands of people to see this “scenario “. Even the press would have reported on it . YEAR ? 01-02-03-04-05-06-07-08-09-10- tenth anniversary
    9-11-2011 . I am ready to believe in your comment, just like the guy who depicted the plane ,nose first in the ground and the wings folded up and went straight down the hole ,leaving only 2 passports , red scarves , and a lot of fools looking around .

    • albury says:

      Actually, it was a small conspiracy involving the FAA, NTSB, PA State Police, NORAD and the entire USAF, including DCANG at Andrews AFB, numerous first responder agencies around Shanksville, PA, United Airlines, recipients of 37 phone calls from friends and relatives aboard UA 93, forensics labs that ID’d the remains of every passenger and crew member on the airline’s flight manifest, FEMA, the FBI, and others. The “real perps” knew that if UA 93 didn’t crash, all the US Congress would have authorized with their unanimous resolution was a warning letter to al Qaeda, so they had to fake something there.

      Jeezus; they walk among us…

      • This form of ridicule is ignorant. Inside jobs are done on a “need to know” basis. They work with small numbers at the “hub” and very limited info for people out on the spoke and wheel. Hell, Bush probably did not know what day Operation 911 would fire up. Not necessary and he’s an idiot to boot. The operation is executed by military, intelligence and defense contractors who are used to secrecy, it’s part of their daily existence. And then there are tools of enforcement in case of need: https://nomoregames.net/2006/03/16/conspiracy-and-closed-minds-on-911/

        • Anthony Calagna says:

          I wonder what President Bush ever did or did NOT do for you—for you to call him an idiot. Every time I come to this site and read some of what you post you prove to me what a spoiled child you are masquerading as an adult.

  15. SURPRISINGLY Flight 93 , penetrated the solid ground to go 25 feet of more down the Rabbitt hole , with nothing left ; Why didn’t the government dig it out ,like a coal mine ? to show all the proof ;The Hijackers , etc etc . What if we hired ,you know those guys that go around sifting sand ,well below ground level ? ARCHEOLOGISTS , would have a field day with this type of arrangement ;and bush forty turd would be off the hook . This is now a cold case , let us assign it to the COLD CASE SQUAD . There has to be something down there , red scarves , boxy cutters , etc .. THANK YOU ALL BURIED FOR THAT INFO . was albury a play on words ,

    • albury says:

      Flight 93 was dug out of the loose fill at Shanksville. If you don’t think so, then please feel free to enlighten United Airlines, and all of the thousands of eyewitnesses to the wreckage.

      • This guy is a flat-out liar. Flight 93 was dug out? Show me the wreckage. Show me a single part number to match the maintenance log for positive identification. UAL will not talk. You have no proof, zero evidence. Thousands of eyewitnesses to the wreckage? Name some and please supply telephone numbers or addresses so that I may interrogate them. Even the media were not allowed within hundreds of yards of the site to be “eyewitnesses.” Then we have the undersized hole into which the supposed 757 dove, about 20’x10’x6′ deep. The FBI immediately covered the trashy hole and cut down singed trees near the field so no chemical analysis could be performed. There is no evidence of burned jet fuel all over the field. The two United Airlines aircraft that allegedly crashed that day-tail number N612UA for Flight 175 and N591UA for Flight 93-were in the BTS data base but only deregistered on September 28, 2005, despite a requirement that destroyed aircraft be deregistered within 24 hours. So N591 remained officially in service four years after it allegedly was destroyed near Shanksville. And on and on it goes. Nothing, absolutely nothing, of the official story can withstand scrutiny.

        • albury says:

          You stated earlier that President Bush’s oldest kid’s an idiot, so you at least got one thing right. Since you’re gifted with all of this knowledge of what was found at Shanksville, I hope you’ve visited there to explain to the people what they didn’t see. Be sure to tell United Airlines that their 757 didn’t crash there too.

  16. albury says:

    The bodies in the 1960 crash were not inside ~500,000 ton buildings that later collapsed, nor were the planes involved going ~440 and ~540 mph. There was no “‘steel melting’ fuel” in either incident, and no NIST collapse hypothesis includes the melting of steel.
    Try reading the NIST reports instead of getting your “facts” from 9/11 “truth movement” web sites.

    • How are things at the No Such Agency (NSA) today? The twin towers did not collapse and did not slam 1+ million tons onto the so-called bathtub. The WTC was built out into the Hudson River so WTC buildings 1-6 were below the water table and that bathtub kept the river water from flooding downtown. Earth-moving equipment began to break down the walls during clean up. Also, there were no plane crashes at the WTC. It is impossible for Boeing 767s to fly at 440 and 540 mph at sealevel, as you assert, where air resistance is 3X that at 30,000+ ft. altitude. Yes, I agree there was no steel melting, if only because that requires sustained temps of 2850 d.F., far above what kerosene/jet fuel can attain. I’ve read the NIST reports, big-time. You can start here:

      • albury says:

        It’s unfortunate that the NIST people have to put up with that kind of nonsense.

        • xfiles says:

          Just wtf makes you such an expert-er of dis-info? where do you people come from,for1.jet
          engines are TITANIUM , please show us several of these MOTERs did they just vanish,or were they also sold to CHINA PRONTO?Give me a break take yer blinkers off me boy….

        • Albury has quite a reputation as a 9/11 disinformer. Flattering, isn’t it, that we’re important enough for him to “put us down.”

  17. Obwon says:

    Gee, these small buildings didn’t implode? Where did all the “steel melting” fuel go?
    How come bodies didn’t disintegrate into tiny bits and pieces blown hundreds of feet away?
    Oh right, that only happens when Bush is in office.

  18. Robert E. Salt says:

    I remember this accident. It happened where the Verrazano bridge was being built. One of the planes fell at Fort Wadsworth on Staten Island. The NYC marathon begins here every November. It’s about five miles from my high school. I graduated the following year. The two airliners clipped each other; it wasn’t fuselage against fuselage. Two jets at the WTC would have left a much bigger mess in the streets.

  19. well well , we also never found our black :’orange “boxes >? and even if we did we could not comprehend Arabic . without any pictures of the hijackers , the 911 Commission and bush did not have to worry about identifying anyone . Take my word for it ,he says .

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