Wake Up! Where Did The Towers Go?

Wake Up! Where Did The Towers Go?
by Charlie Pound

Listen here

Verse 1:
Where did the towers go? Away with the breeze that blows.
And how much steel did they find?  Could it have been shipped in time?

I don’t know I haven’t seen the receipts, but it doesn’t make sense to me!
All those cars in a line, door handles and engines gone.

I’d tell you if I could, but you need to ask Judy Wood.
Before you accuse someone, you better make dam sure you know what was done!

Wake up! this is your alarm!
Wake up!

Verse 2:
So while you sitting on the fence, why don’t you check the evidence?
I’ll tell you something that you’ll learn, World Trade Center paper doesn’t burn.

And how could those buildings fall, with a seismic impact so small?
I know that something’s wrong, eight seconds the (north) towers gone.

Well I’d tell you if I could, but you better ask Judy Wood.
Before you accuse someone you better make sure you know how it was done!

Wake up! this is your alarm!
Wake up!

Middle eight:
You know it was 2001,
here we are and were still arguing!

Wake up! this is your alarm!
Wake up! this is your alarm!
Wake up!
Wake up!
Wake up!

“The towers didn’t burn up, nor did they slam to the ground. They turned to dust in mid air.”

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4 Responses to Wake Up! Where Did The Towers Go?

  1. Robert E. Salt says:

    Back in the 70‘s a shortage of doctor’s was deliberately being created. The young man living next door to us at the time wanted to be a doctor. The only medical school that would admit him was in Guadalajara. He took a crash course in Spanish over the summer and went on to become a urologist. A few years later doctors had to be brought here from overseas to make up for the shortage. Before long there were too many doctors. The remedy for this was preventive medicine. Expensive tests like MRI’s, C/T scans, colonoscopies, etc. were performed to keep all the doctors busy. HMO’s popped up all over the country. The public was told that competition would help keep medical costs down. In reality this undermined the healthcare system. None of the companies wanted to enroll the sick or elderly, and excuses were made for not paying exorbitant claims. It was surprising that this system lasted as long as it did. Government to the rescue with Obamacare! This is a scheme to eliminate health insurance altogether while collecting personal medical information and extra revenue. A third party has no business getting involved in the doctor-patient relationship. I worked at Blue Cross in NYC as a computer programmer. The main function of any insurance company is to keep track of subscribers and claims. The criminals who control the federal government also control the news media, the educational system, the drug industry, and other businesses. At one point they took control of my company. You can tell when they take control of your company by these five indicators: 1) It begins running like the military with a rigid structure of rank. 2) No one is permitted to lift a finger until told to do so. 3) Many more people are hired than what is necessary. 4) Productive time is replaced by filling out forms and useless meetings. 5) The employees who were most likely to be fired, were made supervisors (these people have to follow orders to the letter, because they are unlikely to find another job with a comparable salary). Blue Cross in NYC had an enormous cash reserve. Many NYC hospitals relied on cash on a daily basis in order to avoid bankruptcy. After the criminals took control, the cash reserve mysteriously disappeared. When I joined the company it was located at 80 Lexington Ave. An entire floor of the building was devoted to mainframe computers. A few years later the company bought a building at 622 Third Ave., near Grand Central Station, with an entire floor devoted to mainframe computers. After the cash reserves were gone, the CEO at the time had to sell the building to replenish the funds. He leased ten floors in WTC-1 and began moving the company in 1998. When we were told the mainframes would be located off site on Staten Island, we all looked at each other wondering what that was all about. It turns out employees are easy to replace, but replacing company records which are updated daily is very difficult. This CEO was appointed head of hospitals in NYC a few years later by Mayor Bloomberg. The 9/11 attack was planned several years in advance with plenty of time to arrange for Arabs to take flying lessons. President Bush was advised of the attack in advance. You can almost read his face as he sat in the Florida classroom. “I can’t believe they’re really going through with it. I’m in deep now; I better make it look good.” He had a look of confidence the next day at ground zero, because he new everyone had been fooled. It was no coincidence that the two French photographers were outside the firehouse at 8:30 that morning, or that they had their cameras aimed at the WTC at 8:45. NYC officials played a major role in the plan. Precautions were taken to protect their interests. Outdoor newsstands and breakfast carts were not operating in downtown Manhattan that beautiful September morning. The very busy and successful Thirteen shop, which was associated with PBS’ channel 13 in NYC, pulled out of the WTC mall in August, just a few weeks before 9/11. The look of fear on Guiliani’s face as he walked the streets that day was genuine. Things were going wrong and he was scared to death that his role in the massacre would be revealed. A group of Israeli’s were on the other side of the Hudson river photographing the event. They began celebrating at the demise of the first Tower, and they were arrested when bomb making materials were found in their vehicles. Bloomberg had to buy the election for twelve years, disregarding the two term limit for a NYC mayor, in order to cover up NYC officials involvement in the crime. Both Guiliani and Bloomberg publicly expressed interest in running for President in 2004. Psychopaths are drawn to high office. Sheldon Silver has been a powerful figure in NYC politics going back to 9/11. He was arrested earlier this year and lost his seat. I hope he sings like a canary before he gets whacked. World leaders know the truth about 9/11, but none of them speak out, because they’re all in collusion. Smaller falseflag “terrorist” attacks were staged in compliance with 9/11 including one in London, one in Madrid, one in Mumbai, and the latest one in Paris (Charlie Hebdo). The end goal is a one world government in which everyone is chipped and controlled like a robot. Those working toward this goal don’t feel that they would be chipped, but they would be in for a big surprise. There is only room for one Fuhrer. The North Korean leader has been portrayed as a madman, but he is not as crazy as other world leaders. He’s a desperate man attempting to defend his people against what he knows is coming. Fifty years from now people will look back at those of us who existed at the turn of the century and consider us the dumbest people who ever walked the planet. An aluminum plane cannot penetrate a steel building, and a collapsed building will leave enough debris to account for the entire building. (I’ve been haunted by “If you see something, say something” posters.)

  2. Bosgeus says:

    I’ve looked into the Hutchinson experiments, not very probable. The Towers would sink into molten granite, melted thanks nuclear radioactive detonation. Uranium, more dense than anything, would sink into the deeper parts of the earth. Many of the concrete was made into dust, thanks the nuclear explosion.

  3. I was in NY City in November 2001 ; We could no breathe the air about 2 miles or less from the WTC . We watched ,truck after truck , hauling material away . The Police Officers doing traffic details were being smoked out by the dust flying from the trucks . They only had small paper masks covering their mouths ,; I remember saying to my wife and children , it’s like putting a burning cigar in your mouth ,the lit end first.
    I just watched Flight 961 ,that crashed landed in the Ocean. Had they not hit the rock formation sticking up ., it would have been a fantastic life saving crash. The Pilots should have been all over the news ;i don’t recall ever hearing about it .
    . The Cockpit which is described in this video ,should be ample proof of tampering by the Commission.
    It is my own personal belief that Peter Jennings was “offed “by the government ; 2 reasons ; ( 1 ) if you watch the entire day of his reporting (and they cut the 41 minute segment )of the Building 7 collapse. )it was clear that he wasn’t letting go of this story . (2 ) He reported on the E-4B flying over Washington ,D.C. on 911 , John King and others had reported seeing the plane ,.It is a huge Air Force Communication Plane. Mark Gaffney was the first to post a picture of the plane on the internet ?
    People were so mesmerized by the repeat of the” plane “, in plane sight ;they did not realize what caused all the white dust flying around ?
    This is the first time i had the time ? to navigate the site . Lot more to see in there. Thank you Morgan . And Judy Wood

  4. KB says:

    Yeah, baby~

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