A New 9/11 Commission Not Run by the Government Itself?


Morgan Reynolds

Philip Giraldi is a respected writer for the Unz Review, an alt media site.   Since I read antiwar.com daily I see his work often because Justin Raimondo and company display it there.  Antiwar.com, however, studiously avoids dealing with the nonsensical 9/11 narrative, the mother’s milk of contemporary, endless war, an odd position to take for people genuinely, earnestly “antiwar.”   Why not investigate the root of the problem (= 9/11), and dig into it if we are going to solve the problem of war, war and more war?  After all, during my years on the economics faculty at Texas A&M University I learned that policy analysis has three steps:

  1. State the problem
  2. Describe its causes
  3. Propose a solution (to address these causes!)

Most social analysts and policy activists skip step 2 in favor of “I see a problem, here’s my solution.”  Fortunately, ignoring causation (= reality) is less easily bypassed in the physical, engineering and medical sciences where scientific standards, though deteriorating, remain a bit higher.  Political types sprinkle Pixie dust around, bypass causal analysis, and press for immediate intervention via the wonders of government coercion, the great purveyor of  “solutions.”  Ah yes, we chronically suffer from “too little” government and must remedy that insufficiency with more agencies, more government hires and mega billions in new $pending to attack a problem usually caused by a prior government intervention.  And there is always enough money to borrow because the Fed will print it…at least until collapse is upon us.

In any event, it was nice to read that Giraldi notes that “for the first time a presidential candidate, admittedly from a fringe party, is calling for a reexamination of 9/11.  Jill Stein of the Green Party has recognized that exercises in which the United States government examines its own behavior are certain to come up with a result that basically exonerates the politicians and the federal bureaucracy.”  Yeah, that’s kind of a problem alright.

So why did it take Giraldi 15 years to question the official 9/11 story (= obvious fraud)?  Lack of expertise he claims but I do not want to be too hard on him–better late than never.  He relies on the Loose Change video to raise questions about the official account and that’s OK too, it’s a start.  Read his essay.  I like it when someone closer to the mainstream than me questions 9/11.  Giraldi concludes with “I am now convinced that a new 9/11 Commission is in order, one that is not run and guided by the government itself.”  How would that work, a 9/11 Commission not run by the government?  I do not know but I would consider it if spelled out.  I much prefer Jessie Ventura’s statement, however, when he said, “there’s enough meat on this bone already to begin making arrests.”


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