Thoughtful Giving: Conspiracy Calendar


Morgan Reynolds

Hey, I just learned about a swell gift for the holidays:  Can’t wait to see this 2017 calendar in “the flesh.”  I ordered six copies right away.  The new calendar includes 190 dates for the moon landing hoax, Kennedy assassination, 9/11, Boston Marathon bombing, and many other government atrocities.  Birds for Truth is an interesting title because not only is each monthly bird photo beautiful but doesn’t it suggest that truth is for the birds but not for we psy-oped humans?

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2 Responses to Thoughtful Giving: Conspiracy Calendar

  1. Robert E. Salt says:

    I received my conspiracy calendar today. Very nice!

  2. Robert E. Salt says:

    I’ll have to order one of the monthly calendars out of curiosity. It might be printed on thin paper.

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