9/11, Texas A&M University, and Heresy

Morgan Reynolds

Source:  David Ray Griffin and Peter Dale Scott, eds. 9/11 and American Empire:  Intellectuals Speak Out, Northampton, MA: Olive Branch, 2007.

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6 Responses to 9/11, Texas A&M University, and Heresy

  1. I regret not having read Morgan Reynolds’ chapter (nor the book in which it appeared) until now. This is a very interesting essay, and revealing, especially about the basest character traits of Robert M.Gates, who seems to have been involved in numerous deceptions throughout his career yet managed to emerge with an unblemished, politically-correct reputation, by the public at large. At least, until one digs a little deeper and finds treasures like this.

    • Nothing hit the Pentagon ; between April Gallop , and LT. Kevin Shaeffer > Naval Command Center >
      He reported in 2011,that he was watching CNN , the planes hitting the WTC , when an explosion occurred . He said , ” i thought we were getting hit in multiple ways . He survived by luck , when an Army Sgt. found him bouncing around , and led him to safety He was on Staff of the 911 Commission ,, and knew / knows about the six charges brought against the FAA & DOD . ,< this report never made it into the 911 Report .
      They were subsequently cleared of all charges , by TODD ZINSER , OIG ,FAA . He never checked the video from the Commission, on June 17, 2004 . This would have found them all guilty ofTreason .
      Zinser stonewalled Jack Cashill ." TWA FLIGHT 800 " , NOT allowed into 911 Investigation .

    • Thanks Phil. I’ve dived deep into your MLK book and am enjoying your usual courage and thoroughness in pursuit of truth.

      • Phil Nelson says:

        Thanks to you Morgan, I did review, and much enjoyed, several of your essays before I became tied down to other priorities. Have commended it to others, and will use it as a great resource in future. Also, thanks for the check, much appreciated!

  2. Excellent piece , Dr.Reynolds ; I had a picture of Gates , doing a dance in the stands , at a football game .
    The clowns were dressed in military style uniforms with long boots . I figured right there that the Gates being portrayed in the papers , was more than a CIA .

    I believe George Tenet joined GHWB in 1989 ? Iran / Contra seems to have escaped the eyes and minds of the 911 Commission . Cheney , Lee Hamilton , Chris Kojm ,,
    was Lee ;s Gofer.
    Thank you .

  3. Anonymous says:

    A marvellous piece of writing. I interviewed Dr. Reynolds years ago on Canadian national radio. My mom de plum was Lenny Bloom. We are all blessed that a man of his stature has consistently tried to set the record straight with the truth.

    Nelson S Thall

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