Government and Media Spill Crocodile Tears Over 9/11 Again


Morgan Reynolds

Another excruciating 9/11 anniversary is upon us.  Another occasion for liars to “mourn” the thousands of innocents they killed on that fateful day–likely for a good “national security” cause in their minds.  And millions of incurious others who embrace the conventional 9/11 narrative with its whopper after whopper about 19 dastardly Arabs hijacking Boeing airliners and running them expertly into iconic buildings at impossible speeds.  How so many continue to believe government tells the truth continues to amaze.  Stupidity are us.  And the political event of the 21st century thereby keeps on giving by empowering the U.S. to run amuck in its murderous rampages overseas in unwinnable wars at the cost of millions of lives.  We are witnessing the last kicks of an illegitimate, dying empire.

What else to say?  How about just re-reading this short article from 2012?  Seems up-to-date to me.

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