Drone versus Airplane Wing


Morgan Reynolds

My friend Gari Jones posted this video at Facebook site 9/11 Fake Planes–Real Evidence and Truth and it deserves wider distribution.  Once again, planes turn out to be surprisingly fragile in violent collisions, in this case a two-pound drone gets the better of a wing including its spar in a high-speed collision.


Yet the official 9/11 narrative demands that we believe four large, hijacked Boeing airliners virtually DISAPPEARED into the massive steel/concrete World Trade Center twin Towers as well as into the Pentagon and some reclaimed mining ground near Shanksville, PA.  Really?  What garbage!  Physically impossible.  How much more proof do we need to refute the 9/11 plane fable?  So let us inquire…

Q: Where did the shattered 9/11 airplanes and their contents go?

A:  The absence of mass quantities of airliner debris in all four cases implies that no violent collisions occurred.

Further confirmation comes in the form of dozens of videos showing the entry of an airplane image effortlessly disappearing into the WTC South Tower with no collision to demolish the airliner (image) upon contact.  And without any significant deceleration!  Therefore, the building offers no more resistance to the plane’s motion than thin air.  Another impossibility.  Maybe it’s Arab physics?  It’s a good thing Sir Isaac Newton is not around to see how stupid we are.  Or is the explanation that many or even most know the truth but are afraid to point out that the emperor has no clothes?  Like most of our physical scientists and engineers.

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2 Responses to Drone versus Airplane Wing

  1. dachsielady says:

    “How much more proof do we need to refute the 9/11 plane fable? ”

    Now where is the proof to refute the South Tower 9/11 drone fable?

    • I didn’t know there was a 9/11 drone fable out there!? Did I inadvertently start a new narrative about powerful, hijacked drones destroying the WTC? Yikes! Not my intent. Maybe I need a ‘hahaha’ emoji a’la Facebook for a reply.

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