Reynolds Reveal Interview II with Dr. Judy Wood

Clip from the Reynolds Reveal episode #27 HYPERLINK “
v=NaFTszIYpPw” clip – 1stageofawareness
transcript – Christoph Jung

18 September 2013

Dr. Judy Wood: You know, my book is just evidence, so why do people have such a problem with it? Because it uncovers a whole lot of what went on. No matter whose technology was used that day, there’s a lot of companies that have a big stake in keeping that covered up, because…, you know, oil companies, for example. And oil makes the world go…, go ’round, doesn’t it? You know, as far as corporations.

Dr. Morgan Reynolds: Yeah, it’s not love, it’s not love.

Dr. Wood: Right. It’s…, it’s the, you know, various corporations. And if this information was out, I mean, they’ve got a stake in keeping this covered up. And then you can go to, you know, every other group that has control over people. You know, he who controls the energy, controls the people. But there’s even…

Dr. Reynolds: Yeah, that’s what I…, what I say about socialism is, he who controls the means of production, controls the means of life. And this is very, very similar. Energy is so important, yes. And the government…, well, I shouldn’t say the government alone, but many economists wanna strip out of the consumer price index two things: food and fuel. Well, it’s hard to get…, to find things more important than food and fuel, you know? And fuel, that means energy.

Dr. Wood: Right. And…, but if energy was free, you know, to whoever wanted it…, you know, what I mean by free is: it’s, you know, not metered, off the grid, you know, free for the taking, not stealing, but, you know, free for the taking. That’s…, I use a kind of a generic “free”, meaning it’s…, it’s not something that gets controlled, we control it. And if it can, you know, be clean energy, gee, then he who controls the energy, isn’t gonna get to control us any-…, he who currently controls the energy, isn’t gonna get to control us anymore. They don’t like that. But there’s…

Dr. Reynolds: Right, and clearly, energy is all around us, it’s just the magic of harnessing it for useful purposes and if its supply is endless, that spells trouble for scarce suppliers of energy.

Dr. Wood: Exactly, the economic side of it. There’s even one step further than that. It is…, I’m gonna add on to my…, to the phrase: he who controls the energy, controls the people, but he who controls the thinking of those people, controls everything. Think of that one: He who controls people’s perception of reality…

Dr. Reynolds: Yeah. Let’s just think of the task you’ve taken on, Dr. Wood! The task is enormous, you know, …

Dr. Wood: Uh huh!

Dr. Reynolds: …because, you’re…, now you gotta teach people how to think or problem- solve, or at least, you know, you’re pointing to this as an important issue and it’s just…, hey, there it maybe goes back as you say to the…, the educational system and multiple choice.

Dr. Wood: But hang on, let’s go back and think of that last phrase I…, I’ve made: he who controls perception, controls everything. They control your sense of reality. You talk about: peop-…, people are worried about World War III. World War III has already begun: it’s a psychological warfare. Now look back at how many people on 9/11/01 recognized that what they saw on the TV screen was the towers turning into dust in mid-air. No, they’re told “collapse”, they’re told “pile”, they’re told “terrorists”. “Collapse – pile – terrorists – collapse – pile -terrorists”. And so that’s what they see. Someone else is controlling their reality. And that’s…, that’s more powerful than…, than controlling energy.

Dr. Reynolds: Oh yeah, that’s the…, the ultimate.

Dr. Wood: Yup.

Dr. Reynolds: The ultimate control is: you’re…, you think you’re free, but you’re the captive of this superior power and yes…

Dr. Wood: Yes.

Dr. Reynolds: The psychological control.

Dr. Wood: Yes, so, you know: he who controls the energy, controls the people, but he who controls their perception, controls everything.

Dr. Reynolds: Yeah, in a sense, you control the perception, then you got control of reality, in a sense.

Dr. Wood: Yeah. And that’s…

Dr. Reynolds: Well, this is very old, this is millenia-after-milennia-old, because the state -I’ll make a bold statement – the state and organized religion are about mind control. Clearly! It’s a top-down type thing, instead of a bottom-up, it’s…, it’s a vertical society instead of a horizontal one.

Dr. Wood: So what do we have with the groups that are…, are in quest of free-energy technology? Don’t you think they’d wanna control that, too?

Dr. Reynolds: Oh, yeah! Right, because they’re of the…, the intruders. The force or the ideas that could make…, remake society and throw out the ExxonMobile’s or BP’s etc. . Sure! So…

Dr. Wood: Right, so they need to be kept an eye on them.

Dr. Reynolds: So you need to lead the free-energy movement, right? If you’re the existing energy monopolists.

Dr. Wood: Right, right! If…, if it’s your job to keep a lid on this, then you got a problem. So how will they keep a lid on this?

Dr. Reynolds: Well, as you pointed out earlier, and I…, this was a novel idea: if 9/11 is kept secret, the people don’t understand it, that…, that’s the key to stopping free-energy.

Dr. Wood: Yup. And if you’re, you know, in these various clubs that, you know, are in quest of free-energy, what…, what would you think of my book?

Dr. Reynolds: Uh, as…, well, I would think they’d be hopping gleefully: “Hey, you know, this energy…, it’s been u-…, techniques have been used to weaponize, we need to civilianize and help mankind!”, and they should be all in, supporting Dr. Wood’s work.

Dr. Wood: Yeah, shouldn’t it be like, you know, it…, it…, it’s sort of…, I use an old cliché here: “separate the men from the boys”. Who…, who is interested in free-energy…, who’s truly interested in free-energy and who’s interested in covering it up?

Dr. Reynolds: OK, so shall we mention a name? There’s somebody in the free-energy movement who purports to be a friend of Dr. Wood’s work, but there are reasons to disbelieve that portrayal.

Dr. Wood: They…, they may even think to themselves that they’re, you know, respectful of my work, but then their actions need explaining. You know, this isn’t: “Just because they don’t agree with me, I’m gonna go get ’em”. No, their actions need an explanation. Someone who is interested in free-energy, wouldn’t they, you know, wanna read my book and digest it and see what all it has to say?

Dr. Reynolds: I was reading somewhere – let’s see if you can confirm this idea – that Nikolai Tesla’s work in a sense was rejected in the twentieth century, you know, post-AC and then some of his wireless work etc. etc., but the…, the…, the ideas were kept alive in East Europe and Russia to some extent and taught in the universities, whereas most people in the US weren’t…, didn’t know of Tesla’s work, really.

Dr. Wood: Right, so in our history books or in our, you know, science books in public schools, I didn’t learn about Tesla there. It’s…, it’s so underplayed, which is so shocking. There’s, you know, a lot of different aspects to that and the…, the biggest thing I’ve come to is: according to our history books, in the year 600 BC, that was when static electricity was discovered. But then, according to our history books, it says, it took another 2400 years to discover electricity. That doesn’t make sense to me.

Dr. Reynolds: Yeah, right! Come again?

Dr. Wood: You know, and then, there’s some thunderstorms, you know? You know, and…, and I think this is what happens: it gets discovered and it gets suppressed and…, and “un-discovered” and then rediscovered and “un-discovered”, it…, it…, so it’s just treading water. You know, it’s just going ’round and ’round and ’round and ’round and ’round, until it’s, you know, too hard to control and who knows what happens, but the…, this technology is very well known to…, to people who didn’t go to school even. You know, like…, like John Hutchison, he can do things with this, because he’s, you know, trying to replicate Nikola Tesla’s work. And then there’s Ed Leedskalnin, who has supposedly a fourth grade education, who built Coral castle. Who quarried out fifteen-ton stones, made out of grain coral and built a castle. And this guy is like 100, 120 pounds, somewhere around there and the equipment he used, no way it could lift that kind of weight. And instead he has, you know, magnets on this spinning wheel and he had some other gizmos, but he worked alone. And he would stop working if somebody started looking. And a lot of folks say: “well, he’s…, he really, you know, didn’t…, didn’t know anything, he was just pulling a fraud”. But I came to understand why he didn’t show what he knew. You have to earn the right to know this technology. It’s like, you know, your gun cabinet: you don’t leave a gun cabinet unlocked until everybody in the family knows what guns can do and that there’s no “undo”-key. That it’s…, it’s, you know, permanent damage. And the same with 9/11: you can’t really turn this…, this technology loose until everybody knows.

Dr. Reynolds: What’s wrong with mainstream science? We’ve already indirectly discussed an aspect of this, but it…, what…, you know, the thing is, it’s like mainstream science is almost a co-…, a cover-up of so much of this. Is that because in part the military controls a lot of our scientists?

Dr. Wood: Yeah and the…, I don’t have the quote right in front of me, but the academic industrial complex. Most grants in engineering come from, you…, you know, some relationship to the military-industrial complex to…, you know, from government grants or from these other agencies. So you’re not gonna get funding unless you’re…, you’re gonna, you know, solve the problems they want solved.

Dr. Reynolds: And that’s one of the ways, major ways academics get ahead, is bringing in lucrative conta-…, -tracts for the university.

Dr. Wood: Right, right, if you…, if you go off and work on, you know like, for example 9/11, who’s gonna fund you for that? So you have to do that in your spare time. Not only that, you’re…

Dr. Reynolds: You’re gonna get fired, right? You’re gonna get fired.

Dr. Wood: Or…, or you’re going to…, you know, also as far as the teaching goes, the students are going to be too distracted by looking at all the trolls on the internet and what all the trolls are sayin’ and, you know, it’s gonna…, it’s just…, it’s just a mess. So that’s why you can’t really get into this as an academic.

Dr. Reynolds: And…, and by and large, they haven’t, with certain exceptions. Like yours truly being a retiree, but you being much younger, it’s not going to be a career improver.

Dr. Wood: No! No, and…, and as it was, you know, students were emailing my department chair, I mean, that’s false, I’m sorry: trolls were emailing my department chair, emailing the dean, you know, emailing my colleagues. You know, you…, you think the internet’s bad, I mean, I saw posted on the internet my landlord’s name, address, phone number, what company he owns, what books he’s written. You know, this is a real invasion of…, of privacy.

Dr. Reynolds: Yeah, certainly, people don’t fight fair, many of them don’t fight fair.

Dr. Wood: Right. So, you…, you look at…, you know…, you know for the listener out there: look at why someone is doing it! You know, is it because they’re interested in determining what happened on 9/11 or are they interested in just attacking somebody for the fun of it or for covering up, you know, or are they interested in covering up what happened on 9/11? But as it…, you know, like the…, various folks are in all sorts of groups. Like that song “Won’t Get Fooled Again” by THE WHO. You know, it…, it…, you know, I…, I love the words to that, ’cause these guys had it figured out back then! You know:

“the change that had to come
we knew it all along
we’re liberated from the fold, that’s all
but the world looks just the same

and history ain’t changed,
cause the banners, they’re flown in the next war”
and then, you know, the…, the next verse is:
“there’s nothing in the streets
looks any different to me
and the slogans are replaced bye-the-bye
and the parting on the left
is now a parting on the right
and the beards have all grown longer overnight”
and they end with:
“meet the new boss same as the old boss.”

If people stay occupied in these groups and just chase their tails until they’re tired of chasin’ their tails and they move on. And that’s what the various groups are all about.

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