Proving No Plane Crashes on 9/11 Via Video


Morgan Reynolds

Watch this if you can.  I did not make the video nor help in any direct way but I’m glad it was made!  Watch it if you can.  It makes me groan in a grim way since it proves the official 9/11 plane hijackings narrative is complete bunk.  Probably a shock to many.

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11 Responses to Proving No Plane Crashes on 9/11 Via Video

  1. Darrell Wright says:

    Can you give us the title to the video in case it can be found elsewhere?

  2. Scott H says:

    I dream of a world where we can some kind of faith in justice and the rule of law.

  3. “This video does not exist.” Really! It did once upon a time. I wonder why it exists no longer. Uh huh, sure I do.

  4. Nelson Thall says:

    Thankfully we have heroes like Dr. Morgan to spot that the hand is not always quicker than the eye.
    God Bless You, Morgan.
    You have done more than Yeoman service for all Patriots.

  5. dachsielady says:

    Many of us were well established in “the conspiracy corner” from at least the mid – 1990s, and many of those among us became USA “patriots” and very interested in the U S Constitution as a way to psychologically process the big new gash in our knowledge of conspiracies presented by 9/11.

    I noticed on 9-11-01 that none of my relatives and friends wanted to discuss this event – AT ALL! They wouldn’t have a bit of it. I found that amazing. They all had completely slammed the door on discussion of this event from the get-go. It was like they needed to wait for instructions or guidance from on high before they uttered any words about this event. Then they quickly picked up of the weapon words — conspiracy and conspiracy theorist, delivered in the most ridiculing smirking manner they could muster to cut off further discussion from those who would not shut up about it.

    I find it odd that there was not one honest credible person who observed and commented publicly at least upon the fact of lack of plane debris and had that no one had done that right then and there.

    I know that the top level of the G. W. Bush presidential administration knew from the beginning that there were no planes and no hijackers. That fact turned them all into a pack of big liars in our conspiracy world. (Dubya may have been kept out of the loop because the public could more easily accept his performance as just his usual cluelessness rather than counting on him to be a believable sophisticated liar.)

    How extremely different all the 9-11 “truth” videos, articles, books and broadcasts would have been if the foundational solid fact that no planes struck at the four sites on 9-11-01 was out there and accepted as true. Then we would not have had to sift through all the various and often very clever errors of the products of the “truth movement” and could have quickly rejected those that did not deal honestly with this foundational truth.

  6. Tom Brinckman says:

    They faked the Moon landings in the late 60’s early 70’s , blowing up two buildings in the early 2000’s would be a piece of cake for them, everyone is already primed to hear Conspiracy and believe what the media tells them.
    The average person hears conspiracy and even if they witnessed the event themselves will change their minds to suit the narrative as they don’t want to be classed as a Conspiracy nut 🙂
    Also no matter how many experts come out to support the so called Conspiracy the average Joe with barely a High School level of education will know more and would rather believe the Government , if they find out that the Government would lie to them then their whole foundation crumbles from below them and anarchy would ensue 🙂

    • Yes, they fear the whole thing comes tumbling down if they acknowledge the 9/11 scam. I’ve experienced this up close and personal.

      • dachsielady says:

        I think back and wonder why it took to about 2005 for there to be some serious exposure of the no planes and no hijackers issue. I kind of knew like on Day 3 that something was not right about the plane crashes and the hijackers but I became distracted, diverted and deflected in my thinking by all the early 9-11 truth videos that were inundating us with facts about the history of the “hijackers.” (Like Loose Change and Fabled Enemies yadda yadda) I look upon those early impressive videos about 9-11 truth to be a strategy to support the “9-11 was an inside job” meme but never have any of us think through all of those bombshell truthful facts about the hijackers to realize that there were no hijackings or hijackers at all. All of those facts about the hijackers were sophisticated disinformation to unfold the false story in their way and in their timing to get us past the point in time when truth might have become known.

        The language was greatly destroyed too with sly new understandings and definitions of “attack”, “terrorist” and “hijackers.”

  7. stephen briskey says:

    With six tins for pistons I started the engines
    To fly down to Tysons and question Mike Zion
    About just what went down on that hill but
    A camel-double was parked outside
    And primed for this symposium
    Where occidental sporting types
    Hyped a cultural explosion:
    So hate went east as love went west
    And the good-guys and the baddies
    Picked up the hands the dealer dealt
    As sights were oiled for Baghdad:
    Some servants came and Janna Wendt
    To find the cheques Tolouse had sent
    To the CIA or the government..(whichever one was greater):
    At the border Allen laid a wreath
    To a deceased wicket keepers niece
    Who apparently would have been a catch
    Had she not slipped under covers:
    Then some actor copper threw a dummy punch
    At Lucky Grills’ funny paunch because
    This other dame had played a hunch
    …So I scrolled the menu… (as you do)
    I tried to put the blame on you as
    Tin-pot generals ranked around
    Their medals pinned their metal down
    And never was there heard a sound
    Until this heathen opined…
    …”Alas! Alack! …a sinning nation
    An atlas axis spins libation
    At last!…a soldiers invitation
    To a drunken sailors dream”:

    absit omen

  8. Darrell Wright says:

    It’s amazing how powerful is cognitive dissonance. I just met a commercial airline pilot who said he lost some friends in the “planes”. I wonder if passengers from other flights were murdered so that there would be a better cover for the story.

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