Failed Demolition in Dallas Exposes WTC 9/11 Fraud


Morgan Reynolds

On Sunday morning, February 16, 2020, an 11-story tower in Dallas laced with 300 pounds of dynamite was supposed to neatly implode in a controlled demolition.  It didn’t quite go as planned.  Steve Pettigrew, president of Pettigrew Inc.–a company involved in the demolition–explained that the building, which has a concrete and steel core, “undressed itself” too quickly during the implosion.  “The skirt came off the core,” he said, and what was left–the core–is 35 feet shorter and listing at 15 degrees. The remaining structure will be demolished later via crane and wrecking ball.

So the concrete and steel core of this squatty Dallas tower would not give up so easily!  Failed demolitions are not all that unusual.  Yet on 9/11 how did the massive WTC twin towers standing a quarter-mile-tall with hell-strong central cores virtually disappear in 8-9 seconds, leaving damn little debris behind?  The protective “bathtub” or dike protecting the WTC, built on bedrock below the water table, was undamaged, an impossibility if the 1 million ton towers, combined, had really crashed, smashed or “collapsed” into the dike.  All these effects and more were caused by some jet fuel splashed around a few upper stories?  Nonsense.  Dust as fine as the size of DNA was most of the towers (p. 327).  Jet fuel did all that?  Give me a break.  And America swallows this SUPER LIE whole?  It is still unbelievable.  Oh naive me.

Acknowledgement: thanks to a correspondent in San Antonio, Texas, for alerting me to the Dallas failed demolition and drawing the 9/11 WTC comparison.




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3 Responses to Failed Demolition in Dallas Exposes WTC 9/11 Fraud

  1. Steve says:

    Science and scientists have repeatedly proven it would be impossible, so yes I believe they were demolished. Thermodynamics….yet when science proves the lie, the government comes out and alters the story again, saying all the fuel happened to go straight into an service elevator shaft….sure….in both towers this shaft was unfortunately positioned to have the same outcome? Only over the last few years have I said what I always knew, that had to have been a controlled eyes and science are in cohesion. I just don’t believe it was anything but anymore……think about this : built in the 1970s they had tons of what in them??? Asbestos!! They priced the removal, and building new building (s) was cheaper (they did get a price). I no longer believe the lie….

  2. Darrell Wright says:

    I think it has been sufficiently proven that the collapse of WTC 1 and 2 was a nuclear event. Maybe you could also include to your “OTHER SITES TO VISIT.” It presents overwhelming proof of no planes.

  3. pomeroo says:

    Why are you people proud to post utter nonsense? The bathtub was not undamaged. It is insane to continue recycling ancient myths that were destroyed years ago.

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