New 9/11 Video Documents Where the Towers Went

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2 Responses to New 9/11 Video Documents Where the Towers Went

  1. Ralph says:

    The video contains some errors, including ones that are so egregious that no one so highly educated and credentialed could probably have made them [all!] by accident. Here is a by no means complete list:

    1. The presence of tritium is indicative of nuclear FUsion, yet, in an apparent (but very flimsy) attempt at refutation, the video then refers to the crackpot (and bathtub-cracking) nuclear-FISSION-based hypothesis of Dimitri Khalezov. (What kind of ‘argument’ is that???)

    2. “Dustification” is a made-up word. The revealing sizes of the “dust” particles are glossed over. Further, it is stated, without a shred of evidence, that the twin towers were turning to “dust”, internally, long before their shells came apart. Sure looked, and looks. like 60~90 minutes of just dark smoke to me. Besides, none of that “Hutchison effect” material suggested (black smoke or) either an ability nor need for any such weaponry, if it existed, to destroy things in stages…

    3. Using “levitation” as a chapter heading to describe people being blown off their feet and down the street by blasts of air that was already heavy with debris is hardly “scientific”. The blatant visual evidence, including that clearly presented in the video but ignored, of the spectacular pyroclastic debris flows which are easily capable of causing such feats of “levitation”, is equally striking. Those flows are indicative of an enormous amount of thermal energy, yet Judy Wood seems intent on downplaying any presence of intense heat — probably not a coinkydink.

    4. Judy Wood speculated that people jumping from buildings was caused by microwaves inside the building. A loud noise or a number of other adverse stimuli could also have driven them to jump. Her speculation merely reinforces the speculation in #2, above, without any evidence.

    5. Wood’s hypothesis(?) does not include any secnario, it merely tries to correlate highly unconventional 9/11 evidence with a little-known poorly-documented cause. It would be far more persuasive if there were evidence pointing to an assessment of the amount of energy required, the source of all that energy, and the location and method of how and from where it was directed.

    So while the video does a darn good job of refuting the government’s plane-based hijacker-blaming conspiracy theory of 9/11, its claims are also far from rock-solid.

    Alas, it also does not reveal how the destruction of the WTC was a working demonstration of a/the new energy paradigm which has the potential of solving most of Our energy, economic, AND ecological concerns.

  2. Allen says:

    Excellent video–amazing how well and in such short time it covers Dr. Woods book/evidence. I will be passing this link along to those 911 Truth “Controlled Demo” Dinosaurs. Thanks Morgan!

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