Bart Sibrel’s 3.5 Minute Proof the Moon Landings Were a Hoax


Morgan Reynolds

Bart Sibrel must be the most influential researcher/educator on the moon landing fraud.  How about this 3-minute video he published July 20, 2019 for Bingo!  He lucidly and quickly exposes the Nazi/NASA project for the fake it was.

Thanks to Julia Ratsey and Joathan Mark for the Facebook alert.

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4 Responses to Bart Sibrel’s 3.5 Minute Proof the Moon Landings Were a Hoax

  1. William Conklin says:

    Hi Bart:
    Excellent. There were constellations in that picture. Get an astronomer who an say if the constellations are reasonable for the moon at that time in history

  2. Taff Derek Baker says:

    Saturn 5 rockets didn’t go to the moon.

  3. Taff Derek Baker says:

    The Navy understood how to manipulate field density & gravity in 1954 but exactly how they got there? they’re not saying.The lander images are completely fake.

  4. Cassidy Bush says:

    Thank you, Morgan.

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