Jesse Ventura Lectures, Charms and Convinces at the Clinton School

Jesse Ventura Lectures, Charms and Convinces at the Clinton School

Morgan Reynolds – March 20, 2010

Jesse Ventura spoke at the Clinton School in Little Rock, Arkansas on March 18, 2010 and I attended. It was a breath of fresh air amid the fetid stuff most public figures shovel in America. The governor used no notes and reeled off one great story after the other, charming everyone there (it was well attended, probably 400+). He established such credibility immediately that any effort to make him look like a conspiracy kook was doomed. He was on a two-week national tour promoting his new book, “American Conspiracies,” which takes up 14 issues from the Lincoln assassination plot to 9/11 and Wall Street high jinks.

Here are my notes on his talk and Q&A:

JV: I live in Mexico half the year…what don’t you know about me? It may shock you…I was a member of an outlaw biker gang after I left the Navy Seals (on JV’s colorful history, the student who introduced him also pointed out JV was not only a famous WWE wrestler but a body guard for the Rolling Stones), no woulda, coulda, shoulda on my tombstone…go on an adventure, 58 years ago.

There’s a key referendum coming up in California…I urge you to support the full legalization of marijuana…the carnage is incredible…the Cold War on drugs has killed 17,000 in the last year…these border towns…it’s no different than the prohibition of alcohol, does little more than make the criminal element rich…let’s legalize and bust the cartels…

Immigration control? Show me a 40′ wall and I’ll show you a 41′ ladder…the Pilgrims didn’t have visas…stop immigration? What, and kill California agriculture and the Mexican economy? How can killing two economies help?

I live 800 miles down Baja California one hour from paved roads and electric power…we use solar…makes you aware…remote doesn’t turn off your TV, it’s still burning a half amp…get an electric bar (?)…

Audience member blurts out, “Are you a politician?” No, I’m not a politician, that’s someone who runs, gets elected and keeps running and running and getting elected. I’m a statesman, I run, do the job and go home. While I was governor of MN Angus King was governor of ME, another independent, and King was asked if he would serve another 8 years and responded, “No, I’m going home.”

This book is my fourth best seller, number six on the NYT list…I’m only a high school graduate but I’ve been a professor Haaaaarvard University, the JFK School, and they call me the “High Priest of the 3d Party Movement,” I kinda like that.

But you want to hear about the book…conspiracies….I was deceived by a conspiracy, the Gulf ofTonkin. We fought a war over something that didn’t happen…Barbara WaWa asked me, I like to call her that, after Gilda Radner’s tag, Barbara Walters challenged me about conspiracies and I replied, What about the Gulf of Tonkin? We got a war and suffered 58,000 dead Americans and probably over a million Vietnamese over something that never happened…great deal of evidence…sound familiar? Think 9/11.

Let’s go back to Abraham Lincoln. That’s treated as another lone nut assassin but how many people know there was John Wilkes Booth (the media always uses middle names to make the accused sound nutty) but 8 other people were convicted with four of them executed, including the first woman killed under the death penalty in America…look at the alleged political assassins…Sirhan Bishara Sirhan…all failures but suddenly wildly successful!? You know what Malcolm X, MLK, and John Lennon all had in common? Anybody? No response, OK, they were all under government surveillance…that’s a recipe for getting their patterns and finding out how to knock them off in the best way…how come the government never intervenes to prevent one of the murders? The common thread here is government involvement.

Conspiracies are like a jigsaw puzzle—can we complete the entire puzzle? No, but we sure can find out enough to make out the real picture.

My book covers 14 conspiracies including 9/11. How come we cannot question what happened? As Shakespeare said, “Methinks they doth protest too much.” I believed 9/11 initially…indictment precedes conviction…there is enough meat on this bone to form a grand jury and get to work on indictments…

KSM…are they kidding? I’ve been waterboarded, anyone who was waterboarded 180x will say anything. Last year Yale University cited something I said on Larry King Live as one of the 10 best quotes of the year: “Give me a waterboard and I’ll have Dick Cheney confessing to the Sharon Tate murders in an hour.” Actually, with his heart condition, it won’t take an hour.

What about Obama? He’s the most powerful speaker since JFK…when is he going to get to work…reissued the Patriot Act!? When will he restore the 4th amendment? Oh, some people say they’re keeping us safe…first, keep our freedoms. Remember Bush claiming that terrorists attacked us b/c they were jealous of our freedoms? How many here believe that? [No one raises a hand]. So are we safe now b/c we lost our freedoms and they’re no longer jealous? Do you know they can arrest you, not charge you, keep you indefinitely and deny you a lawyer?

About Harvard University, I got those patches to put on my jacket, you know, on the elbows…a great thing is you can audit any class…Alan Dershowitz’s class on criminal law, he asked the class can a man rape his wife? They’ve got a contract and sex is part of the deal. No one else volunteered so I did, yes but rape is an act of violence…Very good, that’s right…so who needs college? I joined the Navy at age 18 and never went to college.

We need a reality check…I had a difficult time in government b/c I have common sense, so does anyone else with common sense.

My election to governor? The media doesn’t want to talk about it much b/c they don’t want to encourage it. I only raised $300,000.

And those tough guys on Fox? The three stooges: Larry-(garbled), Moe-that’s Hannity, Curly-that’s Glenn Beck; Beck looks like illegitimate son of Curly…they won’t have me on…I handle them by only doing a show live in studio, never remote b/c it just gives them false courage; that doesn’t happen if I’m right there with ’em; last time I stared Sean Hannity down for a while and said, “You gotta sleep sometime, Sean.” He was very polite.

When I campaigned for governor I never used a prepared speech. The only exception during my term as governor was the State of the State b/c they’ll crucify you if you make a mistake. I like the fact that Obama can read the teleprompter, Bush, not so much.
I miss George Carlin, we need him…didn’t he say, I worship the sun but pray with Joe Pesci b/c it looks like he can get things done.


Q: Who shot JFK?

A: We won’t know the shooters…main reasons JFK was killed b/c he was going to pull us out of Vietnam…detente with Khrushchev, Castro…Warren and 9/11 Commissions were the same thing: they start with the answer and only evidence supporting the preconceived notions is allowed. Is that the way to investigate? Start with the answer?

Q: When are you going to go on radio with George Norry, Art Bell, etc., etc. and straighten this whole thing out?

A: I don’t know about that…I’m isolated down in Baja and someone asked me if I’d heard about the tsunami coming after the 8.5 or so earthquake in Chile? No, I hadn’t so I drove right home, told my family and…grabbed my surfboard…what?, only a foot or so higher waves, is it too much to ask for 8 or 9 feet higher, at least?

Q: Has anyone refuted any of your claims?

A: Not that I know of…they won’t review my book of course…

Q: And the health bill?

A: What’s in it? I don’t know but shouldn’t everyone have the right to go to the doctor? They say go to the ER. Are there any nurses here [hands raise], how much more expensive it that compared to going to the doctor’s office? 75-80% is the answer from the nurse. They’ve had government-run health care in Hawaii for 40 years, why subject veterans to it if it’s so bad? Let’s get a bill, take out the stuff that doesn’t work, keep what does…[this is the only serious area of disagreement I had with what JV said at the session].

Q: …Congress (inaudible)…?

A: Did you know that Congress gets automatic raises for themselves? No accountability there…what is the solution? Stop voting for Democrats and Republicans. I never voted for either one. They say voting for a 3d party candidate is wasting your vote. In MN people proudly wore T-shirts saying that they “wasted” their vote by electing JV. I say vote your heart and conscience or it’s a wasted vote. You’re not trying to predict or vote for the winner. These parties are not the solution, they’re the problem. They put their party first and the people and country no better than second.

Q: How could OBL evade detection and capture for this many years?

A: At Tora Bora the elite Delta Force knew about the escape route. Dalton Fury, the Delta Force commander in the field, tells about it in his book “Kill Bin Laden”: he asked to block that route but the Bush/Cheney White House denied him permission. What are politicans back home doing making that kind of decision?

Q: …MN politics (inaudible).

A: My last year in office the legislators threw my proposed budget out (Roger Moe?) and substituted a deliberate mess b/c they thought that I was going to run again. But I didn’t and they are stuck with the mess they created for pure political reasons. That was the ’02 budget…I don’t say the deficit would be zero but half of what it is today.

Q: …MN abduction…Rodriguez…early release from prison…(unintelligible)

A: What? He said that? Blaming me? …media getting it wrong…My rating was as high as 73 and low as 45…media starts in about Jesse’s demise at 45…what? I was elected with 37% so 45% is an eight-point improvement…get it? Let the D’s and R’s split 55% and I win. The media can’t even do simple math, they’re so stuck in two-party thinking.

Q: What about HAARP, that show you did on Conspiracy TV?

A: Yes, Angels don’t play this Haarp…they can control the weather, illegal under international treaties…DARPA is the most secretive branch of the military…Indonesian tsunami there was no earthquake, Haarp possible cause…Why? Experimenting, playing around, can’t say OOOPS.

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