How Strong are Boeing 767s?

Aluminum airliners up against steel?  Not very.  Except on the morning of 9/11 when “Arab physics” came into play.

If only there were seats, people, food and fuel in the plane — then it would have been more solid, more resistant.  Or if it were better painted.  Yeah, that’s the ticket!

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5 Responses to How Strong are Boeing 767s?

  1. janice says:

    I am a no-planer, but to be precise, aluminum can cut through steel and lead can cut through steel if the sheet of steel is thin enough and the chunk of aluminum is thick enough. For instance, a paper-thin sheet of steel will be easily penetrated by a lead bullet.
    On 9/11 of course we had thick steel columns dealing with a much thinner piece of aluminum. In this case, indeed, aluminum would not have cut through steel.

    [@ 3:05 (meep, meep)]

    • Dear Science guy : Toddler Goldstein . There is a song in a country type music , that goes like this .
      ” what are you called , boy “? On my mother’s side they call me JESUS ; ON MY FATHER’S side , they call me EMMANUEL . ”
      I am more intelligent than most Boys , or girls < unheard of in that age span .
      Please stop that toddle from screaming . Give him a "pacifier :" The 911Commission .
      Thank you for a great presentation .

  3. Robert E. Salt says:

    Steel is much stronger than asphalt. If a jetliner had nose-dived into the street, might it have penetrated the subway system? Low quality steel must have been used in the construction of the Towers.

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