The Dubious Corona-19 “Vaccines”

The alleged virus has never been isolated in a lab, contrary claims notwithstanding. So it likely does not exist. Jon Rappaport, investigative health reporter, has been most insistent on this question, read what you choose listed here or more recently.

Bill Sardi is another superb writer on the issue, see articles like the following or more recently. Both authors link to the technical medical literature.

The so-called vaccines were rushed at “warp speed” to the public under “emergency authorization,” and pass no empirical test of being “safe and efficacious.” Public health officials are liars. They know better. All taking the vaccinations are guinea pigs, to put it bluntly. Did you see the cartoon? One mouse says to the other, “Are you taking the vaccine?” “No, I’m waiting to see how the human trials turn out.” The manufacturers only claim to moderate disease symptoms and make no claims to prevent infection (much less afford lifetime immunity!), hospitalization or death. Warnings about the dangers of the unconventional “vaccines” (really gene therapies) are growing as the data grows, for example, here, here, here, and here.

Moreover, see Dr. Kory’s powerful testimony as President of the Frontline COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC) before a US Senate committee here, endorsing ivermectin as powerful therapy. Naturally, the gov’t and its media propaganda machine make no mention of this evidence. Instead, we’re supposed to All Hail Big Pharma as our only hope! Lives lost but $ Billions paid to Big Pharma which has been repeatedly fined and lost civil suits for its harms totaling $ Billions. But it can afford it!

That takes us to, what can be done as an alternative to rushed, dangerous mRNA genetic shots which cannot possibly work, especially if there is no virus? Short of ivermectin for prevention and/or early treatment in response to initial symptoms, that is. Answer: boost your immune system to avoid infection! How? Nutritional medicine. No adverse side effects for openers. T-cells are far more important for killing pathogens than short-lived antibodies activated by mRNA technology. See Bill Sardi for details but principal vitamins to correct our deficiencies include vitamin D (8,000 IU’s daily), zinc (maximum 40 mg), vitamin C (you decide), B1, magnesium (500 mg), resveratrol and I’ll stop there.

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8 Responses to The Dubious Corona-19 “Vaccines”

  1. goodreed says:

    For someone whose area of expertise is so far from virology, you posted a well-informed opinion about corona right on the money. Congratulations. This is my field, and I can confirm that yes, nobody has isolated a pure coronavirus, photographed this purified virus, and identified the purified virus as a “coronavirus.” I can say with certainty that the same is true for the old SARS coronavirus 1, HIV, and measles virus according to my own literary investigation (and possibly for other viruses). So many lies, so little time for verifying the claims. The most prestigious scientific journals are spewing out the corona propaganda day and night, meaning that they are a psyop, just as other mass media. I would say that Big Pharma is not an independent powerful entity but is merely a sock puppet of the Military-Industrial-Intelligence complex, which steals trillions from the federal budget with total impunity. The usual suspects behind the corona scam are intelligence agencies of the countries members of the UN Security Council. The latter is a transparent conspiracy of the 5 countries against the rest of the world.

    • All compliments gladly accepted. Isn’t it true that intelligent outsiders who do their homework often can produce on-the-money diagnoses superior to those of the conformist plodders in so many fields?

  2. s. briskey says:

    The 2010 Prospectus ( operators manual) of the Rockefeller Institute titled .. “SCENARIOS FOR THE FUTURE DEVELOPMENT OF TECHNOLOGY AND INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT” ,, is a very interesting read for the inquisitive.
    Keep in mind it is not a “record” of contemporary events but a projection; written a decade ago.
    The section: ‘OPERATION LOCKSTEP’ is a fine piece of reverse engineered prescience indeed.
    Internet searches now of course expose the ghosts in the transmission are prioritizing the SNOPESfucchecker types, to do damage control (tell more lies) on the growing exposure of the planned realities and implications in the Rockefeller document.
    The non accountability of the 9/11 perpetrators and the head in the sand Stockholm Syndrome of the public, has emboldened The murderers to increase their tyranny.
    A curse upon them and absit omen to the honest and repentant.

  3. Robert E. salt says:

    Is it true that most life insurance companies have no death benefit for beneficiaries for victims of the vaccine?

    • s. briskey says:

      If they do have death insurance for vaccine victims can bet your life you will have to die to benefit from it.

  4. S. Briskey says:

    In edit: Not a land mine..a submarine mine.
    I’m loosing my land mind.

  5. S. Briskey says:

    Just like 9/11 ..these operations need confirmation imagery.
    Sequence imagery of planes entering the towers for the internal weakening by fire imagery, to create the ersatz “collapse” imagery and narrative.
    The Covid-19 scam also needs its imagery. It’s WANTED POSTER villain is the exploded view of what is supposed to be the microscopic virus .. the land mine looking thing with all the key receptor nodes, standing out on its surface; that is background de rigueur on every talking-heads propaganda release on the media.
    And true as it is that NO ONE has isolated, captured or got a snapshot of ANY virus EVER. The progenitors and facilitators still sit and let that computer generated little land mine weave its magic on the mind of the public.
    I think some marketing pissant has seen imagery of the beneficial and microscopical visible exosome….and modeled it (the exosome) as a villain.
    Bill Gates all those who sail in him, are by degrees, greedy, insane psychopaths.

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