New 9/11 Alchemy Video Rocks!

My friend Chris Hampton has just produced the best 3-hour video on the treason we all call 9/11.  Why best?  Because it follows the evidence, not the bullshit put out by the government and its presstitutes.  And it names names, fearlessly.

There is not much to fault in what Chris has produced.  I especially love the fact that he chose to make it personal and put himself in the flick.  Hey, one side effect for me is that since I’m an old guy, here’s a young white man (oooh bad!  Oppressor!) who is obviously a nice guy.  Doing us all an immense service.  I meet many young men of all backgrounds like that.  Good guys.  Have we had it with identity politics and group hatred and violence yet?

OK, he mistakenly said President Eisenhower’s farewell address was in 1963 but the graphic had it right: 1961 (January).  And he couldn’t cram in all we critics of the official 9/11 narrative know, not least the failure of the government to investigate all four alleged crashes and broadcast the unique aircraft serial numbers of parts of each aircraft (easily exposed lie) was overlooked.

But what an achievement Chris!  Yea Chris!  Y’all go have a look at his achievement, you will learn a lot.  I did!

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One Response to New 9/11 Alchemy Video Rocks!

  1. Robert E. Salt says:

    Fantastic video from someone who was just 10 years old during 9/11! And now related technology is being used to create “wildfires” around the world. Many people in northern California have recorded blue beams in the night sky. Blue lights in the sky were seen in Mexico City last October during the earthquake. If 9/11 had happened at night I expect blue lights would have been seen in the sky.


    This guy’s rant would be hilarious if the situation wasn’t so serious. (Be patient the first 30 seconds.)

    I heard Richard Syrrett on Coast to Coast last weekend say he would try to get Dr. Wood on his show to talk about beam energy, but I’m not convinced that C2C will allow this.

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