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Luck is Where Preparation Meets Opportunity

By Thomas Potter July 4, 2013 We are experiencing a war of minds and competing technologies. Is it irony or fate that the WTC was built by oil interests (Chase Manhattan Bank Chairman David Rockefeller and his brother, New York … Continue reading

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Fed Up With Fetzer

by Morgan Reynolds This is an article I hate to write but write it I must.  Sigh, food fights are such a waste of time and energy. After my radio appearance on the Pete Santilli Show, episode #321 on Friday, … Continue reading

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New York City on 9/11: Where Did All the Rubble Go?

by Morgan Reynolds September 11, 2012 Today is the 11th anniversary of 9/11 and every thinking American must realize something is seriously amiss with the government’s account of that murderous day.  Scratch the surface of the official story anywhere, in … Continue reading

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Wake Up! Where Did The Towers Go?

Wake Up! Where Did The Towers Go? by Charlie Pound Listen here Verse 1: Where did the towers go? Away with the breeze that blows. And how much steel did they find?  Could it have been shipped in time? I … Continue reading

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TSA Grope and Pillage Report

Provided by: Provided by:

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Boeing Wings Versus WTC Towers

by Morgan Reynolds I recently was put on one of those mostly useless email threads loaded with 9/11 accusations but decided to enter the fray (against better counsel) with this entry: There are many things wrong with the 9/11 plane … Continue reading

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Bird Strike Forces Boeing 757 Emergency Landing at JFK

by Morgan Reynolds A reader alerted me to this bird strike that forced a Boeing 757 emergency landing at JFK a couple of days ago. He comments: “I am somewhat taken aback, however, that the liner simply didn’t entirely DISAPPEAR … Continue reading

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Barrett Fires Back

My exchange with Morgan Reynolds, re: WTC demolitions By Kevin Barrett on Veterans Today I recently had Morgan Reynolds on my radio show to explain/debate his article “WTC Destruction: Five Facts Falsify Five Theories.” Morgan followed up with “Bombs Did … Continue reading

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Barrett versus Reynolds on Bombs Did Not Unravel the Towers

by Morgan Reynolds Following my article “Bombs Did Not Unravel the Towers,” I received the following email: On 2/28/12 9:18 AM, “Kevin Barrett” wrote: Morgan, the problem here is that you aren’t acknowledging all the people who DID hear huge … Continue reading

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Bombs Did Not Unravel the Towers

By Morgan Reynolds It does not take much, only 1,000 words, to prove five popular theories of World Trade Center destruction wrong.  You might ask how I got this smart.  True, I don’t look that smart.  Here’s my secret: I … Continue reading

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WTC Destruction: Five Facts Falsify Five Theories*

By Morgan Reynolds, Ph.D. Popular theories about what destroyed the World Trade Center towers on September 11, 2001 are: Fires from jet fuel and office materials weakened steel in the upper floors and the buildings collapsed Conventional controlled demolition blew … Continue reading

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What 9/11 Should Have Looked Like

By Morgan Reynolds A few days ago retired pilot John Lear sent me a link to a U.K. Daily Mail Online article about a December 16, 1960 mid-air collision of two airliners over Brooklyn, New York.  It was the worst … Continue reading

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No Planes: Media One and Done

by Morgan Reynolds … On September 13, 2006, more than five years ago, I appeared on Fox News Channel as a guest to discuss 9/11.  I didn’t know in advance what the anchor would ask but it turned out he … Continue reading

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Collapse of the Thermite Thesis (with Addendum)

by Morgan Reynolds When Steven Earl Jones, then physics professor at Brigham Young University, burst on the 9/11 research scene in September 2005 to wide adulation, a few things didn’t add up but I reassured myself that all would be … Continue reading

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Judge George B. Daniels Dismisses 9/11 Lawsuits Against Bin Laden Group

In another interesting development, Judge Daniels dismisses some more 9/11 lawsuits.

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2011 in Review

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Iran Reportedly Rejects Judge Daniels’ Ruling on Liability for 9/11

by Morgan Reynolds “According to state TV, Iran’s foreign ministry spokesman referred to last week’s judgement as ‘clumsy scenario-making’ by the US.  The spokesman, Ramin Mehmanparast, repeated Iran’s insistence that al Qaeda has no presence in the country.”  

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George B. Daniels’ Decision Finds Iran Liable for 9/11

Judge George B. Daniels’ Decision Finds Iran Liable for 9/11 (Adobe Reader Required)

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Judge George B. Daniels Misfires on 9/11 Again

by Morgan Reynolds Back in 2007 Federal Judge George B. Daniels of the Southern District of New York dismissed my 9/11 “no planes” whistleblower lawsuit against NIST contractors “with prejudice”  along with separate 9/11 suits filed by Dr. Judy Wood … Continue reading

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Deception and Truthing Books

by Morgan Reynolds It’s the end of the year so it’s time for the media to tell us what books to read.  Instead of the best out there, they tout predictable  drivel, for example, we’re supposed to bone up on … Continue reading

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